Tosin Abasi Guitar – What Does He Play?

People familiar with Tosin and Animals as Leaders are aware of his unmatched guitar skills. The band occasionally fuses genres even though progressive metal is their primary focus. They can swing into rock and funk rhythms.

Let’s examine some of Tosin’s guitar setup’s numerous instruments and accessories.

Who is Tosin Abasi?

Tosin Abasi ( original name Oluwatosin Ayoyinka Olumide Abasi) is a very famous guitar player, and he is known for his guitar-playing style. He has made many appearances in various media, including radio, television, and music videos. His interviews were also published in a leading digital publisher of that time, the Future PLC.

He has also performed at many music festivals. Fantastic guitarist Abasi never lacks fresh sounds and tones to explore. Many start to question what kind of equipment he utilizes as a result.

He is well known for his work with artists like Dave Mustaine, Steve Vai, Billy Gibbons, and more. His Animals As Leaders bandmate Javier Reyes was the one who performed with him on most albums. He was among his most trusted partners.

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Mr. Abasi is a talented artist known for using unconventional materials and techniques in his basses. He had quite a good grip over techniques such as high gain, palm muting, distortion, etc. Moreover, he also started his own brand abasi concepts which made several extended range guitars including eight-string guitars.

Top 3 Tosin Abasi Guitars

1. Ibanez tam100 Tosin Abasi Signature

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Ibanez Tam100 Tosin Abasi Signature is the ultimate bass guitar from the master luthier at Ibanez. It’s a beautiful instrument – stunning looks, great sound, incredible features, and a great feel!

With this signature bass guitar, Tosin incorporates all of his experience and knowledge into a beautifully finished bass guitar. Mr. Abasi designed the bass to suit the needs of today’s music scene and has incorporated innovative features like a solid body, a single cutaway, and a hardshell case.

The bass is made from a solid wood body with a figure maple top and figured Bubinga back and sides. All of the high-quality appointments are sure to make this a guitar that will serve you well throughout your career.

With a balanced, resonant basswood body and a fast, straight neck, the Ibanez Tam100 Tosin Abasi Signature has a tonal quality that is perfect for today’s players. Mr. Abasi has designed a 5-piece neck and a wenge fingerboard coupled with a pearl block inlay.

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This is the perfect addition to any bassist’s arsenal of tools. This bass features a three-point locking double-locking bridge and the classic look of a three-bolt neck. The finish is a nice mixture of natural and high-gloss colors, and the gold hardware adds a touch of class to this model.

The Ibanez Tam100 Tosin Abasi Signature is a great choice if you’re looking for a signature bass that is stylish and highly functional. The Ibanez Tam100 Tosin Abasi signature guitar is a modern interpretation of the classical electric guitar. The solid mahogany body is joined to a wenge neck, maple fingerboard, and maple headstock.

This guitar features a 27″ scale and a 24-fret neck, allowing you to enjoy a great playing experience. This guitar is equipped with a fast neck and a quality fretboard. The Ibanez Tam100 Tosin Abasi Signature guitar is equipped with powerful three humbucking pickups.

2. Godin Multiac Guitar

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Godin’s Multiac is the most popular acoustic guitar in the world. This is due to its sound, build, and great looks. The Multiac acoustic guitar is designed to offer the player the same musical experience that is found in a well-built electric guitar.

The body is crafted from mahogany and is equipped with a natural spruce top, creating a balanced and full sound. The Mahogany body is chambered, which makes a warm resonance in the sound. Godin’s custom-designed RMC bridge and preamp uses the same technology used in other booming acoustic guitars, including the award-winning Martin D-18.

The bridge and preamp have three bands of equalization for added tonal flexibility. The neck is made from rosewood with a mahogany fingerboard with 22 medium frets and a standard nickel tone inlay. A Godin custom bridge transducer and preamp are included in the package.

There are a variety of finishes to choose from, including Ebony, Cherry, Espresso, and Vintage. The guitar features a Godin custom bridge and preamp with three bands of equalization.

Godin Multiac

The bridge and preamp have a built-in 12V power supply. The neck and body share the same wood construction to deliver consistent tone and dynamics. Moreover, you also get a 3-band EQ, a built-in tuner, and a 12-volt power jack. The body is crafted with a mahogany chambered top, delivering a warm sound and a comfortable feel.

Its unique double-chamber design creates a rich resonance, while the fingerboard and bridge are made from ebony. The guitar’s scale is 25 1/2 inches long, allowing you to enjoy its smooth and stable sound.

The Mahogany neck is fitted with a black rosette and a traditional Godin trapeze headstock. The RMC bridge offers excellent sound with low string feedback and high output. A preamp and EQ unit with three-band graphic EQ is built into the preamp, which makes it easy to adjust the sound to suit the needs of any style of music.

The 13-pin connector makes it possible to connect any of Godin’s many pedals to the guitar, and the preamp allows the guitar to function as a pedalboard.

3. Godin Multiac Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar

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Godin Multiac Nylon Encore Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar is made of premium cedar wood. Its two-chambered silver leaf body is a unique design with two chambers. The outer chamber is designed to provide more resonance and sustain, while the inner chamber is used for a more mellow sound.

This acoustic guitar is equipped with Godin’s own Dual Source System. The system consists of a pair of Alnico II magnetics and a specially designed “L” shaped yolk mounted on the bridge. The yolk is a very effective solution for a number of stringed instruments and electric guitars. It improves the quality of the sound while minimizing feedback and ringing.

This acoustic guitar comes with a Godin nylon encore single coil pickup that is tuned to “C.” This guitar also features a 5-way selector switch with an easy-access truss rod cover. It is ideal for beginner players or players who wish to make their acoustic guitars more playable. It also comes with a 3.5mm jack and a 3-year warranty.

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This beautiful Godin Multiac nylon encore acoustic-electric classical guitar is a perfect blend of style, craftsmanship, and technology. With its solid cedar top and mahogany neck and body, this guitar offers great sound and sustain, making it the ideal choice for the classical guitarist.

The two-chambered solid maple back and sides create a rich, resonant, and well-balanced tone that is very much like a steel-stringed guitar. The solid silver leaf body, fitted with a custom Godin dual source system, gives this acoustic-electric guitar a modern and sophisticated look.

It’s equipped with a mahogany neck, and the scale length is 25.5 inches. This instrument is a great choice for the intermediate-level player who wants a high-quality acoustic guitar but needs a little more affordable.

4. PRS CE 24 Electric Guitar

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PRS CE 24 is a perfect instrument for any musician looking for a great-sounding, beautifully designed a guitar with some great features. This acoustic-electric guitar has a sleek, modern look and feels with clean lines and solid construction.

The guitar’s Mahogany body gives this instrument a warm and full sound, and the mahogany neck adds a nice touch of depth and warmth. A bolt-on maple neck allows for a wide range of positions, and the rosewood fretboard ensures comfort during extended playing sessions.


The 85/15 pickups are great for a great-sounding electric guitar with a vintage vibe. This instrument also features a 3-way toggle switch, volume, push/pull tone control, and a gig bag for easy transportation.

PRS CE 24 features a mahogany body with a sunburst finish, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, bolt-on construction, mahogany neck block, mahogany fingerboard, 3-way toggle switch, volume and push/pull tone control, gig bag, and PRS 85/15 pickups.

The CE 24 is available in three colors: Dark Cherry Sunburst, Vintage Black, and Vintage Cherry Sunburst.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

Who is Tosin Abasi?

Tosin Abasi is a very famous guitar player, and he is known for his guitar-playing style. He has made many appearances in various media, including radio, television, and music videos. He has also performed at many music festivals.

Is Tosin Abasi Nigerian?

Washington, D.C., is where Tosin Abasi was born to immigrants from Nigeria. Abdul Abasi, his brother, is a fashion designer who used to be a drill sergeant in the American military. Guitarist Abasi is primarily self-taught.

What is the most difficult part of playing the guitar?

The most difficult part of playing the guitar is learning all the chords. There are a lot of chords, and they’re very different from each other.

What is the difference between an electric and acoustic guitar?

Electric guitars have a pickup, which is a small microphone that picks up the vibrations of the strings. Acoustic guitars do not have a pickup.


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Besides the guitars mentioned above, Tosin also had an eight-string guitar from his own brand abasi concepts. His gear included Fishman pickups, a set of eight strings, and gadgets from several other future brands.

This was all about Tosin Abasi guitars. We hope you have got enough details about his guitars and musical career.

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