9 Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages | The Most Ultimate Guide

Have you always wanted to learn guitar but don’t know where to start? Or do you want to upgrade from an acoustic to electric guitar?

Guitars add spark and brighten every dull song. They’re the instruments that create life in parties and concerts. Without them, life would be tasteless.

Acoustic guitars are great for melancholy evenings when you’re feeling like jamming to an old song. However, when you feel a little more upbeat, electric guitars are the way to go. 

While newbies think any guitar might suit them, it is important to choose a guitar wisely. It becomes a part of you as you grow. Guitars are available in all shapes and sizes, tailored according to your needs.

To help you find your companion, here is a list of the best beginner electric guitar packages I could find. From the body to the picks, even the finest detail has been covered to make this an easy experience for you. 

Without further ado, let’s get on with the article!

Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages

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1. Best choice products electric guitar beginner kit

best choice products electric guitar

For starters, Best choice products might turn out to be the best choice for guitar learners. Trusted for decades now for their quality and performance, they not only produce functional instruments but add style to them as well.

Elegant construction

The guitar is exceptionally elegant and graceful. It is custom designed and handcrafted. The material has been carefully chosen, rosewood fretboard with a maple neck. That provides a rich sound when you vibrate.

The body is a beautiful midnight blue shade. Other colors are also available for your preference. To go with it, the pegs have been painted black. Although the guitar lacks details and finesse, it has a solid body and excellent controls. For a starter, it is perfect.

Features and accessories

The kit comes with everything except for a guitar stand so you don’t have to go around looking for items to complete your set. The amp produces quality resonance and the strings are just the right thickness for the guitar.

Moreover, the hard-tail bridge makes it easier for trainees to get a good grip. The package also consists of extra strings for mishaps. Whether you’re a blues person or a rock-and-roll junkie, this guitar lets you rock any tune effortlessly.

Sound quality

Best Choice Products has paid great attention to the sound system but carefully avoided overdoing it. The guitar has a 3 coil pickup, one at the neck, one at the base, and the third at the bridge. The kit has a removable whammy bar that works as a tremolo without affecting the pitch. 

The amplifier further elevates the sound, making you gain confidence, an essential when learning something new. There is a slight hum, however, when you play it at a high volume in the amplifier that is impossible to avoid.

  • Smooth fretboard
  • High-quality construction
  • 3 coil pickup
  • Low-quality cover

2. LyxPro Electric guitar starter kit pack

lyxpro electric guitar starter kit pack

As a starter, you cannot find a better guitar than this. Fully equipped with everything you need, the Lyxpro guitar kit is our top pick. The guitar is smooth, easy to handle, and has well-placed frets and strings. Moreover, the amplifier has a set of different controls that let you play around and test your limits.

Elegant construction

It is available in just a single color – black, the Canadian maple neck has well-spaced frets that are easy to reach. The body is made from rosewood enabling it to have a straighter body for easy gliding of the hand. 

This one has 3 coil pickups too instead of a crisp single one. Multiple coils make the whole learning experience easier. As for the strings, Lyxpro decided to grace us with nickel-coated steel. The steel is coated in American hexagonal wire, which increases its durability.

Features and accessories

The kit is available with guitars in 3 different sizes, increasing your options. The 20W compact amplifier works well and has different dials, including a treble dial and a gain dial. Also, it is loud enough to make your neighbors cover their ears up!

It even has a digital clip-on tuner that is fairly easy to operate. It works well with almost all the tuning apps available on your mobile phone. The guitar works well even without the tremolo bar, so the bar gives an additional lift to your music.  

Sound quality

All varieties of tones can be achieved with this guitar. For low tones and slow music, adjust the knobs on the amplifier so that the output is a softer and more rhythmic one. 

For an even better sound, adjust the bridge and tune in the whammy bar. The high-quality maple neck has finely distributed frets that produce a light sound. The tuner has a range of 25.5 Hz to 4186 Hz, giving you a wide domain to tune in.

  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • High-quality amplifier
  • Decent price
  • Fret edges require sanding

3. RockJam 6 electric kit

rockjam 6 electric kit

Electric guitars do have a lot of unreliable reviews as everyone’s preference is different. Every electric guitar starter kit Amazon has to offer has various ratings. When in such chaos, brands like RockJam are my go-to. Not only are these guitars elegant but are also great when it comes to quality. As they have been dealing with artists for a long time, the knowledge they have acquired shines through their product.

Elegant construction

RockJam cleverly picked out basswood as the base material for this guitar. Basswood is not only light but has a smooth finish as well. To complement the finish, it even has a laminated surface to easily glide your fingers and rest them while strumming. 

The hardwood finish guarantees a sturdy and durable surface that is immune to scratches and dents. The guitar is available in a standard size, making it suitable for adults as well as kids.

Features and accessories

Looking at the features and accessories that come along with this guitar kit, this is a pretty great deal for such a low price.

The guitar has an extra set of strings as well as picks in case you need a replacement. The amp has a long cable, giving you ample space in between. You don’t have to be stuck in a corner when you play. 

Sound quality

The sound quality is remarkable, considering the number of features added to improve it. As a beginner guitar, the sound quality is the best you could find. The 10W amplifier has gain and volume controls. It helps you adjust the sound to get a clear and clean sound.

The only setback is that the kit bag is not at all padded, so if you transport it, you will face the risk of breaking it. To avoid this, get a well-padded bag and you’re good to go!

  • Enjoyable playability
  • Bolt-on construction
  • 5-way pickup selector
  • Small and uncomfortable strap

4. ZENY electric guitar kit

zeny electric guitar kit

The first thing you need to do before buying a guitar kit is to thoroughly go through the contents of it. See if it is up to par with your needs. The last thing you want is to buy something incomplete and then pay a large sum to get the rest of the items. The ZENY electric guitar is a complete kit and is, in fact, one of the best electric guitar packages for beginners.

Elegant construction

The 39” long body helps you play with ease. Made of all-wood construction, it is lighter in weight than most guitars and easy to handle. It will not tire out your arms after a long practice.

The neck is constructed out of maple wood. What maple wood does is that it holds the strings firmly in place while the smooth finish of the surface promises an even and easy experience.

Features and accessories

Just like any normal guitar kit, this kit also has the maximum amount of all the basic accessories required by a beginner. The picks that come along with are a little thicker and not suitable for strumming. To get a better sound, purchase thin nylon picks.

It is the perfect gift set for newbies interested in playing guitar. Since it doesn’t cost much and is a full set, it will turn out to be a genuine gift.

Sound quality

Although the sound is phenomenal, it does not have any features added that distinguish it from the rest of the guitars. The 10W amp has a 2 band EQ, which is a little disappointing. It only has treble and bass features installed.

The long neck of the guitar and the spacing between the frets help produce a clear and loud voice. It is also easy on the fingers. 

  • Excellent quality material
  • Durable strings
  • Well-balanced design
  • 2-band EQ amp

5. Donner DST-102S guitar kit 

donner dst 102S guitar kit

If you’re planning to buy a guitar for your child who is interested in guitar for just the time being, this is your pick. Since it is nothing extravagant, it does not cost much. With such a low price, you won’t even feel bad if the kit gets used roughly or gets damaged.

Elegant construction

This solid wooden guitar is meant for people who aspire to be musicians. It has a maple neck that gives smoothness and enables you to slide your fingers smoothly across the fretboard. The solid truss rod stabilizes the curvature, producing a neat and decent guitar neck.

The body is constructed from basswood, a light material used for guitarists starting. The colors are black and blue with a black accent. However, I was dismayed to find out that the blue delivered is not the royal blue they promise.

Features and accessories 

Just like every guitar kit, this one has all the accessories necessary for a beginner. It does lack an essential item – a tuner. While professional guitarists do not seem to need it and tuning by the ear is their way of life, it is not so with newbies.

To overcome this, download tuning apps or quickly learn how to tune by the ear. Apart from this, all other features are remarkable. It even has a  set of Allan screws to adjust your truss rod. Since it lacks the tuner which is an essential tool, I’d say this is a ¾ electric guitar starter pack.

Sound quality

The steel strings each vibrate distinctly creating a clean sound where each string can be heard respectively. The amp does fool you by its size. For its small frame, it creates a sound loud enough to rock a concert. 

The dots on the fretboard are for your convenience. They distinguish the frets, making it easier for you to jump from the first weak fret to the last powerful fret. This creates a smooth transition in the sound. 

  • Easy to tune
  • Great sound output
  • Decent price
  • Digital tuner absent

6. Ashtorphe guitar package

ashtorphe guitar package

If you’re looking for a more versatile product, the Ashtrophe guitar package provides you with a convertible guitar. It works as an acoustic guitar when you’re feeling the blues and an electric guitar when you want some punk.

So whether it is country or pop, you have access to all with this best acoustic guitar starter kit

Elegant construction

Made from A-grade Spruce wood, this guitar is known for its resiliency. The X-brace also contributes to versatility. And the Brasswood provides the guitar warmth. No matter what technique you apply, the guitar remains responsive and produces a united tone.

The body is designed to give the marine grade Oakum neck better shape and access.  The guitar neck is only 3-inches wide which creates an incomparable sound. The tonewood makes the guitar lightweight and easy to carry around.

Features and accessories

The amplifier is packed with updates to give you a juicy experience. It has 4 different EQs that enhance your music, making it even more incredible. The EQ consists of bass, midrange, treble, and presence. The kit further includes two sets of phosphor bronze strings and chrome tuning pegs.

Apart from the Astrophe guitar, it has a nylon bag, celluloid picks available in all thicknesses, and a guitar strap along with other things. It even has a user’s manual that helps you assemble the kit easily.

Sound quality

For better sound quality, the amp has various features that turn your music up a notch. The dot inlays help you play better. The strings are easy to pluck, as a result, the tone is high-quality and neat.

The main highlight of this kit is that the guitar is a two in one item. It is acoustic and can be turned into an electric guitar as well. The incredible sonics make the sound more harmonized and consistent.

  • Consistent playability
  • Well-balanced design
  • Gorgeous and shiny body
  • Sensitive to humidity

7. Epiphone Les Paul Electric guitar player pack

les paul electric guitar player pack

Next is the Epiphone electric guitar on my list. This is one of the best guitars for artistic nature people. It has very classy features. 

Elegant construction

This mahogany wood guitar is artistry at its best. From the intricate details of the neck to the ebony matt surface, every single detail has been paid close attention to produce the best results. This is one of the top electric guitar kits for newbies at a glance.

It has two-point pickups at the bridge position for better sound results. The metal strings are light yet durable. Each strum can be heard distinctively. The Epiphone Les Paul Electric special II LTD guitar encompasses affordability, playability, and quality – all in one.

Features and accessories

Along with good quality machine heads, you also get a classic tune-o-meter and stop bar. It helps you tune the guitar and replace strings faster.

The Amp has a 6-inch speaker which is not the loudest but is enough for personal practice. You can even hold small concerts with this 10 watt Amp. You even get a handy digital chromatic tuner along with all the essentials – plectrum, strap, gig bag, and such.

Sound quality

The sound produced by this guitar is as beautiful as it looks. Having a subtle raspiness, it gives you a buzz inside. It is perfect for playing rock and metal. The clean sound helps you identify your mistakes however the functions tend to make the sound that is produced a little mucky and uninspiring.

The package also has instructional videos for basic learners that guide you through your experience. 

  • Great quality
  • Ebony matt body gives flair
  • Low budget
  • Low-quality amp

8. Sawtooth candy apple red electric guitar kit

candy apple red electric guitar kit

Apart from the usual blues and blacks, here’s a change to the eye with this candy apple red guitar kit. This guitar with a pearl white pickguard is bound to blow your mind away with its vibrant and beautiful sound. Each guitar is inspected and tested first before it reaches you ensuring an excellent quality product.

Elegant construction

The guitar consists of a maple C neck with a maple fingerboard. The body is cherry red with a silver accent. It has 21 medium jumbo frets, giving you plenty of space to rock your style. It even has a dots inlay for better positioning of your hand.

Features and accessories

Apart from the candy red, it is also available in 3 other colors – daphne blue, Cintron vanilla cream, and sunburst.

It comes along with a Chromecast clip-on tuner, a 10ft cable for better access, 10 watts Amp, and an instruction manual. The gig bag is padded, a feature that most kits miss. It even comes along with a stand.

Sound quality

It comes with a 5-way selector switch that connects your guitar to the amp for better sounding results. The synchronous tremolo bridge reduces the tension of the strings and produces a cleaner sound. The 3 single-coil pickups capture even the tiniest vibration. It has 1 master volume and two tone-controls that let you adjust your music according to your preference.

  • Has a big and resonant sound
  • Multitude of colors
  • Pearl white pickguards
  • A little heavyweight

9. Glarry Electric guitar pack

glarry electric guitar pack

Being a newcomer to the market, the last on my list is none other than the Garry Electric guitar pack. Since it is one of the cheapest products, many question its credibility. I am here to ensure that as a beginner, this is a pretty good deal to buy. It has all the essentials you need and the guitar is of excellent quality, producing great music.

Elegant construction

It has no rough edges and no fret notes. The rest of the neck has a pretty thin radius which is easy to get your fingers around. The tuners, however, are of low quality and tend to wear out soon.

The guitar is made of basswood, which ensures its durability. It is made to the scale, each detail precise and spot on. Overall, it has a great finish. 

Features and accessories

Available in 6 different colors, my favorite has to be the blackish-green one since green guitars are hard to find.

It comes with all the basics and they work pretty well considering the price of the kit. The only issue is that the whammy bar works well for only a short period. After that, it throws the guitar out of tune.

Quality and value

The guitar produces thick notes when you play on the neck and delicate rich ones when you play near the bridge. 

The knobs on the amp help even out the sound and produce buzz-free vocals. The pickups are too thin and do not catch onto every vibration, not delivering a good result.

  • Low budget guitar
  • Thin and easy to work with
  • Great amplifier
  • Low-quality pickups

Buying Guide

Having so many options out there gets you a little confused. After all, every guitar has some features that are distinctive and in fact, better than the previous one. 

electric guitar buying guide

The first mistake that a newbie makes is searching for a well-tuned guitar. What you need to understand is that guitars open up as you play them. There is a difference between a little squeaky one and a useless guitar and that’s a little hard to spot.

To help you spot that difference, here are a few tips that you should consider before buying a new guitar.

How to choose a starter kit?

One thing that you should never forget is that looks aren’t everything. Yes, the guitar might look gorgeous but if it does not have the necessary features, then what is even the point? 

Always look for the right features, ones that fulfill all your requirements. Since basic ones will give you a mediocre experience, look for something extra. To embark on a wonderful journey of music, always look for added features.


First and foremost, the quality of the guitar has to be exceptional. Low-quality guitars are a headache. Not only do they break easily, but they also need plenty of care and effort. It is harder to tune them, which is something that a beginner shouldn’t have to deal with.

To save the amount of money spent on repairs, it is wise to carefully study reviews about the quality of the guitar before actually buying one.


When you have found a guitar that matches your needs perfectly, move on to the design. Yes, I did declare that looks aren’t all but if you can get a beautiful functional guitar, why not go for it.

electric guitar style

Guitars are available in different types of woods, each having a distinctive finish. Steel and plastic details are also embodied in most guitars so if you’re looking for something extra, go for these.

You can even style your guitar with paint and fabric. There are a lot of guitars in the market with unfinished features that could be worked on.


A pickup is a device found mostly in electric guitars. It captures the mechanical vibrations and turns them into electronic signals. These electric signals are then sent to the amplifier which in turn blasts the music at a loud volume.

Pickups are essential as they capture your music. A large number of pickups result in better sounding audio. This is so because they captivate every vibration. As a starter, better sounding music boosts your confidence and makes you strive for betterment.

Type of wood

The material has a huge impact on the quality of the guitar. Low-quality wood results in the guitar either being too heavy or breaking easily. 

type of wood

The best kinds of wood that are usually used in guitars are mahogany, ash, maple, and spruce. These not only provide furnish to the design but make it sturdier and lightweight as well.


Your top priority should be the cost. When starting, you do not need the best quality guitar. A good one works as well as the best. Since you’re a starter and don’t know how to distinguish between a prime guitar and a regular one, just buy one that works well for you.

Just because a guitar is expensive does not mean it will work great. If you’re just a passerby in the fields of music, go for a cheaper one in case you decide to discontinue playing. Once you get the hang of it, go for a more expensive guitar with greater finesse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further. 

1. Are guitar starter packs worth it?

Yes, starter guitar packs are worth your money and effort. They provide all the gear needed in one place. They even come along with user manuals that guide you through your journey. As a starter, these packs are a must-have.

2. How much should I spend on my first electric guitar?

A good guitar will cost you around $200 to $800. Anything below will be a risk. The guitar you buy might either be completely useless or worth your money. In the end, it would be a gamble. The price you pay depends on your commitment, experience, and will.

3. Where should I start learning electric guitar?

The best place to learn for free would be YouTube. Although it would take time and effort to land a good tutor, once you find one, you will get excellent lessons for free. 


I understand finding a good guitar is hard, especially if you’re just starting. However, with a little time and dedication, you will find your dream guitar in no time. 

My article today about the best beginner electric guitar packages aimed to broaden your options. Let me know in the comments below if it did so. As usual, I’d love to hear which guitar you prefer.

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