The Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners | Ultimate Guide – 2021

beginners acoustic guitar

Nothing can be the best medicine for soul and mind other than music. And when you have something that creates one, you have got the best treatment to make yourself feel better.

And you do know that treatment is nothing but a new acoustic guitar. It is not just a thing, it’s an extension of yourself and it is who you are. But not all the acoustic guitar will be the instrument version of yourself. You need to find it out among the several options.

Since you are just a beginner and buying the guitar for the very first time, make sure it’s perfect and special.

We understand that those several options can confuse you, that’s why we thought to compile 10 best acoustic guitars so that you can find one from the list with ease.

We can assure you that these options have won the hearts of different beginners.

The Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar for beginners in 2020

1. Fender FA-115 Acoustic

fender fa 115 acoustic

This gorgeous looking FA-115 by Fender has been made of laminated wood with the back material Agathis. Not only its smooth texture will impress you but also its long-lasting performance.

The melodious sound the guitar has can also enthrall you all. You will love it for its comfort as well as its ease of use. We found a lot of beginners as well who loved playing the guitar for hours and that didn’t bother their fingers.

The X-bracing will deliver great sound quality and the sturdy spruce on top makes it more special.

As for the play-ability, its neck design is one of the reasons why you will find many pros comparing it with high-end models. Such design will let you move it up and down with ease and you won’t feel any jerks in the riff.

The big plus of the guitar is that you will get different accessories that you should have been a beginner. It includes walnut fingerboard, walnut bridge, body binding, and chrome hardware.

You will also get an instructional DVD, an extra set of strings, gig bag,  guitar picks, guitar strap, and a digital chromatic clip-on tuner so you can keep your guitar in tune. Speaking of the gig bag, you may not like the quality. Plus, it also does not offer protection because of its absence of padding.

Another con with the guitar is the strings. Many people complained that the strings get corroded pretty quickly.

  • Easy to play.
  • Melodious sound.
  • Durable and smooth texture.
  • Includes different accessories.
  • Great for lead and rhythm work.
  • Strings can get rusty quickly.
  • Tuners can be a bit stiff at first.

2. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought

fender fa 115 dreadnought

This natural beauty has got everything to make it the best acoustic guitar for beginners. Starting from hard strumming to delicate finger-picking or quick Flat-picking, it can respond well to different acoustic playing styles.

Having been constructed with basswood back and sides, it promises to last long. Furthermore, it comprises of a flawless spruce top, Hardwood bridge and walnut fingerboard that makes this guitar aesthetically beautiful. Not just that, the combo also will provide you with higher play-ability.

Speaking more of the top, it can amaze you with its dynamic range, brightness and strength, and only a few kinds of wood can beat that.

In terms of its shape, dreadnought comes with a deep body for superior low-end projects as well as for a balanced tone. You will find the perfect, not both lead and rhythm work.

Additionally, the mahogany neck has been designed in such so that you can move your hands up and down slowly and play it with ease.

You will get a hard case as well that can be perfect for carrying your new guitar. It also includes an extra set of strings so that you can change it if one breaks. That also brings us to highlight a con here and that is, the users have complained a lot about the strings getting rusty quick. However, you will have spares, so it should not demotivate you.

The guitar also incorporates a guitar strap for great comfort, a clip-on tuner that will help you tune the guitar easily, and some colorful picks for playing it like a pro.

Although the tuners can be a bit stiff at first, you will be okay after a while.

  • Easy to play.
  • Melodious sound.
  • Durable and smooth texture.
  • Includes different accessories.
  • Great for lead and rhythm work.
  • Strings can get rusty quickly.
  • Tuners can be a bit stiff at first.

3. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought

fender fa 115 dreadnought acoustic

With fine solid bass notes and medium tones, Fender FA-115 Dreadnought shines bright. Just like the previous two, this one is also stated to be the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

The guitar has a popular dreadnought shape featuring a superior low-end project and a deep body for a balanced tone. With this, you will be able to enjoy any rhythm or lead work.

You will also love the way it feels comfortable while holding. It has this rounded shoulders that can make you play it all day long without any problem.

The top has been made of spruce offering the best quality and durability. It is braced with an “X” pattern that does not only produce a warmer but a stronger tone.

The basswood back and sides also offers great durability and help in making the guitar sound great. The 20-fret fingerboard is made of walnut that also serves the same purpose.

A compensated saddle sits loosely in the hardwood bridge where you can adjust the string length and allow it to play in tune up the board. Although some users felt the saddle at the bottom made with poor quality. But it does its job well.

You will also get a lot of extras with the guitar which every beginner should have. The bundle includes a hard case for protection while traveling. It comes with a key and lock for extra protection. The guitar also comes with a strap, strings, picks, and chromatic clip-on tuner.

The corrosion of the strings was one of the common problems we found in the reviews.

  • Comfortable.
  • Great with bass notes and medium tones.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Durable and smooth texture.
  • Includes different accessories.
  • Poorly made saddle.
  • Strings can get rusty quickly.

4. Yamaha FG JR1 3/4-Size

yamaha fg jr 1 3 4 size

Yamaha too has the best acoustic guitar for beginners that is known as FG JR1. Its simplicity can make you fall in love with the guitar.

You already got the idea from the name that the 3/4 acoustic guitar comes in smaller shapes. The reason why the producer opted for making the small version is that they wanted to make it offer a nice balance between the size and comfort. And that’s actually evident.

Not just that, the size also helps make it easy to carry. So, if you are smaller and beginner, this is a chance to grab one. Although larger handed players may not find it ideal.

However, the brand made sure to offer great quality in terms of hardware. The guitar comes with a spruce top that feels strong. It also features back and sides constructed with meranti serving the same purpose.

The guitar features a nato neck with satin finish having a set of chrome open-geared tuning machines. It also comes with a rosewood fretboard that has a total of 20 frets that help in making it sound great. Not only you will find the guitar real solid but also easy to move around.

As for the body, it comes with a rosewood bridge having a compensated saddle and synthetic bone nut. With this,  you will be able to adjust the sound and tone the way you want.

When it comes to the sound, the guitar offers a fine tone with solid mid-range and crisp and clean trebles. Although, it lacks bass that should not make you feel down.

However, you will get a high-quality gig bag with the guitar for carrying and moving around.

  • It offers solid mid-range as well as crisp and clean trebles.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Durable.
  • Includes bag for portability.
  • Lacks bass.
  • Not ideal for players with bigger hands.

5. Fender CD-60 Dreadnought

fender cd 60 dreadnought

If you are someone who is not really into classic wood look guitar, this can make an ideal choice. CD-60 Dreadnought by Fender has impressed different newbies with its easy to control factor.

The top comes in laminated spruce that is not only durable but also makes the guitar sound great. The back and sides have been made of laminated mahogany that also offer durability and smooth finish.

The saddle and nut come in plastic while the bridge used Sonokeling material. We can say that every part of the guitar feels high in quality.

When it comes to playability, you will find it easy and smooth on your fingers. Not only it will be easy to play but control as well. Its action can make pull-offs, performing leads, or other finger tricks much cleaner as well as with lesser efforts.

The tuning machines also work great at keeping the guitar in tune. Although, people hated the stiffness of the tuner at first, but it gets alright later.

One great thing about the guitar is its sound quality. The tone will be rich especially when strummed and you will get to enjoy it being a beginner.

With a set of high-quality strings and a proper initial setup, you can make the black beauty sound downright impressive.

The guitar includes different necessary accessories that will help you be a pro. You will get extra strings because one can get corroded easily. You will also get a high-quality hard case, picks, and strap.

  • Easy to control.
  • Comfy on fingers.
  • Durable.
  • Includes different accessories.
  • It offers rich tone and crisp trebles.
  • LStrings get rusty easily.
  • Lacks bass.

6. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought

fender fa 115 dreadnought guitar

This model by Fender has almost all the similar features which you will find in any other Dreadnought guitars of the same brand. But what makes it the best acoustic guitar for beginners is the tuner it includes.

Not only it is easy to use but it also works great at making the guitar sound like the way you want.

Besides, the guitar comes in a full-size dreadnought body that offers a full and vibrant tone. Being a beginner, you will love to play different styles of music with this model.

The top comes in laminated spruce and with X-bracing which helps in letting you manipulate the tone. The rosewood bridge has compensated synthetic bone saddle that enables you to tweak the tone and explore different music.

Just like the other one, it also comes with 20 frets at the fingerboard along with dot inlays which make it easier to use.

You will find the strings being made of steel that makes the guitar sound louder and much stronger. Although the strings will get rusty but you will have extras to save the day.

The guitar also includes other accessories such as a strap, picks, tuner and most importantly a gig bag to carry around the stuff. You may not like the quality of the bag, but you can buy one separately.

  • Easy to control tuner.
  • Comfy to use.
  • Strong and solid sound.
  • Well-constructed.
  • Includes necessary accessories.
  • The bag is cheaply made.
  • Strings get rusty.

7. Yamaha FG800 Solid Top

yamaha fg800 solid top

One main factor that makes Yamaha FG800 the best acoustic guitar for beginners is its impressive production of bass. It does not only produce very clear bass but also different resonances which the majority of its rivals lack.

The sound feels mellow and well-balanced at the same time. The dreadnought shape of the guitar makes the sound quality warmer across the frequency range especially in the mid and lower ranges. So, beginners can try out different music with this.

The high action on the strings is also remarkable apart from the string spacing. Yes, you can also lower the action by adjusting the truss rod a little and by removing the saddle plus sanding it on the base. So, explore the music world no matter how long you want.

Moreover, the design of the guitar also encourages you to make it sound great. The steel strings are of high quality and will not get rusty quickly.

Speaking of the design, the neck feels smooth and comfortable to hold. The top has been made of solid Sitka spruce, the back and sides come in nato, and the body features a scallop bracing. Altogether, the guitar will offer solid durability and long-lasting performance.

Not just that, the guitar comes with high-quality tuners that work great with tuning. A big plus here is that it does not even require that much tuning which makes it ideal for newbies.

However, you will get the guitar only, so don’t expect it to have other stuff included. Also, some of the users felt it smaller, so chances are high that you might feel the same.

But the bigger problem with the guitar is that the guitar lacks cutaway, meaning it will be harder to access to lower fret-board.

  • Clear and rich-sounding bass.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • Comfortable.
  • It requires less tuning.
  • No cutaway meaning harder access to lower fretboard.
  • Smaller.

8. Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway

fender fa 125ce dreadnought cutaway

This black beauty has the ability to blend volume with high sound quality. Just like any other dreadnoughts, it also offers better projection and volume with the waist being expanded and negating the difference between upper and lower bout.

One big plus of the guitar is the it has cutaway, hence, you will get easy access to the upper frets.

Furthermore, it comes with a C-shaped neck and chic styled body that makes it an ideal choice for the comfortable contour. So, you can play it with the guitar for hours without feeling any kind of fatigue.

As for the material, half of its tone can be attributed to the laminated wood used to build it. Fender went with a laminated spruce top and teamed up with basswood sides and back. We can say that all the materials will not only last long but also help the guitar sound cool.

As you will move towards the neck, you will find a nato piece with a walnut fretboard. Not only it feels solid but it also makes the guitar more convenient.

The nut and saddle are both constructed with a kind of plastic material that is quite high quality. Viking bridge, just like the rest of the wood, is another laminated piece but offers great tonal support.

As for the sound, the guitar offers both bass and treble controls, as well as volume control and an inbuilt tuner setup. You will get a set of sealed die-cast tuners so you can explore different tones by using them to tune in the guitar.

Apart from tuners, you will also get a Gig Bag, Strap, Strings, and different colored Picks with the instrument.

However, some users complained about the gig bag being cheaply made. Some of them also griped about the missing accessories.

  • Great treble and bass sounding guitar.
  • Comes with cutaway.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to control.
  • Includes different accessories.
  • Missing accessories.
  • Gigbag is cheaply made.

9. Fender CD-60S Solid Top

fender cd 60s solid top

The CD-60S By Fender suits newbies because of its easy playability. Hence, you can also call it another best acoustic guitar for beginners.

This model proudly boasts on the headstock. Its dreadnought body is simple but good-looking as well. Coming with the solid spruce top, and laminated mahogany on the sides and back, it offers a smooth and elegant texture in black.

The glossy mahogany neck makes the guitar easy to play while the profile and 20-fret fingerboard with rolled edges ensure optimum comfort.

The guitar includes a set of chrome die-cast tuners that work great at tuning, laminated bridge that gets better with edge and steel strings that don’t get easily rusty.

The brand also made sure the beginner gets each and every essential accessory with the guitar. Hence, the guitar comes with a hard-shell case, plectrums, strap, strings, and picks, apart from the tuners.

In terms of sound, the model provides you with a well-balanced and lively tone. You will also love its nice warmth and good brightness.

Having lower action, it offers easy to fret as well as quick playing. With the body being dreadnought, the projection on the guitar feels solid and strong.

However, the majority of the people complained about the accessories though. They felt the strap and the stand have not been made of high-quality materials that ended up disappointing them.

  • Easy playability.
  • Clear and crisp sound.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Includes different accessories
  • Strap is cheaply made.
  • Stand is cheaply made.

10. Ibanez AW54OPN

ibanez aw54opn

The Ibanez AW54OPN is a classic looking guitar that boasts about its easy playability and striking performance. Coming with nato neck and rolled fingerboard edges, you will love its ease of use.

Not just that, the instrument also sports a solid top that has been made of a renewable wood named okume. With such material, you will get to enjoy the vibrancy of the top at a reasonable cost which different newbies appreciate.

As for the mahogany back and sides, they also offer superb durability and performance.

The body comes in classic dreadnought style giving a fine contrast to the modern tone-wood selection and playability of the guitar.

You will also love its warm and open tone. The sound the guitar makes will not only be crisp but strong as well.

Some users did not like the fact that it does not include any bag or case and that you have to buy it separately. So, this can be a con for you.

Another issue with the guitar is that it falls out of tune fast which can be a main concern.

  • Easy playability.
  • Comfortable.
  • Crisp and clear.
  • Durable.
  • Reasonable.
  • Falls out of tune quickly.
  • It does not include any case or bag.

The Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide for Beginners:

What is The Easiest Type of Acoustic Guitar to Play?

You will find a variety of acoustic guitars in terms of shapes most of which would be easier for newbies to play. The majority of the popular and reliable guitar brands provide them with a plethora of beginner-friendly solutions.

Although, it is recommended to avoid going for a Jumbo acoustic since it can be very big and bulky for beginners. Such guitar is perfect for country players and beginners can think of having it only after getting the right skill and experience.

If you someone who is just starting out, it will be better if you go with an orchestra or dreadnought model as both of them are easier to learn. If you are small, then opt for a parlor guitar, that is also the easiest type of acoustic guitar to play.

However, it does not matter what acoustic you plan to get, the strings and set up play a major role in the overall playability of the instrument. You may want to spend a thousand bucks on an attractive looking guitar, but if the strings are rusty or the action is too high or low, you will surely struggle to play it smooth.

So, if you want to enjoy easy play-ability, you will be to set up the guitar properly after you buy it. And the good news is that you can do it all by yourself. All you need to do is spare half an hour and follow instruction videos on YouTube.

What to Avoid When Buying an Acoustic Guitar?

  • Wrong Size: Don’t go for the wrong size because that will not only be inconvenient for you to hold the guitar but also will destroy the whole mood of playing it properly. We would recommend you to go with the right size depending on yours.Even if you don’t know how to hold the guitar with proper playing posture, don’t go with dreadnought or any mini acoustic. Contrariwise, the oversized guitar also brings different issues especially if you have smaller hands that simply cannot wield a full-size guitar.
  • Buying it Broken: Make sure to check the guitar because a broken guitar will not do any good. As for the neck, look down the instrument vertically from head to bridge so that you can check if the neck is free of bends or if it’s straight.

Make sure the fret-board is free of cracks, dents, and excessive wear.  Run your finger down the sides of the fret-board gently from nut to soundhole, ensuring the frets’ edges do not protrude.

When it comes to tuning machines, it is suggested you give each of them a full rotation in both directions. Look for a smoother turn. It should not have any lag between the movement of the roller and the twist of the knob.

To check the intonation, you will need to play a natural harmonic on the twelfth fret of each string and compare between the string when fretting at the twelfth fret and the pitches of the harmonic. Make sure both are at the same pitch or closer at least.

You will also need to inspect the action. If you can’t do it alone, you can ask the salesman to help you out. Although bad action can be fixed easily but make sure you get it checked for your betterment.

  • Looking out of your league: It goes both ways. You can get a model that is of low quality making it unplayable or you get one that is much better than what you want for getting started.Make sure the one you buy passes playability checklist and avoid settling for anything less. Avoid getting a guitar that sounds too bad because this will discourage you in your practice.

ALSO, it is recommended to not bankrupt yourself and grab a Martin as your first-ever guitar. Brands have been kind for all the beginners to offer guitars in a reasonable price range in today’s market.

And you will get tons of high-quality models at the cheapest range. So, avoid getting swayed by the allure of big names or looks.

Do You Need an Amplifier with an Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

It’s normal that every beginner asks if they need an amplifier after buying their first every electro-acoustic guitar. Well, if you ask whether it is a must-have, we would say no. You don’t need an amplifier to play an electric-acoustic guitar as it works just like a normal acoustic guitar.

Nonetheless, if you want more volume, let’s say, when you play with others, then you can think of getting a small acoustic amplifier. You may need a bigger amplifier for concerts or other live performances. But, for beginners, it is not very necessary unless you get all the skills.

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginner Children?

When it comes to the best acoustic guitar for beginner children, we would say to go with Yamaha FG JR1. Not only it is durable but it has everything that will help hone their skills. This guitar produces a decent sound quality that the children will enjoy.

Not just that, it also comes in perfect 3/4 mini size which has been tuned well right out of the box. The children will also find it easier to handle. Plus, it will also fit naturally in their palm making it great for little greenhorns.


In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further. 

1. What is The Best Guitar for Beginner?

From the list given above, we would vote for Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway as the best acoustic guitar for beginner. It has all the factors that every newbie needs.

The guitar is solid and durable that promises to last long. Moreover, it produces impressive trebles as well as bass so that you can explore different kinds of music being a beginner.

Not only that, it is also one of the most comfortable and easy to control guitars. So, you can play it for hours without experiencing any fatigue in your fingers.

The big plus is that the guitar comes with cutaway that offers easier access to upper fret. You will also get different accessories such as extra strings, picks, tuners, strap and a gig bag for your convenience.

3. What Acoustic Guitar Has The Lowest Action?​

In the list we provided above, the Fender CD-60S acoustic guitar has the lowest action. It means the strings are designed much closer to the instrument so that you find it easy to play.

Apart from easy play-ability, there are more benefits you can enjoy for the guitar having lower action. One is that it will be easier to fret. Another is that it is ideal for lead, finger-picking as well as finger-style. It also provides you with better intonation.

Another great thing is that the action in the guitar is not too low to result in fret buzz which different lowest action guitars can end up with.

4. How Long Does it Take to Learn Guitar?​

Generally, it takes 6 to 18 months to learn to play guitar with basics. However, with every time frame, you become the best version of yourself in terms of learning guitar.

So it’s a bit tough to answer specifically about the time it takes to learn guitar. As long as you are practicing regularly, you can reach the stages highlighted below within the given amount of period.

1 to 2 months: You will be able to learn easy guitar music (including strumming of basic chords, single-string plucking music with not much chord arpeggios, string jumping).

3 to 6 months: You will be able to learn a little more difficult music, that needs a lot more technical elements. For instance, you can play the music that requires easier pull-offs, hammer-ons, as well as other easier lead guitar tricks.

1 year: You will be able to play intermediate level music, which includes music of different popular guitar songs, blues, riffs, etc. You may probably start having a more definitive feel for barre chord in a year of regular practice.

2 years: If you keep practicing enough, you can playing different kinds of music in two years. Of course, you will have to practice them before playing them for real. Although, learning difficult music at this phase is quite quick, but it’s possible once you master most technical elements within two years.

2 to 3 years: If you learn guitar theory during the journey of learning guitar, then you can get to improvise on the instrument also.

5 to 6 years: You will be able to call yourself a professional guitarist because, by this time, you can play anything you want.

10+ years: You will start realizing how much you don’t know yet. You’d wish to learn more and more and you may get to learn to play different kinds of guitars as well.

2. What are The 3 Types Of Guitars?

The 3 types of guitars are: Electric, Acoustic and Classical. Let’s know the pros and cons of beginning with each of the types:

Electric Guitar:

  • Very easy to play.
  • You can play for hours without hurting your fingers.
  • You can crank up the volume on the amplifier with ease if you think you are not hearing the fretted notes well.
  • The neck is narrow and strings are pretty close together which means your hand can easily make most chord and scale shapes without the need for stretching.
  • The cutaway coming with the guitar offers easy access to upper frets and also offers an exploration of soloing.
  • Difficult to master.
  • The electric guitars are substantially more expensive than other rivals.

Acoustic Guitar:

  • Most balanced guitar type in terms of play-ability and sound.
  • Require the least amount of time to catch the basic concept of playing.
  • Cutaway on acoustic guitar offers easier access to upper fret. It also offers a full range of fret-table notes.
  • It’s perfect for practicing the basics – scales, riffs, chords, and chord progressions. You will easily understand if a note sounds wrong and can correct the error accordingly.
  • The bigger shape can be a little heavier, but it will actually help you rest your picking arm on the guitar body while playing. As a result, the hand fatigue will be lesser than other types.
  • Some models can be plugged into an amplification devices – they are known as a semi-acoustic guitar.
  • Steel strings will be harder to fret although there will be more resonance and chord play will be a lot easier.
  • Costlier than classical guitars.
  • The steel strings can hurt your fingers.

Classical Guitar:

  • Classical guitar typically comes with nylon strings, and they will be very mellow and make you feel nice to the touch.
  • Comfier to play on.
  • It comes in a much smaller and lighter body than other rivals.
  • Very cheaper than other rivals.
  • It is the hardest guitar type to master.
  • The nylon strings feel noticeably different than steel strings.
  • The classical guitars emit airy sounds, which means all of your mistakes will be more emphasized.
  • Classical guitar lacks the level of sustain which acoustic and electric guitars possess. Plucking down chords on such an instrument will result in lesser resonance and this may make you feel more frustrated.


Being a beginner, there is a lot of things that you need to know while planning to grab an acoustic guitar. So, you cannot just randomly step out and grab the guitar based on the looks and price range.

Although there are other types, but the acoustic one will not only be easy for you but also will sound like the way you wish. And the 10 options we have provided here do the same job. Not just that, these guitars have also amazed their users with their durability as well.

So, hopefully, now you will be able to pick one easily and explore the world of music with the help of that guitar.

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