What is the Best Electric Guitar? – 2022

what is the best electric guitar

Are you looking for the best electric guitar and want to know information about them? If yes, your research ends here, and we will let you know about the features that make an electric guitar the best. We will provide you with the criteria, and you can then opt for one for yourself.

So, what is the best electric guitar and what features will you need to look for in them? Stay with us till the end to clarify.

Trying to find the best among a bulky number is not an easy task to go with. No matter how much you have used a guitar or how many you owned in your journey, it needs research. There are thousands of guitars of which you have never been heard till now.

Most people pick their guitar by comparing several brands and their guitars with each other. But this is not the right way, and you can search guitar within a single brand just by looking at its features.

What is the best electric guitar for a beginner?

In this post, we will help beginners to find what they were looking for. We will not let you shop around the internet and spend days to know what is the best electric guitar for a beginner? Let’s start with the features and the criteria upon which you should make a final decision.

electric guitar for beginner

Features that make Electric Guitar the Best

Once you decided to buy a guitar and learn how good it will perform, you must be familiar with its every feature. You should consider every aspect, from shape and woods to pickups and tones.

Guitar Body Shape:

The body shape is the crucial factor for those passionate guitarists who want to grab people’s attention towards their guitar. When you are performing among your friends or on the stage, they must have an eye on your guitar. So, have a guitar which is charming and loveable.  

Guitars are crafted into several shapes with single or double cutaways. For a beginner, some cool styles are highly suggested.

Guitar Body Material:

The material used in the guitar body executes much in its performance, tone, and durability. So, it must be manufactured from high-quality and persistent material. No matter what price you will be fetched up, just go for one that performs outstanding. 

Most guitars are made from basswood, poplar, alder, and paulownia, which are in the budget range. However, expensive guitars are made from pine, mahogany, and swamp ash. As the materials are different, you will notice a variation in their tonal qualities.

This rule is not always correct, but nowadays, you get mahogany in budget guitars and basswood in high-end guitars. From the sound viewpoint, mahogany offers a warmer sound, and basswood produces a well-balanced sound.

Guitar Necks:

Based on wood material, guitar brands mostly use two types of neck, maple, or mahogany. Additionally, they are furnished with rosewood. However, you should not confuse it with the guitar neck. Almost every guitar is equipped with a perfect neck. 

guitar necks

Still, you will need to select a preference base, one that feels smooth to you, and you can play comfortably. They are available in several shapes, and you can take them per your choice.

For a beginner, the modern C-shaped neck can perform all-in-all. They feel very comfortable playing. The seasoned guitarists can go for guitars with a U-shaped neck, handling them in the way needed. 

Guitar Pickups:

The most suitable guitars that are perfect for beginners have two types of pickups. One is single-coil, and the other is a humbucker. Both these pickups are very impressive and enhance the beauty of the performance.

A single-coil pickup is a classic original that conveys a bright and glimmer sound. In contrast, humbucker pickup produces sound in which the background noise is very low. Its sound feels full, meaty, and with incredible rhythm.

Remember that usually, a guitar has two to three pickups, but also some have only one. To switch between/among pickups, you get a selector switch.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Electric Guitar

Now, we are up to the criteria upon which you can select the best electric guitar. Giving a badge of best to a guitar is not an easy task. It needs to consider some factors, such as the available budget, feel, and sound of the guitar. 

criteria for electric guitar

Available Budget:

First of all, start with the budget available and stay committed to it. Sometimes, you get a perfect piece even on a low budget. However, sometimes you get a cheesy instrument even at a high price. We suggest not to spend more than $300 for getting the right guitar.

You can get a model up to $100 that will sound far better than a superb model with a high price. So, you must consider your budget according to the guitar you select with the above features.

Guitar Feel:

Another criteria that fulfill the best electric guitar requirements is how the guitar feels in your arms. It is essential that you must feel comfortable while handling your guitar during play. The best guitar will not feel much heavy and will be comfortable for the guitarist of every gender. 

For this purpose, the style and shape must be looking out for. Do some research about your selected piece and pick the one that will fit into your arms.

Pleasant Sound:

Finally, the pleasant sound is another criteria to be fulfilled by a guitar to be called the best. The guitar you pick must have outstanding playability, which profoundly touches the listeners. With the features discussed above, every guitar will perform with better accuracy.

pleasant sound

If you have an old guitar and compare it with the sound of a new guitar, it is the sound due to strings and not the guitar. So, in such a case, you can only replace your guitar strings.

What is the best electric guitar brand?

In 2021, the best electric guitar brand is “Fender.” There is no other guitar to compete; even the Gibson is now far behind it. Fender is equipped with all the essential features that a beginner and expert need.

In our view, Fender is perfect for experts. However, for beginners, Gibson has several budget guitars, which can operate admirably.

Final Words of What is the Best Electric Guitar:

Well! That’s all about what is the best electric guitar till now. Expert guitarists most widely use electric guitars in their daily life. If you are a beginner and want to practice electric guitar, you must consider the features mentioned above.

We hope that this post will help you choose the best electric guitar. You can also choose an acoustic-electric guitar based on these hallmarks. Best of Luck!

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