Best Crossover Nylon String Guitars | Expert Guide – 2023

The crossover nylon string guitar is the perfect instrument for those who love the rich, warm tone of a classical guitar. But who crave the versatility and playability of a steel-string acoustic. These guitars feature a wider neck and lower action, making them ideal.

Both acoustic and electric players use this guitar. It features a conventional guitar body, neck, and fretboard, as well as a solid body that enables you to perform both musics. It may also be upgraded with an amplifier to become an electric instrument.

The best crossover nylon string guitars are those that offer a balance of traditional and modern features. They allow players to express themselves in a variety of musical contexts. They have a cutaway design and an electronics package, making it perfect for live concerts.

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Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover GuitarCordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar
  • Brand: Cordoba
  • Color: Natural
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Cordoba Fusion 12 Crossover GuitarCordoba Fusion 12 Crossover Guitar
  • Brand: Aquila
  • Color: Natural
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Ortega Signature Series Ben Woods Crossover GuitarOrtega Signature Series Ben Woods Crossover Guitar
  • Brand: Ortega Guitars
  • Top Material Type: Cedar
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Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CEAlvarez Artist Series AJ80CE
  • Brand: Alvarez
  • Color: Natural
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Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series GuitarAlvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar
  • Brand: Alvarez
  • Color: Shadow Burst
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What is a Crossover Nylon String Guitar?

A crossover nylon string guitar has an open body and neck with a bridge in the center. It has a set of nylon strings in place of the steel strings found on most guitars. This allows for a more open sound and a wider range of notes than a regular guitar.

Crossover nylon string guitars are usually made of solid wood, but they can also be made of wood composite materials. They are great for people who like to play different types of music.

The best part about a crossover nylon string guitar is that it is easy to play. This is because the strings are close to the body of the guitar, which makes it easier to play. There are many different types of nylon string guitars, but the most popular are the Traditional and Hybrid models.

The traditional model is a straight neck with no f-holes or cutaway. The hybrid model has an f-hole, but it also has a set of nylon strings that allow you to play the instrument like a regular guitar. Besides these, classical and flamenco guitars also come with nylon strings.

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Our top Pick

A Cordoba guitar is a fine instrument that makes a statement. They are made from the finest materials and crafted by the highest standards, providing a truly distinctive look.

The Parlor series is a collection of classic instruments in the world of the “Parlors”. The design of the Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar is very simple, which makes it an ideal choice for both the beginner and the advanced player.

Here is our best Crossover Nylon String Guitar from the Parlor Series of Cardoba guitars. This is an incredible guitar with awesome features and is considered to be one of the best crossover guitars. 

Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar

Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar


  • Brand: Cordoba
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Cedar
  • Body Material: Solid African Mahogany
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany

The Cordoba C9 Parlor* is ideal for the player looking for the feel, comfort, and ease of playability that a smaller instrument provides, while retaining the sweet, warm tone created by all-solid wood construction. Built with a solid Canadian cedar top with solid mahogany back and sides.


Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar is one of the best-selling crossovers of all time. It is made of solid mahogany. The Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar features a solid mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, and a lightweight.

Cordoba C9 half

This model is crafted from Indian rosewood for a beautiful look and feel. This guitar has a fingerboard radius of 15.5″, which is very easy on the fingers. This guitar also features a rosewood bridge which helps to create a good tone while improving the action of the strings.

The bridge is made of rosewood with an Indian rosewood saddle. The strings are installed on a 19 fret neck and this guitar is fitted with a Spanish heel neck joint. The Spanish heel neck joint helps to produce a stable sound while providing ease of movement.

The nut width of the Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar is 48mm, and this helps to produce a clear sound and an even response across the entire neck. The nut width is important as it plays a role in controlling the tonal characteristics of a guitar. A wide nut width allows the strings to move freely and results in a more balanced tone. 

The guitar also features a solid mahogany neck. The slimmer neck of this guitar is fitted with a Truss Rod and this improves the overall stability of the neck. The Truss Rod also helps to provide a better sound and improved tone.

The guitar has a body size of 7/8, and this is a standard body size. This guitar comes with a beautiful finish-high gloss pickup. The finish of this guitar helps to protect the wood from the environment.

cordoba c9 font

The pickup of this guitar is designed to provide a warm, smooth sound with a touch of gain. This guitar comes with a number of great features.

Reason to buy
  • A perfect combination of quality and affordability
  • Creates a more comfortable guitar playing experience
  • Provides a comfortable fit around your neck
  • The excellent sound gives you the confidence to play longer
Reason to avoid
  • No Cons found yet

Some Other Top Quality Crossover Guitars

Here are some other good-quality crossover guitars you should consider while buying a crossover guitar. 

1. Ortega Signature Series Ben Woods Crossover Guitar

2. Ortega Signature Series Ben Woods Crossover Guitar


  • Brand: Ortega Guitars
  • Top Material Type: Cedar
  • Body Material: Walnut
  • Back Material Type: Walnut
  • Neck Material Type: Mahogany

The creator of FLAMETAL (Flamenco-Metal), Ben Woods is an international recording artist and touring musician known the world over for his originality and excellence in Flamenco guitar artistry. His collaboration with Ortega has produced 3 unique and innovative guitars, a perfect reflection of the artist himself.

Ortega Signature Series is a series of guitars manufactured by the Mexican manufacturer Ortega Guitars.

These guitars are available in a wide variety of styles and models. This particular guitar is known as the “Ben Woods Crossover Guitar” and has received rave reviews from the guitar community.

ortega guitars font

The Ortega Signature Series Ben Woods Crossover Guitar was designed to fit the requirements of the modern musician and player. It is a solid top, nylon string, flamenco Thinline acoustic guitar.

It is a combination of a solid top and flamenco body and is the perfect instrument for any genre of music, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate player, or professional.

This guitar is great for those who want the benefits of a nylon string but require the versatility of a solid body. It is a great instrument for the aspiring musician who wants to be able to switch easily between acoustic, electric, or even classical music styles.

It features a solid red western solid cedar top, walnut back and sides, and a natural gloss finish. The mahogany neck is glued in and bound with a walnut binding, which makes for a very attractive instrument.

The neck is super slim at 70 mm and 48 mm at the nut. The fretboard is made out of Pao Ferro and has a flamenco double scratchplate. The 12-fret rosewood fingerboard is bound in the same way as the mahogany neck.

The Ortega Signature Series Ben Woods Crossover Guitar has a solid flamenco Thinline body that is perfect for most musical styles. It comes with a bag and an Ortega Rossette. The headstock is shaped like a flamingo and features a reversed headstock with a mini gold tuner.

The soundhole is decorated with a flamingo, and the bridge is made of walnut. The bridge is connected to a Florentine cutaway, and the bridge is designed for easier access. The soundboard is a very thin flame top, and the soundboard is designed for better sustain and projection.

The body of this guitar is made of laminated wood and weighs less than 3 pounds. This guitar is available with the Fishman/Ortega blend system, a 1/4″ jack, and an XLR output. This guitar has an internal tuner and a reverse headstock.

ortega guitars side

Overall, this guitar is very versatile and can be used on stage as a clean-sounding, solid-body electric guitar and also a high-gain regular acoustic guitar.

Reason to buy
  • The tone is full and clear.
  • Offers a high level of comfort and playability due to its compact design.
  • The floating bridge eliminates friction, making it easier to play and faster to tune.
  • The bolt-on neck is a great feature for quick adjustments.
  • A perfect travel partner due to its lightweight and compact size.
Reason to avoid
  • The battery is not much robust and runs out quickly.

2. Cordoba Fusion 12 Crossover Guitar

1. Cordoba Fusion 12 Crossover Guitar


  • Brand: Aquila
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Solid European Spruce
  • Body Material: Flamed Maple
  • Back Material Type: Maple

Meet the Maple, a beautiful crossover guitar that features a solid European spruce top and flamed maple back and sides for a bright, snappy tone and sweetly pronounced high end. Other than its strikingly beautiful back, the 12/14 Maple's main feature is its slim steel-string feeling neck (48mm nut width) and radiused fingerboard.


Fusion models are a classic combination of solid wood construction and a metal top. The 12-string version features a solid spruce top with flamed maple back and sides, giving the guitar a rich, warm tone.

cordoba fusion12 font

The neck of this guitar is made from a single piece of hardwood, which adds strength and stability. The fingerboard of this guitar is radiused, which adds a little more comfort for electric players.

This guitar is equipped with Fishman electronics, including a two-band preamp, an onboard tuner, and an onboard equalizer. A set of Stratocaster-style controls provides ample tonal options. The 12-fret model more closely resembles a traditional wide classical guitar but still retains the bright, snappy tone of a guitar.

It has a slim steel-string feel that is perfect for live performance. The main feature of this guitar is its ability to provide a wide range of tonal options. With the help of the built-in EQ, players can get a wide variety of tones from clean, vintage-style, jazz-style, and everything in between.

cordoba fusion12 half

This is a great instrument for the beginner or the seasoned steel-string player who needs a versatile instrument. This guitar is a good choice for both steel-string players and nylon string players.

It is also a good choice for musicians who are looking for a versatile instrument that can fit into a variety of musical genres.

Reason to buy
  • High quality and durability
  • Slim body shape, perfect for your hand
  • Great tonal options through the onboard EQ
  • A classical guitar with nylon strings
  • A great-sounding guitar.
Reason to avoid
  •  No cons found yet

3. Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar

4. Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar


  • Brand: Alvarez
  • Color: Shadow Burst
  • Top Material Type: Mahogany
  • Body Material: Sitka Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany Wood

Artist Series OM's are great sounding guitars suitable for all players and styles of music. This acoustic electric model is fitted with the fantastic LR Baggs Element pick up and StagePro EQ for optimal live performance, and finished in our flawless Shadowburst.


The Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar is a solid, premium instrument that features a beautifully crafted mahogany body and neck profile with a solid Sitka spruce top. The guitar also comes with a beautiful rosewood fretboard.

alvarez af side

The Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar is a solid instrument with a rich, full tone that is sure to impress even the most seasoned classical players. It is also a great option for steel-string players looking for a more affordable yet quality instrument.

It features a forward-shifted scalloped bracing pattern, an arched top bracing system, and a mahogany neck. These features create a more rounded and fuller sound. With its solid wood construction and rich tonal quality, this acoustic guitar is sure to be a favorite for all players.

The Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar is equipped with a bi-level, mahogany bridge with rosewood inlays, a rosewood nut and saddle, and a set of 12th-fret, chrome-plated Martin tuners.

The Alvarez AF60CESHB Artist Series Guitar also features an onboard LR Baggs preamp system with Element pickup. The preamp system features a 2-band EQ circuit that can be adjusted with the volume knob. It also includes a chromed tuner bridge.

This acoustic-electric guitar has a sleek and contemporary design that is sure to impress. It has a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, premium die-cast tuners, a real bone nut and saddle, and a bi-level bridge.

alvarez af font

It is available in 3 different versions: Standard, Custom, and Artist. This is a very affordable acoustic guitar that offers a rich tone, smooth playability, and a beautiful look.

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar at an affordable price that will not disappoint, this is your best option. Moreover, his the best entry-level guitar with a thinner body that is suitable for any classical player.

4. Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE

3. Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE


  • Brand: Alvarez
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Laminated-and-solid-wood
  • Back Material Type: Maple

New Artist Series guitars from Alvarez look stunning and come in a huge variety of shapes, colors and wood choices. All of their components are made of natural materials such as mother of pearl and abalone inlays, real bone saddles and nuts and rosewood appointments.


The Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE is a deluxe high-end acoustic-electric guitar from Alvarez. This guitar is hand-selected, and only the finest materials are used in its construction. The top is made from a solid Sitka spruce top, which makes for a beautiful tone.

alvarez arist font

The Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE is also hand-scalloped, which adds to the appearance and playability of the guitar. It comes with an SYS550 electronics system. This is a bi-level system that allows you to tune the guitar to the EADGBE tuning. This is the same setup as on the Alvarez Artist Series AJ90CE.

The electronics also come with a built-in tuner, which makes the process of tuning the guitar much easier. The Alvarez AJ80CE also features a premium high-gloss finish, which allows the guitar to be highly durable.

A premium paua abalone and mother of pearl inlay is placed in the neck joint, which makes the neck of this acoustic-electric guitar stand out from the crowd.

The Alvarez AJ80CE also features a dovetail neck joint that is built to last. To improve on the playability of the Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE, Alvarez designed a rosewood bridge with a beveled edge. This bridge allows for a larger string spacing, which makes for a great feel.

The fingerboard of the Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE is made of real bone. This type of wood is much softer than other types of wood, which makes the strings of this acoustic-electric guitar easier to bend and finger.

The Alvarez AJ80CE also comes with a real bone nut and saddle, which helps with the intonation of the strings. This Alvarez guitar has an adjustable saddle, which allows you to adjust the intonation of the strings to perfection.

alvarez arist side

It comes with four black ‘Addario EXPs, which are extra-long endurance strings. These strings are made from nylon and polyester, which make for a great combination of durability and feel. 

This acoustic-electric guitar is an excellent instrument to invest in. You will not regret purchasing this guitar.

Reason to buy
  • This guitar is built to last and will hold up through years of use
  • The electronics are very user friendly
  • It's fun to play and easy to learn
  • It is easy to tune
  • This guitar has a rich tone
Reason to avoid
  • Needs re-stringing after long term storage
  • Requires a lot of maintenance (lubrication, adjustment, etc.)
Reason to buy
  • Provides a great alternative to a traditional acoustic guitar
  • Great for students, musicians, and professionals
  • Offers a rich, full sound that many other acoustic guitars don’t have
  • A sleek and contemporary design that is sure to impress.
  • Gives an acoustic sound.
Reason to avoid
  • The shoulder strap is a bit stiff
classical player


In this section, we will answer a few faqs to clear your mind further.

What is a Flamenco Guitar?

A flamenco guitar is a stringed instrument with a long neck and fretboard that has an octave scale and a fingerboard. It is typically played with a single hand, but some people use both hands.

The guitar is tuned in the key of C and is made from either steel or rosewood. It is one of the most popular guitars in Spain and Latin America.

A Flamenco guitar is made with a long neck and fretboard to accommodate the large chords and scales used in flamenco music. The name “flamenco” comes from the Spanish word for fire, “flamenc,” which is related to the sound of the instrument.

Is the Spanish guitar the same as the flamenco guitar?

No, they are two completely different instruments. The flamenco guitar has a very long neck, and it is made for playing the Spanish music style, while the Spanish guitar is a much simpler instrument that is used to play classical music.

Both of them have a flat back, but the Spanish guitar has a very narrower neck, while the acoustic guitar has a thicker neck. It also has a fretted fingerboard, which makes it easier to play.

What is the difference between a classical and a flamenco guitar?

A classical guitar is made to be played by a single person, while a flamenco guitar is made for two or three people to play. The size of the neck is also different. A classical guitar has a slim neck, while a flamenco guitar has a wide neck.

The flamenco guitar has frets that are closer together, so it is easier to play. Flamenco guitars have the same sound like acoustic guitars. They are usually tuned in D or E minor, which is the major mode. A flamenco guitar is designed to be played by one person, but you can use a capo to play two-part chords.

A classical guitar has six strings, while the flamenco guitar has five. They both have six frets on the fingerboard, but there are several differences. The classical guitar has a higher action and neck profile.

What are the differences between nylon and a steel-string guitar?

If you are asking about steel string and nylon string guitars, then they are the same thing, just two different types of string.

Nylon string is also known as gut or nylon. Steel strings are harder to get. If you want to play with steel strings, you need to buy a guitar with an open back.

Also, if you are planning on getting a new guitar, then it is a good idea to go with steel strings. Nylon strings are more flexible, and you can clearly feel the difference between nylon and steel strings. But there really isn’t much difference between nylon and steel-string acoustic guitars because they both sound good.

A nylon string guitar is the best choice for beginners because it has only one string and is easy to learn. The sound of a steel-string guitar can be very rich and deep. It is more difficult to play but gives a better sound.

What is the best Crossover guitar to have in my collection?

This is a very subjective question because everybody’s tastes vary. However, the best crossover guitar that we would recommend to every guitar lover is the Cordoba C9 Parlor Crossover Guitar. 

Is a Nylon String Guitar easier to play?

This depends on the person. I have played nylon string for many years, and it is a lot easier to play than a steel string. It is much more sensitive, and the sound is more powerful. A nylon-string guitar will also give you a clearer sound.

There are several advantages of nylon string guitars: they have less weight, feel lighter, and are much quieter than steel-string guitars. A nylon string guitar has only one string per fret, so the pitch is always the same, regardless of where on the fretboard you place your finger.

Can you play classical music on a Flamenco Guitar?

Yes, you can! This question comes up quite often, but it is a misconception that a Flamenco guitar cannot play classical music. In fact, you can play many classical pieces with Flamenco guitars if you know what you’re doing.

You’ll need to practice your chords and scales first before you can play classical music on a Flamenco guitar. Once you’ve mastered those techniques, you can then start learning to play the notes from the various classical pieces.

final words

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about some best crossover guitars. There is a lot of versitility among these guitars in many departments. They may differ from company to company, price to price and performance to performance. However, these are the best options.

Overall, the best crossover nylon string guitars are those that offer a balance of traditional and modern features. Whether you’re a classical player looking to branch out or a steel-string player looking for a new challenge, a crossover nylon string guitar is a great choice.

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