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Some young guitarists compare their music with Buckethead, a musician who uses various unconventional techniques and equipment to create his signature sound. Buckethead used several guitars, such as Gibson Chet Atkins, a Jackson guitar, Gibson SG, and a custom double-neck half guitar.

His unique approach has helped him to become one of the most famous guitarists in the world. Buckethead played guitars with famous guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Mike Patton, Les Claypool, Dave Mustaine, Iggy Pop, and Alice Cooper.

Most people get inspired and started playing guitars when they saw Buckethead play the guitar. The guitar player magazine released pictures of Buckethead playing guitar along with his interview in 1992.

In this post, We’ll share some of Buckethead’s most impressive guitar setup and amplification.

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Who Is Buckethead?

Brian Carroll, better known as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is renowned for being a quiet person and for sporting a KFC bucket on his head and a white plastic mask.

Buckethead has appeared on more than 50 other tracks and 38 solo albums. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest on 44 albums by other musicians. His music has elements of thrash metal, funk, electronica, jazz, and avant-garde music, among other genres.

Buckethead Guitar Setup

Let’s have a look at the Buckethead’s guitars that he played the most.

1. Gibson Les Paul Studio

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Buckethead Studio Model electric guitar is a masterpiece. It’s not your average electric guitar. It’s designed and built by hand, with a distinctively shaped mahogany body, vintage-style pickups, and a vintage ’50s-style curved maple neck.

Buckethead is a name that is well known amongst musicians and music lovers worldwide. Buckethead is a luthier from Los Angeles, California. He is one of the pioneers of the metal guitar scene and is known for his own distinctive playing style.

The solid mahogany body is topped by a real-wood maple neck and features a fingerboard with 12 frets and traditional diamond inlays. The finish on this model is satin black and includes a gloss top for a sleek look.

gibson buckethead les

The Gibson Buckethead Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar is equipped with a set of 50’s pickups that are a great combination of vintage and modern sound. The 50’s pickups are great for giving you the tone you expect from a classic Gibson.

There are two kill switches and a pickup selector switch that gives you the ability to switch between active and passive circuitry. It offers remarkable clarity, definition, and treble bite from the maple, as well as exceptional depth and richness from the mahogany.

The chambering, which enhances the intricacy of the tone and acoustic loudness, causes further harm. Although Buckethead has owned and performed a variety of guitars, the Gibson Les Paul is his preferred instrument.

gibson buckethead les side

Buckethead is one of the more imaginative-looking painters in the genre, and the art world continues to be unfamiliar with his distinctive visual style. The hot 500T Super Ceramic offers a bold and clear performance in the bridge position, and the 496R Hot Ceramic in the neck position.

Lightweight chrome-plated Zamak is used to create the Tune-O-Matic bridge and tailpiece of the Gibson Buckethead Signature Les Paul. The musician may quickly modify the instrument’s tuning thanks to the movable bridge, which provides a secure setting for the strings.

The Gibson Buckethead Signature Les Paul is built for exceptional performance and is ready to make you stand out anyplace you go in the world of metal, modern rock, and shred.


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ESP E-II M-1 THRU NT Electric Guitar is a top-of-the-line ESP guitar that is designed with a slim, lightweight body in the traditional ESP shape. It gives you a fast, accurate, and expressive playing experience.

It also has a solid, sturdy construction with a durable finish. The body is made of maple with a maple neck and alder wood back. The guitar has a neck-thru-body, which gives the guitar a distinctive, eye-catching look. The guitar is designed for players who want a guitar that is more comfortable and easy to play.

esp thur nt

It is also equipped with a floating tremolo bridge and a locking tuning system. The ESP E-II M-1 BLKS Electric Guitar also has an active EMG-81 pickup that helps to deliver a clear tone. It also comes with a chrome-plated tuner and chrome tuners. It is constructed with a neck through the body, meaning there is no cavity between the body and the neck.

This construction allows for a more powerful sound as compared to other types of guitars. The EMG-81 Active Pickup is very versatile and has a wide dynamic range. This pickup is designed for metal guitar players that want a loud, powerful sound that is not too piercing.

ESP guitars are known for their distinctive, high-end tone and craftsmanship. Every model has its own unique features, including a variety of finishes, different construction techniques, and different types of woods. The ESP E-II M-1 BLKS is a great value for a great guitar.

3. Gibson 1959 Les Paul Goldtop

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The characteristic sunburst, lack of a pickguard or fret-marks, and its intermittent and infrequent use during the last years of Bucket and GNR make this particular Les Paul unique.

Although this Les Paul was an eccentric payer’s brief foray into tradition, its exact model and year of creation are still unknown. However, it’s simple to surmise that Buckethead had this guitar altered and tailored to suit him. In his videos playing it, it is obvious that the neck has been swapped out for one that is bigger and more like the ones on his trademark models.

gibson 1957 les

Although Buckethead allegedly wrote his part for the song “Madagascar” on this sunburst Les Paul, other sources contend that he only sometimes utilized it. Whatever the case, this Gibson standard paired Buckethead with Guns N’ Roses forefather and temporary adversary Slash.

This Gibson is a real masterpiece, with a unique look and a great vintage vibe. It is the rare Les Paul model with Gold Top, which gives it a truly amazing look.

Despite the antagonism of journalistic supposition, watching the Bucket guy playing some of his first mainstream entries was wonderful.

4. Fender American Ultra Stratocaster

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This guitar is crafted from maple wood, which gives it a warm, rich tone. It is available in a few colors, and the colors vary from light to dark. This electric guitar has a set of three ultra noiseless single-coil pickups, with one more at the bridge and the other two at the neck position.

A couple of switches are also used to switch between the neck and bridge pickups. You can also switch between the neck and middle pickups. This feature allows the player to change the sound of the guitar depending on the song being played. In addition, it has a solid body and a maple fingerboard.

The guitar has a set of 5 frets and 22 medium jumbo frets. The neck is curved, and the fretboard is wide. The body of this guitar measures 2.85″ in width, and the string spacing is.095″ apart.

fender american ultra

Fender Stratocaster-the most iconic electric guitar ever made; with its simple body and fast, articulate, and powerful, this electric guitar has a sound so instantly recognizable that it defines the sound of rock and roll.

The Fender Stratocaster has been a cornerstone of rock music since it was first introduced. And for decades to follow, it has set the standard for other players, from legends like Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton to young guitarists eager to take their place on the stage.

With this left-handed Fender Stratocaster, you can play right-handed and still enjoy the legendary sound of a Stratocaster.

This left-handed Stratocaster is one of the best-sounding electric guitars ever made. The ultra burst pickups are three ultra noiseless single coil pickups with the s-1 switch.

This allows you to change between different sounds like clean, crunch, and distortion. The neck is made from maple wood. It has a rosewood fingerboard with Pearloid dot inlays.

Buckethead Amplifiers

These are some of the amplifiers used by Buckethead.

1. Marshall 1960AV

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The 1960AV guitar amp from Marshall is a modern classic. Marshall has spent decades developing, testing, and refining the technology in the 60AV, a four-channel tube amplifier with a single 12″ speaker cabinet.

This guitar amp features dual 15W EL84 power tubes, providing the ultimate headroom. Each channel has its own volume control and master tone control.

A master volume controls all channels, which works well with the internal stereo effects. The 1960AV also features 12″ Celestion speakers with a unique magnetic structure that produces a clear and natural sound. The 1960AV is a classic piece of equipment that will make your tone even more powerful.

marshall 1960av

Marshall 1960AV is a vintage guitar amp. The first version comes with Celestion Speakers and a single 6L6 Power Tube, while the second includes the Celestion Speakers and two 6L6 Power Tubes.

This amp can produce up to 30 watts per channel, and it includes an auxiliary input jack. To get the most out of this guitar amp, you need to select the right speaker. The speakers in this guitar amp include the Vintage Series speakers.

They can deliver high output levels at low distortion and high volume levels. These speakers are made from durable materials that will allow you to enjoy the music for years to come. This amp also features an internal reverb and delay effects.

The effects are available as foot-switchable or push-to-select functions. The amp includes a high-current power supply that will provide up to 2.5 Amps per channel.

2. Bogner Uberschall 100W

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This amplifier was created from the ground up to recreate the legendary tone of the world-famous Uberschall guitar amplifier. The Uberschall is one of the most coveted tube amplifiers in the world. The Uberschall 100W is a tube amp with no compromises and delivers incredible power and tone.

The Uberschall 100W is a 100-watt tube power amplifier with six 6L6 output tubes and the legendary Uberschall sound. Built with the input signal from a tube rectifier, the Uberschall 100W uses a 12AX7 as the output valve and a 15W/12AX7 as the preamp power tube. The output is routed through a pair of high-impedance transformers with a 100V switching voltage.

The input signal is amplified by the 12AX7 output valve and sent through a 15-watt/12AX7 transformer to the input of the second 6L6 tube. The input transformer has a very low inductance, and the 15-watt/12AX7 output valve has a high input impedance, which provides a smooth, organic-like tube sound.

bogner uberschall

Bogner’s first 100-watt tube amp is the perfect choice for any stage or studio gig. With its six 12AX7 vacuum tubes and two 6L6 power tubes, the Bogner Uberschall 100W delivers the classic warm, powerful sound and great sound quality of a large-format amp, but with all the ease and convenience of an easy-to-use portable amp.

Equipped with a three-band graphic equalizer and dual-volume control knobs, Uberschall 100W is an ideal performer with the freedom to mix, match, and dial in just the right tone for your next gig.

You can play any instrument using the Uberschall 100W because it features both independent level controls for each channel. It also includes a handy battery compartment for recharging while you perform and is equipped with speaker binding posts for plugging into any standard PA speaker.

The Uberschall 100W is also packed with some of the highest-quality parts and components. From the durable black chassis to the heavy-duty black vinyl cabinet, you can count on the Bogner Uberschall 100W to keep up with any rigor or tempo.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

Who is Buckethead?

Brian Carroll, better known as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is renowned for being a quiet person and for sporting a KFC bucket on his head and a white plastic mask.

Why does Buckethead cover his face?

According to Buckethead’s official account, chickens were used to rear him. He shared a coop with them while residing on a farm owned by nasty people.
Buckethead didn’t care when the chickens scratched his face off one day. That only meant he could dress up like it was Halloween every day.

Is Buckethead the best guitarist ever?

Although it depends on who you ask, many people believe that Buckethead’s Brian Carroll is the best guitarist ever.

Did Buckethead ever play with guns and roses?

Former lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Brian Carroll, sometimes known as “Buckethead,” joined the group in 2000. Despite departing the band four years prior, in 2004, his contribution may be heard on the 2008 album Chinese Democracy.

How much money does Buckethead have?

A musician, composer, and instrumentalist named Buckethead are renowned for his inventive electric guitar playing and genre-blending. The value of Bucket Head is $4 million.


Buckethead is a musician who uses a variety of unconventional techniques and equipment to create his signature sound. Among the numerous forms of music, he has dealt with include electronic, rock, hip-hop, metal, blues, and funk.

Besides amplifiers, Buckethead used other gears as well such as Electro Harmonix micro synthesizer, Schaller floating tremolo, Digitech whammy, and a pedal board.

In this article, we have discussed some of the guitars he used during his career, along with some amplifiers.

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