How to Get Rid of a Piano for Free – 2022

how to get rid of a piano for free

Many people stop practicing piano after using it for a long and want to replace it with an advanced one. Are you among those looking to replace your old piano and get the latest model? Today, here is our guide on how to get rid of a piano for free.

The piano is a loving instrument that needs to have adequately cared for its more extended performance. If you maintained your piano correctly, it could even be used for up to decades. But if you stop using your piano and ignore it, eventually, it will depart.

As buying a piano is not an easy task, getting rid of an old piano is also a tricky action. You cannot decide what to do with your old piano because of its current condition. It’s time to make a wise decision that has positive consequences.

Is selling piano a good option to get rid of it?

You might be thinking that selling a piano will be the best option. But do you really think that you can sell your old piano? We will let you know how to sell it at a reasonable price. But you cannot usually sell your old piano.

Can You Sell an Old Piano?

You must think several times before making the decision to sell your piano. If someone has the budget, they will buy a new piano as taking the piano from your home could be difficult. Also, they will prefer buying a gently used piano.

can you sell an old piano

If you have used your piano properly and it is in good condition, you can sell it for a better price. For selling it, you must do some research about your piano model and consider its overall performance.

After finding your piano worth, list your piano local or international platform to get a buyer. If you want to list the piano yourself, take its stunning pictures to encourage buyers. Though the forum will take some commission, the deal will be secure.

Moreover, if we are talking about an old piano, selling could not be the right option. Still, there are other options that we will mention below.   

Tips on How to Get Rid of a Piano for Free

For getting rid of your piano, there are multiple options available. Whether your piano is not working now or thinking of an upgrade, we will guide you to get rid of it. Let’s start with the best tips you can go with:

1. Try Selling Your Piano Online:

We have mentioned earlier that selling an old piano is a challenging job to perform. But if you have excellent skills in marketing, you can sell your old piano for the best price. Proficient knowledge of marketing is required for selling it online.

try selling your piano online

The online world is full of various marketplaces where you can list the instrument for selling. Today, Facebook is the leading marketplace for selling products, and you can get the right buyer straight away. 

This marketplace is entirely secure for trading and sharing further details about the piano to get buyer’s trust over you and the instrument. Here you can easily list your piano with a buying price, add pictures, and write a clear description.

To reach potential customers in your required location, you can run ads for that particular region. Make sure that you put all the details clearly in the post and the asking price match the condition of the piano.

2. Ask Your Friends or Family Members:

The second best option and without any trust issues is to ask your friends or family members who might have seen your piano. Ask them if they want to purchase a piano, you can tell them to buy yours. There will be a great surety that the instrument has no issue with its performance.

ask your friends or family members

Moreover, it is also better to ask your neighbors if they are willing to buy a piano from you. Tell them that you are selling it at a discounted price and giving off some space in percentage.

You can find a piano teaching academy or studio online and talk to them about selling your piano. Just give details about your piano condition and overall performance along with the price; they may buy it from you. Even a single student can buy it to practice on it at home.

3. Donate Your Piano to Charity:

Do you want to get rid of your piano just because you no more want to play it? If Yes, the best option to donate it for free to a charity or trust. Do some research and find a known charity organization, local recommended.

donate your piano to charity

There are some music schools running on charity; you can donate to them. They will accept your piano along with thanking you, and you will get rid of it for free. As there is no tax on donating a piano, it can help in this context as well.

By donation, you enable some needy people to learn a skill for their future life. After learning with your instrument, they can start playing outside and make some living. We would recommend this method if you don’t want money for your old piano.

Final Words of How to Get Rid of a Piano for Free

Well! That’s all about how to get rid of a piano for free till now. The final decision is up to you whether you want to sell your piano online or sell it to a friend or family member. But the best option as we recommended above is to donate to a charity if you are not buying a new one.

final words

Selling a used piano comes up with many issues and is a lengthy process. People prefer to buy a new instrument for long-term usage. There are also some delivery fees and taxes that the seller should have to pay. So, you will pay this delivery fee as well.

If you want to sell your old piano for the sake of buying a new one, just go for it. Sell it to your friends or family members at a little higher price based on the performance and pay the delivery fee. Best of Luck!

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