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Ed Sheeran, a name synonymous with chart-topping hits, and soulful ballads, has been a massive influence in the contemporary music scene. While his captivating lyrics and unique voice are integral to his charm, a significant part of his signature sound is the guitar he plays. The question “What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Play” might be more pivotal to understanding his music than you might think.


Ed Sheeran’s Musical Journey

Ed Sheeran’s story begins in Halifax, West Yorkshire, where he developed a deep love for music at a young age. His family’s extensive record collection and exposure to diverse musical genres shaped his musical tastes. These influences shine through his songwriting, which is as eclectic as it is engaging.

Throughout his career, Sheeran has always maintained his distinct style, blending elements of pop, folk, and soul in a seamless, engaging manner.

His success has been astronomical, marked by multi-platinum records, sold-out concerts, and numerous awards. But his journey is not only about hit songs and accolades – it’s also about his companion in music, his guitar.

Understanding the Guitar’s Role in Ed Sheeran’s Music

To understand Ed Sheeran, one must comprehend the profound role the guitar plays in his music. Sheeran’s relationship with his guitar is symbiotic.

His songwriting process often involves experimenting with chords and melodies on his guitar before penning the lyrics. The rhythm of his strumming often influences the cadence of his words, resulting in songs that resonate deeply with his listeners.

This integration of guitar and vocals is also a hallmark of Sheeran’s live performances. Whether it’s an intimate pub gig or a stadium concert, Ed can captivate audiences with just his voice, his lyrics, and his guitar.

This minimalistic approach has set him apart from many of his contemporaries and made him a unique figure in the music industry.

The Significance of Ed Sheeran’s Guitar Choice

The type of guitar an artist chooses can significantly influence the sound they produce. A guitar’s structure, materials, and design contribute to its unique sonic characteristics, affecting everything from its resonance to its sustain. Ed Sheeran’s choice of guitar has been instrumental in shaping his distinct sonic identity.

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Sheeran’s guitar also impacts his stage presence. Its size and design complement his “one-man band” aesthetic, and its consistency provides a comforting familiarity in every performance.

Sheeran’s affinity for a particular brand of guitar isn’t just about personal preference – it’s a choice that aspiring guitarists and musicians can learn much from.

Overview of Ed Sheeran’s Guitar Brand: Martin

Martin is a respected name in the world of acoustic guitars, known for its high-quality craftsmanship and rich history.

Founded in 1833, Martin has been the preferred choice of countless musicians, ranging from Johnny Cash to John Mayer. Its reputation for producing guitars with excellent tone and playability makes it a natural choice for a discerning musician like Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran’s choice of Martin isn’t arbitrary. It’s a decision born out of his appreciation for the brand’s heritage, its commitment to quality, and its willingness to cater to his specific needs as an artist.

This partnership has given birth to a series of signature models, designed in collaboration with Sheeran himself, tailored to his playing style and sound.

Ed Sheeran’s Signature Martin Guitar Models

Ed Sheeran’s first signature model with Martin, the Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition, was a testament to his love for the brand and his input as an artist. Made with a solid Sapele top, this guitar features a unique ‘+’ album art logo laser-etched on the top, reflecting his album’s theme at the time of its release.


This model is compact, versatile, and stage-ready, much like Sheeran himself. It’s equipped with Fishman Isys T electronics, allowing him to easily loop and layer sounds during his live performances, a hallmark of his shows.

The success of the X model led to the creation of the ÷ Signature Edition. Featuring the blue ÷ logo inlaid in solid koa wood, this model carries forward Sheeran’s style of incorporating album themes into his guitars.

It also houses improved electronics, catering to Sheeran’s evolving needs as a performer.

The latest addition to this series is the = Signature Edition. Carrying forward the tradition of album-themed designs, this model incorporates Sheeran’s “=” symbol on the headstock. Its unique green color pays homage to Sheeran’s Irish roots, making it a true reflection of the artist’s personal and musical journey.

Examining Other Guitars Ed Sheeran Has Used

While Martin holds a special place in Sheeran’s heart, he has dabbled with other guitar brands in the early years of his career. He’s been seen wielding a Takamine guitar during his street performances. This guitar’s durable build and robust electronics made it a reliable companion for his outdoor gigs.

Sheeran has also played a Gibson J-45 during some of his early performances. Its rich, balanced tone provided a nice contrast to the brighter, more percussive sound of his usual guitars.

His switch to Martin, though, signaled his preference for a smaller, more compact guitar that was more in line with his performance style.

The Impact of Ed Sheeran’s Guitar Choice on Fans and Fellow Musicians

Sheeran’s guitar choice has had a profound impact on the music industry. His signature Martin models have sold well, showcasing his influence as an artist.

This has been a win-win situation, with Martin benefiting from the added exposure and Sheeran fans getting access to a piece of gear closely associated with their favorite artist.

The reaction from fellow musicians has been equally positive. Sheeran’s preference for small-bodied guitars has spurred a trend in the industry, with many artists and amateurs alike opting for similar models.

These developments show how an artist’s personal preferences can shape industry trends and consumer behavior.

Similar Artists and Their Guitar Choices

Sheeran is not alone in having a favorite guitar brand. John Mayer, a fellow singer-songwriter with a deep understanding of guitar tone, has a long-standing relationship with PRS Guitars. His signature model, the PRS Silver Sky, reflects his quest for the perfect vintage tone.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift, another pop sensation with a penchant for writing songs on the guitar, is known for her loyalty towards Taylor Guitars. Her signature model, the Taylor Swift Baby Taylor, is designed for young players, reflecting her commitment to inspiring the next generation of musicians.

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These artists, like Sheeran, demonstrate how personal guitar choices can influence their music and fan base. Their stories show that choosing a guitar isn’t merely about picking an instrument; it’s about finding a musical partner that resonates with your artistic vision.

Frequently Asked Questions :

In this section, we will be delving into some of the most common inquiries and curiosities that surround our topic.

What type of guitar does Ed Sheeran play?

Ed Sheeran primarily plays his signature models from Martin Guitars. These models include the X Signature Edition, the ÷ Signature Edition, and the = Signature Edition. Each model is designed to cater to Sheeran’s specific needs and playing style.

Why does Ed Sheeran choose Martin guitars?

Ed Sheeran chooses Martin guitars due to the brand’s commitment to quality and heritage. He has a deep appreciation for the company’s long history and craftsmanship. Furthermore, Martin Guitars collaborated with Sheeran to create his signature models, which are tailored to his specifications.

What are the unique features of Ed Sheeran’s signature guitar models?

Ed Sheeran’s signature models are distinguished by several unique features. Each model incorporates the album symbol of its corresponding release (‘+’, ‘÷’, ‘=’) in its design. They also feature compact bodies, making them ideal for Sheeran’s energetic performances. Moreover, these guitars come equipped with high-quality electronics, facilitating the looping and layering effects characteristic of Sheeran’s live shows.

How has Ed Sheeran’s guitar choice influenced his music style and fans?

Sheeran’s choice of guitar has significantly influenced his music style. The sound and playability of his Martin guitars have shaped his songwriting and performance style. In terms of influence on fans, Sheeran’s guitar choice has spurred a trend towards small-bodied guitars. His signature models, endorsed by his popularity, have become a favorite among many aspiring guitarists.


Ed Sheeran’s guitar choice, far from being a random decision, is an integral part of his musical identity.

Whether it’s his beloved Martin models or the occasional different brand, each guitar plays a crucial role in shaping the signature ‘Ed Sheeran sound. The guitars he chooses influence not only his music but also his stage presence and fan base.

From the early days strumming on a street corner to selling out stadiums worldwide, Ed Sheeran’s journey has been a testament to his talent and passion.

His story shows us that the choice of a guitar is not merely about aesthetics or prestige – it’s about finding an instrument that becomes an extension of the artist’s creativity.

It’s about picking a tool that will carry the melody of their voice, the rhythm of their heart, and the poetry of their soul. And in Sheeran’s case, his Martin guitars do just that.

This journey of Sheeran and his guitars serves as a reminder that in music, as in life, it’s not just about the destination – it’s also about the companions that join us along the way.

And for Ed Sheeran, his most trusted companion on this musical journey has been – and continues to be – his guitar.

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