How to Make a Cocktail Drum Kit? Best Guide – 2023

Are you facing the problem of choosing a suitable cocktail drum kit or not finding it at all? Do not dishearten. We will make you learn how to make a cocktail drum kit. Many singers and artists are entertaining people with music using modern and reliable instruments. If you are one of those artists, you will need to know the answer to this question.

Before we start discussing the assembling steps of a cocktail drum kit, let’s get to know “what is a cocktail drum kit?” Cocktail drum kit is a moveable drum set that gives a cumulative sound of snare drum and bass drum in a single sound. A cocktail drum kit is preferably used because it occupies little space on stage and can be carried anywhere easily.

Suppose you are a beginner and want to start your business as a musician and cannot afford a new cocktail drum kit. You can make it at your place with the instructions provided below. Following is a detailed discussion on components and procedures of cocktail drum kit manufacture.

What Parts Are Needed?

  1. There are three essential components needed for drum kit manufacturing.
  2. Drums are the heart of the kit. There are two drums used in the cocktail drum kit. One is the large bass drum, and the other is a snare drum. Two relatively small-sized drums called toms are attached to the bass drum.
  3. Cymbals usually sound in three patterns. When joined in pairs, these are used as the hi-hat. Crash cymbals produce crash and pitched sound, whereas ride cymbals are played to create soft and twinkled sound.
  4. Hardware includes all the drum kit accessories like drum stands, hi-hat stands, pedals, and a throne to sit on.

What Are the Expenses?

When you are destined to make a cocktail drum kit by yourself, the first question arises in your mind that, “is it cheaper to build your own drum set?” The answer is yes; if you are using the best and quality parts, you can build a cheaper cocktail drum kit quickly.

the expenses

Tips to Make a Cocktail Drum Kit

Use the following tips to make a cocktail drum kit quickly.

Positioning the Bass Drum

The Bass drum is the first and most important part of the cocktail drum kit. Place the large drum on the ground so that its flat surface faces the side where you will sit. Attach the legs to assist the drum stand up. Screw the legs after adjusting the appropriate height of the drum.

Place the kick pedal in front of the drum at its center. Lose the knob of the kick pedal and screw it with the rim of a bass drum. Until now, the kick pedal and bass drums are positioned.

Configuring the Toms

Next, a pair of toms is ascended on the bass drum. There are two holes in the sides of the bass where the arms of the toms are inserted. Slide the arms of the toms in the hole as much as to get the required height. Tight the screws of both the toms.

configuring the toms

To assemble the floor tom, take a stand of three steel legs and move it into the notch of the floor tom. Tight the screws. Shorten one leg of the stand to get a lean surface and place it at a side where you sit. Avoiding flat surfaces of equal heights will be helpful while playing.

Fit the Snare Drum

Until now, all the toms and bass drums are correctly positioned and fixed. Now move towards the snare. Setting the stand of snare seems more complicated, but it is pretty straightforward. Just loose the screw present at the base of the stand and adjust the height and claws which support the drum.

Adjust the size of claws by pulling down the three prongs to hold the snare drum. Place the snare on the stand so that the wires and rattles of the snare face downward and the smooth surface upward. You can set the angle of the snare according to your need, just like the floor tom.

To edit the angle of the snare, loose the screw, position it and again tighten. With the snare drum fixed, 70 percent of your cocktail drum kit is ready; only the cymbals are left to be arranged.

Hi-Hat Cymbals

Making the hi-hat cymbal is the tricky part of the drum kit. Hi-hat cymbal is formed when two cymbals are placed in front of each other. It is adjusted on the stand attached with a pedal and a chain.

First, take the stand and lose its screw to open its legs and retighten the screws. The two cymbals are adjoined at the stand at the upper part.

hi-hat cymbals

Both the cymbals are alike, make both convex surfaces of cymbals face each other. The cymbal placed first faces upward, and the other one looks downward. Make sure that both the cymbals are fixed with bolts and nuts from both sides.

The sound produced by the hi-hat cymbals varies with the distance between both the cymbals. You can set the resting space between cymbals according to the demand of the sound.

Set the Crash and Ride Cymbals

Fix the crash and ride cymbals on the stand. Place the ride cymbal on your right and crash on your left near the snare drum. In case of using two crash cymbals, place it between the toms. Keep the height of the ride cymbal a bit larger than the crash cymbal as it is heavy and oversized.

The space between the stand’s legs should be significant for ride cymbal because of its larger size. Do not overtighten the washers over the cymbals as it will damp the sound.

Accommodate a Seat

Open the legs of the stand. Enlarge the width to a reasonable limit to hold the cushioned seat. Put the cushioned seat on the shaft of the throne and tighten the screws. Adjust the height of the stool so that your hipbone exceeds the angle of your knee bone. It will help you to move in circumduction.

accommodate a seat

Place the seat at the center. Keep your face directed towards the drum kit arranged in a semicircle shape.

Concluding Words of How to Make a Cocktail Drum Kit

We have discussed above the necessary strategies about how to make a cocktail drum kit. Following these instructions, you can assemble your cocktail drum kit at your home.

I learned this assembly in a year, and I hope you will also learn something through my experience—best of luck and best wishes to your burgeoning music career.

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