What To Practice On Guitar? A Quick Guide You Need to Know

The guitar is an amazing instrument with limitless possibilities. Mastery needs consistent practice. It might be difficult to determine where to begin as a newbie. The purpose of this essay is to help you understand What To Practice On Guitar?

In the domain of guitars, practice is the most concentrated aspect. There is a distinction between playing and practicing the guitar. If someone wants to play guitar such that everyone enjoys it, they must practice properly.

You can practice the same thing on both an acoustic and an electric guitar. We’ll go through everything from fundamental chords to playing in time. We’ll guide you about what to play on your first guitar and how to practice as a beginner. So let’s get started.

1. Learn Reading Guitar Tabs

Every learner should take start from the beginning to become a master in the skill. You don’t need to jump directly to the complicated things by skipping the simple ones. If you want to learn to play guitar, start from the very beginning by reading guitar tabs.

learn reading guitar tabs

Many people start learning from reading standard music notation, which has no proper use in the start. You will get plenty of time to learn that but first, start with the tabs. Guitar tabs are considerably easy to learn. Once you learn this skill, you will learn all other steps that you will practice.

2. Try to Practice Easy Tunes

For any learner, it is helpful to start with the necessary things. As a guitar learner, try to find some known melodies and play them while reading guitar tabs. While going through the notes of familiar tunes, you will also understand how guitar tabs work.

This slow learning will also help you to develop muscle memory. Over time, your experience will increase, and your mind will understand how to play the guitar. You will become fluent in playing guitar as your forebrain message to your fingers, and your fingers start playing automatically.

3. Try to Learn Different Chords

Chords are the main thing in a guitar; without knowing them, you can do nothing. The two types of open chords are major and minor chords. In major chords, you will mainly learn C, A, G, E, and in minor chords, you will learn Am, Dm, and Em. With the help of these few chords, you can learn a lot of songs.

try to learn different chords

There are many other types of chords needed while going from a simple melody to a complex song. One of them is barre chords that are used in learning a song. While using these chords, a significant sum of Pop and Rock music is developed.

4. Learn Shifting Chords without Disturbing Fluency

Before learning a song, first, take a lesson on shifting from one chord to another with ease. First, match all the major and minor chords and then learn the shifting between them. It will be a bit difficult initially, but you will learn the skill with more and more practice.

In the beginning, try to do it slowly. Repeat the pattern over and over several times. Once you develop muscle memory, then increase your speed. You will become more fluent in changing chords by doing more and more practice.

5. Learn Picking and Strumming with Right Hand

As the left hand, train your right hand in picking and strumming the chords. Try to learn doing alternate pick (alternate down and upstrokes) on every string and build your muscle memory. Also, learn strumming the whole chord by selecting one of the chords mentioned above.

picking and strumming with right hand

After choosing the chord, start practicing by strumming down and up using various patterns. Practice this several times, and don’t change chords unless you become able to play it progressively and in time. Practicing the same chord will not interrupt your concentration, and all your focus will stay on your target.

6. Jump from Simple Melody to Song

You learn to read guitar tabs and build your muscle memory by playing simple melodies with your guitar. If you learn how to strum and shift from one chord to another, it will become easier for you to come to the actual thing.

It’s not a very big deal to start learning a complete song. Once you become a master in your skill, it’s time to shift from a simple melody to music. After mastering the skill, you can play many songs with your guitar by taking help from your knowledge.

7. Learn Phrasing Techniques

If you want to become a professional guitar player, you will need many things to learn. From simple to complex ones, you will do the practice of each step.  Phrasing technique is one of those steps that you need to learn to make sensational music.

learn phrasing techniques

You will need to know string bends, hammer-ons and pulls offs, slides, and vibrato. All these moves are applied to the same note to get different sounds. It seems a bit difficult but not in actuality. You will learn all these moves by continuous practice and by putting your full concentration into learning them.

Final Verdict of What to Practice on Guitar

Finally, That’s all about “what to practice on guitar.” There is a lot to learn and practice on the guitar. Begin with the fundamentals and work your way up. Don’t be scared to experiment with different approaches and tunes.

Your playing will improve quickly if you practice consistently. Remember, there is no such thing as perfection, but you may attain greatness through hard effort and commitment. Continue strumming and enjoy the ride.

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