How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Guitar USPS? Best Expert Guide – 2021

Are you the one who bought a new guitar or want to sell a guitar to someone and send it? For you, it is crucial to know how much does it cost to ship a guitar. To avoid extra charges of delivery, the right service must be opted to get maximum profit.

Have you decided to make the shipment of a guitar and know how much does it cost to ship a guitar USPS? So, no worries, we will give the complete details in this post regarding your query. There are different methods and package units that can cost separately.

Even if you carry a guitar with you, booking another seat could be expensive than shipping online. To get the right plan for shipping, talk directly to the USPS information desk. By doing this, you will come to know about package contents and delivery instructions.

Before going into details of the shipping costs of a guitar, let’s know about the factors that will affect the rates. We will also brief about cost and packages and share methods how to pack your guitar for shipping. Let’s start:

Factors Affecting Shipping Costs:

The shipping guitars’ costs change from one state to another within the United States and outside the US. You might be wondering why these shipping costs are varying. Below are the factors that affect your guitar’s shipping cost, whether through USPS or other ways.

factor affecting shipping costs

1. Shipping Distance:

First of all, the most important factor is the distance over which you ship your guitar. If your seller or buyer lives in another country, the shipping cost may go up. If you are sending a guitar within the country, the charges will be less.

However, to get proper and affordable quotes for both national and international deliveries, you can talk to USPS. Hopefully, you will end up with a better deal to ship your guitar through long distances.

2. Transit Time for Shipment:

The transit time is proportional to the shipping distance or time in which the guitar will be delivered. If you are shipping your guitar in the same state, it will be shipped by a single shipper and take less time. For shipping in several states, the transit time will be maximum.

transit time for shipment

Overall, when the guitar is handed over to the shipping companies, it passes through several carriers. It includes in-state passing procedures or state to state, which also increase the transit time. As a result, the shipping cost will be higher.

3. Guitar Weight:

Another factor that affects the cost of guitar shipment is its weight, which means the dimensional weight. It is the weight of the guitar as well as the package in which the guitar is packed. So, it becomes the density of the package that is considered.

To find the dimensional weight, a specific formula is used, some procedures and calculations are performed. It means that you have to determine the cubic size of your guitar’s package, mostly in inches. Finally, you will be paid based on the weight and dimensions of the entire package.

4. Shipping Company:

Last but not least, the shipping company you selected for shipment of your guitar matters. The reason is that every service has different rates for separate packages. It depends on the duration in which they ship the guitar to the destination.

As every company has variable charges, make sure to do your homework considering the transit time and rates. It will help you save a lot while shipping your guitar.

Costs and Packages of USPS:

The USPS express and standard services allow you to choose delivery options that suit your needs. Find the fastest shipping service or most affordable price depending on the guitar packaging you are sending.


We will discuss different scenarios or cases that you will opt for on a priority basis. Now, without any further ado, let’s jump into the costs and packages offered by USPS.

Domestic Shipping Costs:

For shipping your guitar domestically, you will have to pack it in specific regional rate boxes. It will be shipped under Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes Service. Based on the weight, the price starts from $7.68, and an additional fee is charged if postage is paid at Retail.

International Shipping Costs:

international shipping costs

For shipping your guitar internationally, you will have to pack it in a large flat box. Following are the cost summaries to ship a guitar in a Large Flat Rate Box.

  • Starting from $67.05 at Post Office
  • Starting from $63.70 for Commercial Base
  • Starting from $63.70 for Commercial Plus

Well, do you want to know how to pack your guitar correctly? If Yes, stay with us, and we will give you some tips. By following these methods, your guitar will be shipped safe and also the shipping company charges you less.

Methods to Pack Guitar for Shipping:

The most crucial thing to consider is the safety of your guitar rather than thinking about the shipping cost. To ensure that your guitar ships in the right shape and function, you should pack it following the below-given tips.

  • Loosen the guitar strings; removal is not much necessary.
  • Remove those parts which movable and can be detached.
  • Wrap the delicate areas at least twice with a soft cloth or foam
  • Make sure the guitar is lifted or untouched with the box.
  • Cover the guitar inside the case, so it does not move with shaking.

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about “how much does it cost to ship a guitar through USPS” till now. We have mentioned the rates of domestic and global shipping. Whether you ship the guitar within the state or out of state, keep in mind the packing methods and the factors that affect cost.

Shipment of the guitar also needs special care, as there are some fragile parts. Since this process will cost you several hundred dollars, you must consider the secure way of USPS. With all the information in this post, you can send a guitar to a buyer through USPS.

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