What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Play? Simple Guidance For You – 2023

Ed Sheeran is one of today’s most successful musicians. He has received several honors and has sold millions of CDs globally. He is well-known for his distinct voice and ability to compose beautiful and passionate songs.

Ed’s guitar playing is one of the most crucial aspects of his music. He’s been playing the guitar since he was a youngster, and it’s become an important aspect of his musical approach. But What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Play?

This question will be thoroughly examined in this post. Throughout his career, Ed has been seen playing a number of different guitars. He is known to be a fan of Martin guitars and has been seen playing several of their models.

Guitar of Ed Sheeran:

Most of the time, Ed Sheeran plays acoustically and acoustic guitars, and almost entirely plays guitars manufactured by American brand Martin. He uses ¾ sizes guitars by Martin Brand of America.

His most used guitar is The Martin Sheeran divide signature guitars with 3/4 size. He uses it for pretty much of his performances. Just because of his success, most of the musicians turned to play 3/4 size guitars as it could be described as Ed Sheeran’s magic formula for using Martin LX1 series.

guitar of ed sheeran

Usually, 3/4 sized guitars are ideal for beginners to play, and these are also described as travel-sized guitars because of their transferability.

Smaller body Guitars are more comfortable playing and feel lighter and give a tighter and more intensive and focused sound, especially when you sing and play guitars like Ed Sheeran.

Different types of Guitars Ed Sheeran Plays:

Now! Very often, everyone wants to know what type of guitar does Ed Sheeran Plays. He found a guitar that works for him, comfortably played, and he wedged with it. He used the incredible LX1E Little Martin.

Martin LX1E Little Martin:

So this Acoustic is very affordable and widespread. Very suitable and comfortable for beginners, a perfect model for the fans of De Sheeran. Another benefit is it is very budget-friendly and also available electro-acoustic in LX1E Little Martin.

martin lx1e little martin

Despite its rationalized 23 inches scale neck and small, improved 0-14 (uncovered) agonize design, the LX1E Little Martin produces a wide-ranging overall sound with an excellent bass tone.

Of course, it is the signature guitar of De Sheeran by Martin. It follows the same track as its earlier model. The difference comes in visual styling from Ed Sheeran Album DIVIDE.

Martin LXME Little:

Martin LXME Little is also an excellent gift for the live performer who is a big fan of De Sheeran as it is an electro-acoustic model with a great sound spontaneous. At the moment, it’s really in high demand.

martin lxme little

 Ed Sheeran’s Little Martin guitar, even though made to a lighter and smaller scale than your regular acoustic, is of outstanding quality and a highly commended instrument. It’s one of the highest demand guitar and best guitars ever because of its size, playability, and budget-friendly pricing.

It is comfortable to hold and play and easy to drag or cart when to travel. So, you can easily understand why this guitar is Sheeran’s favorite guitar. He played more than 300 gigs on it.

Martin LX1KE Custom Koa Electro Guitar:

This type of guitar is one of the most favorite guitars who like the smaller body size of electro guitar, and they want something a little different in mini.

martin lx1ke custom koa electro guitar

So, you think about what kind of guitar Ed Sheeran plays to become so successful in his profession? He drags fans from all over the world in a small-time. Why his gigs were so focused and broader. It’s something about his guitar and the kind of guitar he uses. 

Now here’s the time to change after seven years with little Martins. It was high time for something else. So, Sheeran turns to Australian Mini Maton. You will find Ed Sheeran playing it.

Update 2020 Ed Sheeran Lowden Guitars:

In 2020, Ed Sheeran changed to Lowden guitars. It turns to the friendship of Ed Sheeran and George Lowden. If you still need an affordable guitar used by Sheeran, continue to read a bit more.

ed sheeran lowden guitars

Yamaha FG JR, 13/4 size Acoustic Guitar is his affordable piece. This guitar specifies that it is available at a very reasonable price, excellent playability, and versatile sound production.

Although it is a minimal acoustic guitar played by Sheeran, the most right thing is that it is a travel-friendly guitar and easy to play, and very comfortable to hold.

Final Words:

Ed Sheeran is one of today’s most gifted artists, and his guitar playing is a big part of what makes his music so unique. He has been spotted playing a variety of guitars, but his favorite is the Martin LX1E. This guitar is ideal for him because it is tiny and simple to play.

Ed can always obtain the tone he wants with this guitar, whether he’s performing live or in the studio. There is no doubting that the Martin LX1E is an excellent instrument. That’s all about What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Play? Happy Playing!

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