7-String Guitar Bands | You Need To Know in 2024

The seven-string guitar is a powerful instrument. Visualize the complete range and capabilities of an additional string added to the normal electric guitar’s strength. Several of these instruments are regional ones that are unique to certain communities.

The 7-string guitar is a flexible instrument that may be played in many different musical genres. Jazz, blues, and even pop songs can incorporate it, however metal and rock are the disciplines with which it is most frequently associated.

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Some bands have really incorporated the great playability of seven-string guitars into their sound. Korn, Morbid Angel, Deftones, and Periphery have all employed seven-string instruments in their songs. We’ll be looking at 7-string guitar bands today in this article.

What is a guitar band?

A guitar band is a group of musicians who play guitar together. The group members usually play with other instruments like bass, drums, keyboards, etc.

All of the musicians in the group are involved in producing the music. The number of musicians in a band determines the genre of the band.

The genre of the band depends on the type of instruments used. For example, if the group uses three guitarists and three drummers, then the band’s genre is hard rock.

If the band uses five guitarists and one drummer, then the band’s genre is heavy metal. The band’s genre can change if the group members play different instruments.

7-String Guitar Bands

7-string guitar bands can play notes that most six-string guitar players couldn’t dream of. The seventh string allows for greater expression and musical possibilities than any 6-string guitar.

The guitar has more strings and thus produces a richer, fuller sound. The seventh string allows for more notes and chords to be played on the guitar. Because there are seven strings, there are seven frets on the guitar.

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When the guitar player strums the sixth string, the seventh string produces an E-note. If the guitarist strums the seventh string, the note that they play on the guitar will sound like an A-note.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest seven-string guitar bands out there today.


Another very significant band that uses seven strings is Meshuggah. The list’s first non-American band is the Swedish group Meshuggah.

They also fall under the umbrella of metal. However, there is significant controversy over their precise sub-genre. Meshuggah is a heavy metal band. They are one of the heaviest metal bands ever made and possess a unique style that mixes speed, heaviness, and melody.

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Their song ‘Freak On A Leash’ has been on the charts for a long time. This song is about a man who is a dog. It talks about the way he behaves like a dog. He likes to bark at people, and he loves to play with sticks. He hates water. This is just one of Meshuggah’s stories through their music.

The album Nothing is one significant interaction Meshuggah has had with extra-stringed. The band originally planned to use eight-string guitars to record the album, but they had to use untuned seven-string guitars instead due to technical difficulties.

However, this approach didn’t pan out, so Meshuggah decided to redo the recording using new eight-string guitars.

Animals as Leaders

Animals as Leaders are a heavy metal band with elements of progressive metal, groove metal, technical death metal, and power metal. They are known for their advanced metal style and have been called the “most daring band in modern metal” by some fans.

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Their sound has been described as unique and powerful, and their shows are known for being very energetic. The group features a lineup that consists of two vocalists, Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen, guitarist Mark Holcomb, bassist Mike Zarin, and drummer Steve Souza.

It is a progressive metal band from Washington, D.C. The band Animals as Leaders’ talent for fusing many genres is one of its truly remarkable and distinctive qualities. Although they are a metal band, they include rock, jazz, and blues aspects in their performance.

The (excellent) guitarist of the band, Tosin Abasi, may be largely responsible for this capacity and impact to cross genres. Tosin, born Oluwatosin Ayoyinka Olumide Abasi, is a descendant of Nigerian immigrants who served in the U.S. military as a drill sergeant.

Abasi is renowned for his unique guitar licks, many of which have been written, recorded, and performed on seven- and eight-string guitars.

In the beginning, Abasi collaborated with Ibanez, even coming out with a distinctive Abasi-Ibanez release. Abasi has subsequently created his own series of six, seven, and eight-stringed guitars, nevertheless, since that time.


Of course, the most well-known band on this list is Korn. In reality, the 7-string guitar was made popular by the musicians Munky and Head.

When they debuted with their self-titled first album, everyone was astounded. They are also renowned for tuning down one entire step to A standard. One of the biggest and most recognizable metal bands in the world is Korn.

They are technically considered nu-metal, but nonetheless, they are among the biggest and finest to have ever done it.

It is a very famous heavy metal band that formed in 1993. They have six members, including lead singer Jonathan Davis and guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer. Their style of music includes a mix of metal and hard rock.

The band is also known for its distinctive bass sound. They have been in the music business since 1994. The band has released nine studio albums, and they are still going strong. Some of their hit songs include “Freak On A Leash,” “Freak on a Leash,” “Got The Life,” and “Falling Away From Me.

It has a really great song called “Falling Away From Me.” It’s a beautiful song that tells a story. It was released on the album “Follow The Leader” back in 2005. This song shows a lot of emotion from the band.

The song is very emotional because of the story that it tells. The story is about a guy who has lost his love and wants to find someone new.


Like the Deftones guitarist Meshuggah, who has earned his degree in alternative metal! Stephen Carpenter began playing seven-string guitars after starting with six-string conventional guitars in different tunings.

Carpenter started playing guitar in the late 1990s, and with the 2003 release of Deftones’ fourth self-titled album, he began incorporating it into the composition of the band’s albums.

Carpenter used this as his standard up until recently, when he once more advanced to the eight-string. Stephen Carpenter is a devoted supporter of ESP Guitars as far as gear is concerned.

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He hasn’t committed himself to any particular seven- or eight-string, but he always uses ESP, regardless of the number of strings. The group has sold over three million records and has achieved worldwide recognition.

Their first album, White Pony, was certified gold. Diamond Eyes has sold over four million copies worldwide. The album is ranked among the top albums in various countries.

White Pony was the band’s first album to receive a diamond certification in the United Kingdom.

Naturally, he employs both 7 and 8 strings. But he is not simply another guitarist who plays extended-range guitars. He uses them in a really distinctive way.

Deftones also play guitars with six strings. They may be found anywhere. However, their 2003 self-titled album is worth checking out if you want some fantastic 7-string music. The tune Hexagram, which is in the Ab standard tuning, is quite intriguing musically.


Periphery is a seven-piece rock band from Chicago. They started making music in 1999. They’ve had many releases since then. The band’s debut album was self-titled. It contains two songs that are worth listening to.

One of them is Hexagram, which is in the Ab standard tuning. The other song is Bleed My Love. Both of these songs have catchy melodies and exciting rhythms. It is not hard to imagine that Periphery would be a favorite among many music fans.

With that said, Periphery is another band that utilizes the seven-string guitar type to significant effect.

As was already noted, the co-founder and one of the band’s guitarists, Misha Mansoor, is a passionate performer and enthusiast of the seven-string guitar. Mansoor, commonly known as Bulb, is highly successful both as a member of Periphery and as a solo artist.

Mansoor completely destroys the seven-string guitar in each of these endeavors. Despite having a sizable seven-string guitar array, he primarily uses Jackson guitars. This is hardly surprising given that he is a Sponsored Artist for the Jackson Guitar company.

Periphery is the place to go if you want something new and progressive. One of the most innovative groups in contemporary metal is this one.

They just have an outrageous attitude to writing and performing. Misha Mansoor, Jake Bowen, and Mark Holcomb have all played various guitars throughout the years. Additionally, there are a few excellent 7-string tunes. In particular, I’d point out “Racecar” from their self-titled debut album.

Joe Satriani

It is one of the most popular bands in the world. Virtuoso performances and unique instrumentation characterize their music. Joe is a musician who has developed his skills by learning and playing the six-, seven-, and eight-string guitars.

He also has developed his guitar skills by using many different kinds of guitars and basses. His skills and style have influenced many jazz guitarists. He uses the guitar as an extension of his arms, which enables him to perform many complex finger movements.

He has been compared to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Paul Gilbert, and Richie Sambora. His solo album included songs that spread like a fire among music lovers.

Joe Satriani, often known as Joseph, had a very unusual career. Joe got his start by teaching some of the greats, unlike the majority of well-known guitarists who start out by performing and recording.

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Strangely, former classmates Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett became well-known before Satriani. Don’t allow Satriani’s previous career as a teacher to color your perception of him adversely.

Even though he taught a remarkable group of pupils who went on to achieve outstanding goals, he quickly reached his own high levels of accomplishment. Of course, Satriani has played for other bands successfully, but he has also enjoyed a successful solo career.

He is renowned for using the seven-string guitar in that line of work. Although Satriani was apprehensive about utilizing a seven-string at first, it has since become a crucial instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

What is a guitar band?

A guitar band is a group of musicians who play guitar together. The group members usually play with other instruments like bass, drums, keyboards, etc. All of the musicians in the group are involved in producing the music.

What’s the difference between a “rock band” and a “metal band”?

A rock band is a group of musicians who play instruments such as guitars, drums, and keyboards. They play songs that are usually upbeat and have a lot of energy.

Metal bands are groups of musicians that play instruments such as electric guitars, bass guitars, and drums. Their music is usually heavy and has a lot of energy.

How many guitarists are in a band?

Some bands utilize two or three guitarists rather than just one to divide the lead and rhythm sections into distinct roles. Three-guitar bands often have one lead guitarist and two rhythm players, whereas two-guitar ensembles typically have a rhythm and lead guitarist.

What does a band do?

A small musical group that plays rock music, pop music, or a kindred genre is known as a rock band or pop band. The most typical band size in rock and pop is four members. Most bands create their music in the studio.

This means they record the band members playing together and then use computer software to turn the recordings into a single album.

What is a Rock Band?

Rock bands are musical groups that play a variety of instruments. There are many different kinds of rock bands. One type of band is called the pop-punk band. This kind of band is popular today.

It’s a form of rock music that combines a variety of different styles. Another kind of band is called the punk band. The music of this type of band is fast, loud, and has a lot of energy.

What is the role of a guitarist in a band?

In instrumental music, the melody is frequently played by the lead guitarist. The guitar is frequently accompanied by a second lead instrument that likewise plays the melody, such as a keyboard or saxophone. The lead guitarist could play the melody throughout a song’s opening and outro if there is a singer.


The 7-string guitar is a popular instrument for jazz and blues performers because it provides for more sophisticated notes and tunes. Although it is not compulsory for all musical genres, the 7-string guitar may be a useful instrument in some of them.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best 7-string guitar bands in the world. This includes Meshuggah, Joe Satriani, Korn and Animals as Leaders. These bands used 7-string guitars to produce a wide range of tones and notes. That’s all about it.

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