8 Best Mic for Recording Acoustic Guitar in 2021

best mic for recording acoustic guitar

How many amongst you all are bathroom singers like me? Well, it is the best place to give some fire to your inner talent seriously! Once you decide for yourself and step into the world of music, your preaching instrument should be clear in your mind.

I am a big fan of acoustic guitars and today I am here to discuss this musical instrument with you in detail. Let me tell you that the basic step would be the selection of the best mic for recording acoustic guitar.

Once the mic is selected, trust me your half of the work is done. Whatever you will perform can get recorded easily as a sample to show. This will help you to proceed gradually in your music career.


Where to buy the best mic for recording acoustic guitar?

Buying the best possible mic for yourself is not a big deal if you have prior knowledge about them. You can approach your friends and seniors who are already in this field. They can guide you better. 

where to buy the best mic

Nevertheless, you can buy the mic of your choice from any reliable musical store which has a good reputation in the music market.

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Buying Guide – Things to Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar Mic

A piece of thorough knowledge is mandatory for buying the best possible thing for you. You can not afford to do any mistake or lacking while buying an acoustic guitar mic. Let’s discuss it a little more.

buying guide

Key considerations

1. Indoor use VS outdoor use

The venue where you want to use your mic should be sorted already. If you want to use it as an indoor mic to record your instrument, of course, the quality of the mic bought would vary. But if it has to be used in a studio for live performances, you can not take a chance on the quality of it.

2. Noise sensitivity

The mics have some patterns build in them which decide the directions from where it will allow the sounds to enter it.

For example, omnidirectional mics cater sounds from all directions, whereas, bi-directional allows sounds from only east and west! Last but not the least, a unidirectional mic will accept sounds from only one direction and ignore the others.

3. Frequency range

The frequency of any mic is measured in hertz. In simple words, frequency refers to the vibrations of sound in music.

A good quality mic would have a frequency range of 15 Hz to 80Hz which will fulfill all your requirements.

4. Sound pressure level

The sound pressure level or SPL of a mic detects how much maximum of the sound volume it can bear. The more it can, it will be easier for you to record even the minor sound noises. 

SPL is measured in decibels, the average of it being 100 while the maximum of it being 130 decibels.

What is a mic for recording acoustic guitar?

A mic for recording any instrument like an acoustic guitar is a helping hand for you. If you are fresher and want to record your talent, a microphone is the best available option for you.

mic for recording acoustic guitar

It will allow the sounds produced to be recorded in a much detailed and healthier manner rather than any phone recording!

1. AKG C451 B Reference Small-Diaphragm

akg c451 b reference small

The first on my list is the AKG C451 B microphone which has all the qualities one would like before buying. It is a unidirectional wired mic with nickel colored body. The details are discussed below.


The brand of this product is AKG Pro Audio, one of the best you can offer yourself! The design and shape of the mic are slender and slim. It can be easily hooked on for better stability. There are buttons given on the body of the mic with various options.

You can select and adjust the frequency or any other variables which you want according to your preference. 


The sound quality of AKG C451 mics is something that you can fall for! It can mesmerize the audience with the sound quality recorded by this amazing product.

The sound quality is tremendous and up to the mark. The best part is that it does not require any transformer for sound enhancement. The preamp provides almost negligible noise and purely sound.

Excellent performance

You would be startled by the performance of this mic on stages. As you must be having an idea that stage performances are themselves full of disturbances. In that noisy environment, AKG C451 microphones can give a performance that no one can imagine!

Sound pressure level

Sound pressure levels are no doubt at a remarkable point. You get to experience close contact with the mic with no extra noises or disturbances. It has an SPL of 155dB. These mics also consist of a high-quality filter with 12dB, thus, no resonance or windy sounds.

  • Light-weighted
  • Adjustable buttons
  • Bag included with the product
  • Mic cover provided
  • The mic is wired

2. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

shure sm7b cardioid dynamic

Shure SM7B Cardioid mics are the next in my list of microphones. These are unidirectional with an XLR connector making it the best mic for acoustic guitar recording.


These mics have an amazing black colored body which gives them an elegant and classy look. The mic has a continuation of itself as an extension that can be mounted to any hanging stand to make it stable.

It has two mic covers to protect the face of the mic itself. This helps to reduce the breath sounds when you are very near to the microphone.


These microphones are highly equipped with recent technologies. They have a declining power towards the involvement of noise from the computers. Another important feature involves the presence of isolation towards shocks.

Due to its effectiveness against irritable sounds, you get to hear the best quality sounds of yourself as well as your musical instrument.

Excellent performance

The design of the mic is made in a way that its stability is never an issue for you. You can mount it anytime with its adjustable nut given. Similarly, demounting is also very easy with the instructions provided.

So sit back and get the best noise-free experience you would like to enjoy!

Sound pressure level

The Shure SM7B microphones have an improved response towards the frequency levels too. This enables the mic to produce clear and near to natural musical sounds and speaking sounds.

Being unidirectional and having a cardioid polar system, there is no need for you to worry about the interruption rejections.

  • Internal air suspension quality
  • Replacement cartridge provided
  • Rejects electromagnetic noises
  • Equipped with a detachable screen
  • Can not be held in hand for performances
  • Batteries required

3. Shure SM81-LC Cardioid Condenser

shure sm81 lc cardioid condenser

Shure Company has promised its customers to always provide them with high-quality products. Shure SM81-LC is an example of it. These microphones are unidirectional with XLR connectors.


These microphones can only be operated with a phantom power supply. This means it requires an external supply to work with. If you provide it with 48Vdc, it will give the best outcome expected from it.

Do not worry about the phantoms as all the new mixers can be used for this purpose. Just make sure to use the correctly aligned cables with it.


The sound quality depends upon the frequency and the noise cancellations powers a mic possesses. Shure SM81-LC microphones have an exact sound outcome as the one they have recorded. It has a wide range of frequencies, extending from 20Hz to 20 kHz!

These microphones are made in a way to provide you with minimal exposure to abrupt noises. These being cardioid polar patterned, have uniformity with the frequency.

Excellent performance

The microphones are equipped with a steel made body for better durability and strength. Although it works with a phantom power supply, it can still work efficiently under harsh circumstances.

Temperature extremities like very hot or cold or even humid, do not have any effect on the microphone! 

Sound pressure level

You can work with these mics at low frequencies, that is, 6 or 18dB. These products have an immensely high and excellent quality sound and voice production.

For minimal sound pressure levels, there is a switch that can be locked from 0 to 10dB.

  • Swivel adaptor is given
  • Foam windscreen included for better voice
  • Carry bag included
  • Does not work without the phantom’s power

4. Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

shure sm57 lc cardioid dynamic

So, I have one more product from the Shure brand for you that will win your hearts. Shure SM57-LC microphones prove to be the best mic for recording acoustic guitar and vocals.


The design of these microphones is made to provide you with the best comfort whether you are holding it in your hands or mounted on a stand.

You get several accessories with the product itself. There is a handle that attaches to the stand where you want to mount your mic. Rest you also get a carrying bag in which you can store it for traveling.


The sound quality produced by these mics is amazing. You will simply love the clear and uninterrupted sound production.

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the best mics for vocals; there is no debate on it. It has a very accurate vocal recording. The handle provided for attaching the mic to the stand has a function to serve too. This helps to remove the noise made during the handling of the mic!

Excellent performance

Shure SM57-LC mics should be your first choice when you want the best for yourself, no matter it is to be used at home or in the studio. 

It can perform with the same high-end efficiency with the noisiest of backgrounds. Still, you get to experience noise-free music! Isn’t it fabulous?

Sound pressure level

These are made with the cardioid polar system which makes them the best microphones in terms of noise cancellations.

Shure SM57-LC mics have a frequency response ranging from 40 to 15000 Hz!

  • Light-weighted
  • Carrying bag included
  • Amazing vocal recording
  • Has a wide frequency range
  • Defects identified due to bad handling during delivery

5. Sennheiser E609 Silver Super Cardioid

sennheiser e609 silver super cardioid

Let me discuss one of the best microphones of the brand Sennheiser Pro Audio. Trust me; you will not regret buying it. It’s available as wired and wireless with a unidirectional polar pattern.


The Sennheiser E609 microphones are made with metal overall. It has a rugged design on it with a neodymium ferrous and boron magnetic field. This helps the material of the mic to last longer.

You get a pouch with it to keep the mic in it. An additional plus point includes the 10-year warranty that you get!


The sound quality is quite enhanced with betterment at each point. No distortion of voices if you are recording your vocals.

Even with the recordings of the melodious sounds produced by your musical instruments, pure justice is made sure. These microphones consist of a coil which makes sure all the electronic disturbances are cut off.

Excellent performance

Having a tough metallic and rugged body makes it highly stable, sustainable, and durable. There is no need for you to worry about the climate or temperature changes as it would barely affect the material.

The design of it being very different from other mics helps it to attach directly to the mic stand without and clips.

Sound pressure level

Having cardioid patterns makes it liable to perform equally when on a highly disturbing on-stage performance. It has a capturing range of 3-6000 Hz for the instruments you are working on.

Sound pressure levels that these mics can bear are over 150dB!

  • Full metal made body
  • The magnetic property makes it more durable
  • 10-year warranty included
  • Not suitable for holding in hands

6. Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser

neumann tlm 102 mt condenser

Neumann TLM 102 MT microphone is also a product of Sennheiser Pro Audio. These mics come as wired and with an XLR connector. If you are looking for the best mic for recording acoustic guitar under 100, this will fulfill all your needs.


The design of Neumann TLM 102 microphones is compactly made. The components are given along with this product match exactly and without any problem. The classy design can grab your attention towards it in no time!

Having the detachable portion attached to it, you can easily fit it onto a mic stand for better stability.


Sound quality is tremendously overwhelming. You get the best sound out of Neumann TLM 102 microphones! You get the same best-expected results whether it is the recording of some musical instrument or the recording of your vocals.

The frequency response of these microphones is up to 6 kHz, ensuring there is no background noise. As a result, sleek and clear sounds are what you get to hear!

Excellent performance

The performances of these mics can not be doubted for sure! It consists of a system that reduces all the extra handling noises being produced.  

Its affordable price in terms of quality should make it your first choice while buying a microphone.

Sound pressure level

The large surface area of this microphone which is made as a cardioid polar system has an SPL of 144 Db. This makes it easy for you to record the sounds of musical instruments like acoustic guitars, drums, etc. 

  • The large surface area of the microphone
  • Highest SPL
  • Transformerless preamp
  • Can’t be used as a solo hand mic

7. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser

audio technica at2020 cardioid

The second last product on my list is from the company known as Audio-Technica. It is available in jet black color with an eye-catchy stylish design. It is a wired mic with an XLR connector.


The design of these mics is very unique and slim, made with metal as the core element. The area of the mic or in other words, its diaphragm has a netted or rugged appearance.

This design makes sure to protect the microphone from any harsh weather conditions or temperature extremities. This microphone is best for both purposes, that is, for home as well as studio recordings.


The sound quality which you get from Audio-Technica AT2020 is exceptionally amazing! There is not even the tiniest noise from the surroundings.

Being equipped with the modern technology sound recording systems, that is a cardioid polar system, it is made sure that your recordings are not bombed with irritating breath and surrounding noises.

Excellent performance

The high-end quality microphone from Audio-Technica has a separately provided joining part. You can join this with your mic on its threads by following the instructions given to mount it on a stable stand.

Besides, you get some accessories with this microphone too! There is an adapter, mounting stand, and a luxurious pouch for carrying the mic.

Sound pressure level

These mics have an excellent response to the frequency changes and the delivery transition as well. All of it is possible due to the presence of a custom-engineered diaphragm.

The sound pressure levels of these microphones are 20 Db. This enables it to behave as an all-rounder and versatile microphone.

  • Equipped with low mass diaphragm
  • Black speckles as a finishing factor
  • Noise level is 20 dB
  • Only available in black color

8. Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser

rode nt1 a anniversary vocal

Here comes the last product of the article, the Rode NT1-A microphone. These microphones are counted as the world’s most expensive microphones! Well, its features would justify the cost for sure.


You can use these mics as a recording partner when dealing with some musical instruments. Trust me, it can prove to be the best mic for recording acoustic-electric guitar too! 

These microphones are best when noise is an issue for you. You will be amazed to know how quietly it can work in your house as well as studios.


The outstanding sound quality that anyone would expect from Rode NT1-A vocal mics, is exactly what it can deliver!

It has a negligible noise of its own that is 5 dB only! The cardioid polar pattern in its making has set the goals of noise cancellations very high. There is no background disturbance while recording music or vocals.

Excellent performance

Until now you must be aware of the numerous good vibes that you can expect out of these microphones. To increase the positivity, there are certain accessories included which I would like to inform you all.

You get the mounting stand, 20 feet long cable, the cover cloth, studio type shield, and of course, the DVD loaded with tips and tricks.

Sound pressure level

The sound pressure levels of these microphones are highly sorted. The frequency response rates and the delivery transitions are all up to the mark.

You get the best possible sound tracts after recording. The resonance of the vocals is highly appreciable.

  • The metallic body of the microphone
  • Self-noise of only 5Db
  • 10 years warranty
  • Expensive as compared to other mics


In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further. 

1. What type of microphone is best for recording acoustic guitar?

Unidirectional microphones are the best for acoustic guitar recordings.

2. Which MIC is best for recording?

The mics which avoid the breathing sounds while you record your vocals are the best, that is, those having a cardioid polar system.

3. Can you use a vocal mic to record guitar?

Of course, it can be used as the vocal mics are capable of catching the tiniest sound made.

4. Is a condenser mic better for vocals?

Condenser mics are one of the best mics when it comes to recording your vocals.


Now that I have reached the end, I would like to summarize my article in my final words. You now have a greater perspective about selecting the best mic for recording acoustic guitar. 

If I were to select the microphone for myself, I would have gone with the Shure SM81-LC Cardioid microphone. I just love its sleek design and unique features!

Hope you had a great time reading the article. Do let me know through your feedback.

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