9 Best Martin Guitar For The Money | Complete Guide – 2024

For over 180 years, the Martin guitar has been a staple in the music industry, providing musicians with a superior sound and unparalleled craftsmanship. With its rich tone and timeless design, a Martin guitar is an investment that will pay off in spades.

When it comes to finding the perfect guitar, there are a lot of options out there. But for those who are fans of the iconic sound of a Martin guitar, the search can be even more daunting. With so many models to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Martin Guitar

But fear not, guitar enthusiasts! We’ve searched the market and done the research to bring you the best Martin guitar for the money. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’ve got something for everyone in this guide.

9 Best Martin Guitars for the Money: Our Top Picks for You in 2024

Martin has a history and many professionals such as Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and Johnny Cash have been using it for years. So now, here is a list of our 9 best martin guitars that you should try.

These are for those who are short on budget, so don’t compare these with 2500-dollar guitars.

Martin LX1E Little Martin Guitar

The thing with Martin is that it understands the consumer demands and makes exactly what you’re wishing for. It has brought all your creative ideas and expectations into one little piece, which is the spectacular Little Martin LX1E. Don’t get fooled by its small size as it is much better than many large-size guitars.

It is the best Martin guitar available at such a low price. Ideal for beginners and students, this guitar can also be the travel partner of many guitar players. As Martin acoustic guitar manufacturers are well known across the acoustic guitar world for their class, here is another high-quality guitar from them.

Graceful Construction

Made from heavy-duty High-Pressure Laminate HPL, this instrument is sturdy and durable all while being super light and compact to carry. With a warm satin finish on top of the mahogany-shaded body, the unit has a very classic look to it, on par with the expensive models.

For its neck, Martin has chosen Rust Birch laminate that is hand-rubbed to finish the look. Moreover, its oval-shaped lower body is designed to make it easy to hold or place on the lap.

Sound Features

Compared to the pricey ones out there, Martin Little does some absolute wonders with its soft tones and rhythmic sounds.  This guitar is the best Martin guitar to buy. With its six-strings and a solid hand-rubbed Sitka Spruce on top, this is just too good at music.

It comes with a total of 20 frets up its sleeve, with 14 clear frets near its neck. For better interactivity and sound quality, a die-cast chrome-plated tuner, a few small knobs, and some electronic features are supported.

Quality and Value

With a total scale length of 23-scale, it has a very minimal and limited size, making it perfect for road trips and picnics. Just put it in its gig bag, around your shoulder and you’re good to go.

Its small size makes it a great pick for kids and beginners, and even for people with small hands. In short, it is “convenience and quality” in one piece.

Martin X Series 2015 LX Little Martin Guitar

X series guitars of Martin guitars are well known for their HPL backs and sides along with the Fishman electronics. This series includes the best Martin acoustic guitars that also have an electronic feature. So here is a guitar from the X series of Martin guitars; LX Little Martin guitar.

Though it’s a small-sized guitar, the six-string little Martin has great sound and quality features to offer. The Little Martin series is one of the best from the company tackling the size issue. In short, you’ve got yourself a perfectly sized guitar with incredible sounds to enjoy on the go.

Graceful Construction

It might be a budget unit, but at no cost are you allowed to consider it a low-value unit. Martin loves the Sitka Spruce on the tits guitar top. I guess that is what gives it a Martin look. Other than that, the acoustic instrument used a High-Pressure laminated pattern for its back.

Finished off with a warm satin polish, the top and back colors blend in really well, giving you the cutest guitar available. A Rust Birch Laminated neck joins the low oval-shaped body at 14 frets.

Sound Features

With a 23-scale length, Little Martin is perfect to hold during a car trip and hum along. A total of 20 frets are part of its Richlite fretboard.

Other than that, die-cast chrome-plated tuners mark their presence to get the unit ready for some action. A solid LX taper headstock and a few small-sized knobs are also part of its design.

Quality and Value

A TUSQ-manufactured saddle and Black Corian Nuts are fitted in the Black Richlite Bridge of this acoustic guitar. To spice things up, you can always turn this traditionally styled acoustic unit to do some electric adventure.

For that, Martin has cleverly adjusted a Fishman Isys T electronic panel. Just get that plugged in and you can use this little acoustic guitar for hyping up the crowd.

Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

The guitars from Martin and Co. are always top-notch, all while being decently priced. Martin 000-15M is no exception as well. Not just its sound, but the look and feel have a mood, just Chef’s kiss.

This guitar is a bit pricey, however, it is totally worth it. Working for several hours on one guitar and that too manual labor is really worth it. If you are after a well-rich tone, loud sound, and vibrant bosom, then you won’t go wrong with this guitar.

Graceful Construction

With ultimate care and creativity, the American company has brought this little beauty into creation. Sporting a warm woody shade and a black look, the guitar brings a vintage yet modern feel to the room. An East Indian Rosewood is used in the creation of its head plate and fingerplate.

The belly-bridged saddle offers a comfortable grip on the instrument. To add colors and variety to the playing experience, Delmar’s tortoise-colored pickguard comes along as well. Strings are well-adjusted which makes their plucking satisfying.

Sound Features

This acoustic guitar offers a wide range of sounds, with both high and low tones. The 14-fretboard gives very clear and fresh sounds that distinguish it from the other similarly priced guitars.

The consistent performance is all thanks to its A-frame X-bracing. The strings are comfortably fitted in the framework. The unit can easily be tuned in with its Nickel Open-geared butterbean knobs.

Quality and Value

Cleverly created, it has one of the most elegant-looking bodies, a guitar can possess. The angles are finished offering great support and ease. Though the mahogany shaded guitar is constructed very carefully so it lasts long, the materials used don’t spike up its price.

Instead, the price tag stays decent and average. Neither does it take up a large space nor is it hard to control. Its string chords blend in really well giving you the best Martin acoustic guitar for the money.

Martin Standard Series D-18 Acoustic Guitar

Redesigned and revamped to be better than ever, the Martin D-18 is an exceptional piece of acoustic guitar ever created. To sport its signature look, the new Martin D-18 sounds more mellow and fresh with a great level of volume to it.

D-18 is a famous Martin guitar used by many professionals including Bob Dylan and many others. Its loud sound and decent bass are something that many professionals look for.

Graceful Construction

Martin and Company have opted for the A-1 Sitka Spruce for its top and a shiny mahogany timber for its back. These materials are the best a guitar can come in. Super classy and modern, the creative dual-shaded look on its top and back, adds to the D-18’s attitude.

Connected at the 14-fret, its neck is smoothly blended in with an oval-shaped body. Finished off with some satin, the neck offers a comfortable grip and handling.

Sound Features

Coming in with a midrange bump and the forward scalloped bracing, not only the sound quality but also a decent bass gets involved. The strings are easily pluckable and quickly adjust to the person’s playing style.

As a result, the performance remains harmonized and consistent. The dreadnought unit comes in with nickel-plated open-gear tuners and the knobs are similarly plated in butterbean shape.

Quality and Value

For better sound tones and improved playability, the 25.4-inch fretboard scale and black ebony fingerboard mark its presence. For dot inlays, Martin has selected Mother of Pearls for this purpose.

Not only are they easy to spot, but also blend in really well with the color tones of the acoustic guitar. Finished off with the all-black bridge pins, the unit is bound to retain its quality for a long time.

Further, its low oval body is widened up a bit in the area. This improves its surface area and grip level which aids its playability.

Martin Road Series D-12E Guitar

Martin is in the music industry for over 2 centuries now. With their delicately crafted handmade guitar units, the American company has become a global choice. The D-12E acoustic guitars belong to Martin’s Road Series.

The road series of Martin company is specifically for those professionals who can’t afford the most premium and high-quality Martin guitars. These guitars are best for gigging late-night stands and jams.

Graceful Construction

Though the company experiments a lot with its products to get the best out of them, what has been consistent throughout the years is Martin’s signature finish and look. The company is creative with its products while staying environmentally friendly.

This acoustic guitar has a fine fingerboard made up of the FSC Certified Richlite. Sheets of recycled paper are glued together and you end up with a very stiff and sturdy material that won’t budge easily. Dreadnought shape is brought by using a Sitka Spruce top and its signature glossy polishing.

Sound Features

With 20 medium frets, its fingerboard is made up of Mother of Pearl inlays that make the note identification easy peasy.

The six-string best Martin acoustic electric guitar for the money comes with a High-Performance Taper on its neck that spices up its look while giving it a nice hold.

The scale length has a size of about 25.4 inches.t doesn’t matter how you use this unit. Be it with fingers or with its pick, the sound is vibrant and each note is clear and well-balanced.

Quality and Value

Martin has leveled up its games with this budget guitar. Adjusted in its body are a master volume, master tone, an onboard tuner, and a phase switch.

For effortless tuning, an LED screen with power buttons and amplification is also attached. Using the master tone, you can always boost your sound or transition into a treble mode.

Martin GPC-X2E Grand Performance

This power-packed guitar can turn out to be the best-sounding martin guitar for the money.

With boosting sound quality, resonant audio, and tones that smoothly blend into one another, getting your hands on the Macassar is an absolute treat for every stage performer.

Graceful Construction

This performance-style guitar is manufactured from high-standard select hardwood, supported by even better strings. Solid Sapele is used for Macassar’s top body with Martin’s unique patterns that set it apart.

A great deal of attention is given to its shape and especially its neck. As a result, the guitar has a beautiful shape to it making it compatible and comfortable for every person. Created from laminated birch, its neck is super smooth and strong. That not only gives the whole piece strength and weight but also keeps the body intact and in place.

Sound Features

A perfect pick for music professionals, this model has an incredible range of tones hidden in its affordable price tag. This six-string acoustic-electric guitar is armed with Fishman’s Sonitone setup and easily shifts into a mode for an electric performance.

Its performance won’t undermine whether you jam it out in the studio or at an actual concert. Martin’s strength is hard to hide.

Quality and Value

This model from Martin is better than the previous one. For its bracing, the company has gone for the X bracing supported by the sturdy Sitka Spruce.

How could we miss out on Martin’s signature finish by polishing its surface, and adding a little gloss and shine? Macassar is not only attractive and aesthetically pleasing but also easy to carry around.

Martin DJr-10E Dreadnought Junior Acoustic-electric Guitar

As the name mentions, this guitar is from the junior series of Martin guitars that are relatively smaller in size as compared to the normal Martin guitar series such as the X series and some other similar models.

The small size of this guitar might confuse you about its performance, but believe me, it’s a big bang from a small packet. In a nutshell, we can say that it’s the best small martin guitar.

Graceful Construction

The first look at this guitar might fool you with its small size. However, the performance of this guitar is nevertheless than other dreadnought guitars of large size. The small size of this guitar makes it a perfect choice for travelers or those who want to play guitar while sitting on a sofa.

The satin-finished Sapele’s back and sides with a  rich cherry hue give it a superior appearance. The top is also satin and finished with Sitka or spruce tonewood.  The tenon neck joint, hand-rubbed and tapered neck, scalloped X-Brace, and chrome-enclosed gear tuners add a professional look to its small size.

Sound Features

Most acoustic guitars with small sizes do not give a better sound than the standard series. Martin DJr-10E is can not withstand the exclusive sounds of the premium and worthy guitars, but it does have a well-balanced tone which is the main interest of most guitar players.

The solid wood acoustic construction of this guitar offers a deep and exceptional-sounding bass. In a nutshell, we can say that it gives a large dreadnought sound with a small body.

Quality and Value

When we talk about the quality of Martin’s guitars, it is evident that Martin has always proved that they are second to none. DJr-10E is a hand-made acoustic guitar made from premium quality woods for the best performance.

The price of this guitar ranges between 550 to 650 dollars in the United States based on the location. This acoustic guitar is extremely worth its cost as it can give you a powerful sound that a standard dreadnought guitar offers. Moreover, its easy portability makes it worth its cost.

Little Martin LX1R Acoustic Guitar

It is also among the most popular guitars that many professional guitarists have used in their careers including ed Sheeran.  As the name mentions this guitar is from the small series of Martin Acoustic Guitars.

So with a small size, you can’t expect a much fuller and louder sound quality. Particularly when you’re playing it unplugged. The guitar has a much brighter sound as compared to its size. However, the resonance is not so good due to which the sound feels a bit tinny to the ear.

To get a louder and fuller sound, it is better to play it plugged in. Due to its smaller size, guitar players with large hands might find it difficult to play some higher chords. However, with concentration, it is possible to play it perfectly.

Graceful Construction

Little Martin LX1 is made of high-quality premium woods to give the guitar a long life span and excellent sound quality. Being a purely handmade construction, this guitar can stand up to late-night parties or concerts and is also flexible for continuous strumming practices.

Solid Sitka price, High-pressure Laminate Koa, and Rosewood are some tonewoods used in the manufacturing of this guitar. The natural wood color gives it a cool look that most guitarists prefer to have.

Besides having a solid wood construction, the bridge is made of Black Richlite which is a synthetic material. However, it does not affect the sound or the build quality of the guitar in any aspect.

Sound Features

Professional guitarists or those who have previous experience playing with premium Martin guitar might not find it good. However, at this price range, I think that it is the best Martin guitar to have. The guitar produces the classic Martin sound and has a rich tone.

The top is made of solid spruce which increases the brightness of the sound. Moreover, the Black Richlite bridge has the ability to transfer sound from the strings to the soundboard.

Though the sound is not much fuller and louder, it has a brighter sound. For fuller tones and louder sound, you may also use it as an electric guitar.

Quality and Value

Martin family produces the best acoustic guitars in the world with premium tonewoods made by expert guitar manufacturers. Don’t get carried away due to its small size. It is still better than most guitars in this price range. The versatility, sound, and quality are second to none.

The stylish rosewood patterns and High-pressure laminate Koa along with the Sitka spruce top increase the value of this guitar. Many other build features such as non-scalloped X-Brace, standard tapered neck, tenon neck joint, and chrome-enclosed gear tuners increase its value to another level.

Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa

Martin LXK2 is another classical guitar from the list of best Martin guitars. It is a dreadnought guitar that has its specific Martin quality along with the professional sound and affordable price. You couldn’t find a more perfect guitar in a small size range except for this.

Martin, living up to its tradition, never lacks the quality. You might be thinking that High-pressure laminate is a type of synthetic plastic that is the basic tonewood of this guitar, so how can I say that it is of good quality?

Well, HPL guitars are more durable and long-lasting as compared to pure wood guitars. Moreover, its low price makes it a perfect choice for beginners and its premium performance makes it ideal for professionals.

Graceful Construction

When talking about the construction of Martin guitars, there is no competitor. However, there is a big question or complaint about the construction of this Martin Guitar. The problem is that the basic construction element of this acoustic guitar is the High-pressure Laminate Koa while there is no solid wood construction.

It is because the HPL is lightweight and is more durable than solid wood. Moreover, it is affordable and also easy to carry around as it is not vulnerable to environmental changes. Besides HPL, the body of the guitar is made from solid Sitka spruce which is solid wood.

Sound features

Now coming to sound, it is incredible when compared with other small acoustic guitars. When you get the guitar, it might not be in tune. The tuning is a bit trickier and you should consult some professionals if you are a beginner.

So after you tune it, you will notice that the top two strings sound a bit tinny. However, the four bottom strings offer a much warmer and brighter sound. To get rid of the tinny sound of the top two strings, you should try changing the nickel strings with nylon or Aquila strings.

Moreover, it offers a well-balanced tone and a high bass. Though the bass is not comparable to high-end guitars, it is better than most guitars in this price range. Besides these, it has a good low-end response.

Quality and Value

No doubt that this guitar is mainly built for students and beginners, its quality is such that professionals can also use it. Its playability and portability make it a top choice for travelers and players with small hands.

The construction material is of premium quality whether it may be HPL Koa, Solid Sitka Spruce, or Richlite. Moreover, it is unbelievable to see how inexpensive it is.

Features to consider before buying a Martin guitar

There are many things to consider but first, let me answer the most common and popular question.

For over two centuries, Martin has taken over the guitar phenomenon with their beautiful, hand-crafted electric and acoustic guitars. Not only have they improved the quality of existing models, but ever since its establishment, they created technical-styled guitars with a range of different sizes and looks.

buying a martin

At Martin, everyone knows what they are doing and they do it with great love and sincerity. No matter how much a guitar gets experimented with, at Martin, it never loses its touch and signature style. Therefore, they are loved equally, by beginners and professionals likewise.

Because of these reasons, I’ll suggest all guitar lovers choose Martin as their music partner. Although several different guitar series are launched by the company, there are some key points to take a look at while buying any Martin guitar. These would be;

Body Size

Several body sizes from as low as 12 to a 20 fret are included in the products list. Depending upon the size of the frets, you choose the body shape.

It may be a cutaway, a dreadnought body, kids-sized, or a sloped shoulder. Similarly, you may want a four-string acoustic guitar or it may consist of 6 or even up to 12 strings.

Body Size

Body Material

The material used in the creation of a guitar’s body determines the unit’s worth and sound quality. The use of different materials gives off different sounds. Therefore Martin engineers with a variety of different woods at its creative laboratory.

Amongst the popular ones, you’ll find East Indian rosewood, Sitka Spruce, Maple Sapele, and even some Alpine tree woods.

Neck construction and materials

At Martin, many styles including a low oval shape, modified oval, and v shapes are tried on the guitars.

The wood and style of the neck are very important as they play an important role in the gripping of the instrument. Its look and attachment point is also necessary.

Look and Finish

Martin loves to finish off their guitars with a shiny toner or polish. That is one of its signature looks and is still in trend.

Other than polishing, the guitars are hand-rubbed to smooth their surface. Different patterned laminations are also tried on the instruments to give you a variety of selection options.

Look and Finish


In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

What is the best Martin guitar to buy?

Martin LX1E Little Martin Guitar would be the best guitar for the money.

Are Martin guitars worth the money?

Martin offers great sounds at a decent price that makes them worth the money.

Is a Taylor guitar better than Martin’s?

Martin is good at giving classic rich sounds whereas Taylor is great for modern sounds

What is the most popular Martin guitar model?

Martin Road Series D-12E Guitar is the most popular guitar model.

Conclusion: Best Martin Guitar For The Money in 2024

In conclusion, finding the best Martin guitar for your money is a personal journey that requires careful consideration of your needs. The Martin D-28, for example, is a classic that offers a rich, warm tone. On the other hand, the Martin GPC-28E is a more modern option.

Ultimately, the best Martin guitar for the money is the one that feels the most comfortable in your hands and resonates with your musical soul. With a Martin guitar, you’re investing in a lifetime of music-making, and that’s a decision worth making.

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