Best 7-String Guitar Pickups – 2022

There are many different types of guitar pickups, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people believe that the best pickups are the humbucking pickups. They have a unique sound that has a very crisp tone, and they have a nice balance between volume and tone.

However, these pickups can be quite expensive, and they are often hard to replace. Another type of pickup is single coil pickup(coil split). These pickups are much cheaper than the humbucking pickups, but they don’t produce the same sound. There are a lot of other great pickups as well such as Bare Knuckle pickups, Stock pickups, and some higher output pickups.

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Some new pickups out there are loaded with alnico magnets that reduce the distorted sounds and help create deep tones. However, for music such as death metal, you would need other pickups that create distorted sounds.

In this article, we are going to talk about pickups and the best pickups, specifically for 7-String guitars.


A pickup is an electric component used to increase a guitar’s volume. A pickup is basically a coil of wire. The coil is wrapped around the output jack of a guitar. When you play a note, the current runs through the coil and produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the strings and makes them vibrate.

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An instrument known as a guitar pickup is used to translate guitar string vibrations into electrical impulses. The guitar amplifier is then used to increase the loudness of these signals to audible levels.

Along the process, stompbox effects (such as a compressor or wah pedal) or the amplifier itself may taint the sound (like via a chorus effect). The signal is colored even by the pickups themselves which are found between the tone knobs.

Best 7-String Guitar Pickups

Let’s have a look at some best 7-string guitar pickups.

1. Seymour Duncan Invader Passive Pickup

Seymour Duncan’s Invader series pickups have set the standard for high-output humbucking pickups for over 50 years. Invader pickups feature Seymour Duncan’s “Ultra-Lite” polepieces and black covers with high-current windings for exceptional output. The Invader pickup uses three magnets to provide the full harmonic spectrum of the guitar.

The larger pole pieces allow the magnetic field to extend far beyond the coil wire and provide a more focused, crisper sound. The black nickel covers provide a darker sounding tone than the traditional nickel-plated covers but still offer an excellent tone with less feedback.

1. Seymour Duncan 1

The Invader 7 is an ultra-high-output humbucker with three magnets that delivers an exceptional tone while providing the most balanced, versatile sound in the Invader series.

The polepieces are larger and spaced further apart than other humbuckers, which allows the magnetic field to extend beyond the coil wire and provide a more focused, crisp sound. This provides the most consistent and balanced tone from low to high volumes.

Seymour Duncan’s Invader 7-string guitars are ideal for aggressive rock playing, from heavy metal to punk rock. They produce huge volumes of low and midrange distortion, great for fast, punchy riffs. Their unique design allows them to reach higher than standard pickup giving the player more gain and power.

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These passive pickups feature large pole pieces and overwound coils to provide massive amounts of output and sustain. The Invader 7 features 3 Seymour Duncan ceramic magnet humbuckers that produce up to 15% more gain and volume than a comparable single coil.

The Invader 7 bridges are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and are designed to hold up against the wear and tear of a full rock band. All Invader 7 bridges are adjustable with standard guitar hardware. The Invader 7 bridge saddles are designed to work with the most popular string gauges, with the saddle height set at 1/32″ from the fretboard.

You can adjust the Invader 7 bridge saddles to any height. The bridge saddles are easily installed using the included Allen screws. The Invader 7 is an active instrument that is designed to deliver the highest level of tone quality and playability with modern styles.

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Seymour Duncan Invader 7-String Passive Pickup is designed to provide guitarists with an aggressive pickup with plenty of punch and sustain. John Petrucci mentioned Seymour Duncan Blackouts as the best pickups that sound great with 7-string guitars.

2. DiMarzio Ionizer Humbucker Pickup

DiMarzio Ionizer 7-String Neck Humbucker Pickup Black
  • Recommended for neck position
  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic

The DiMarzio Ionizer 7-string neck humbucker pickup is designed to be mounted between the 12th and 13th fret on a 7-string guitar. Its coil is wound around a 7.5mm thick neodymium magnet wrapped in a custom-designed ceramic housing.

The magnet is wired in series with the volume control circuit. The output is a high-powered 295mV single-ended signal. DiMarzio’s Ionizer 7-string neck humbucker pickup is a 7-string humbucker designed specifically for use in an acoustic guitar. The Ionizer has a low output of only 295mV but produces a ton of power.

2. DiMarzio Ionizer 1

A ceramic magnet produces an extremely clean signal without the need for any additional capacitors. The Ionizer is recommended for use in the neck position. The 7-string humbucker uses a single diode-bridge preamp that is set at a 1/3 scale. This allows you to connect an active electronic device without altering the sound.

The Ionizer is a great-sounding humbucker that gives you a clean tone with lots of punch. It is recommended for the neck position. The humbucker comes with four conductors (two of which are used to drive the coil).

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A 9.24kohm DC resistance is a low enough value to minimize interference when used with active electronics. It should work with the most active devices. It’s a clean humbucker with a low output that produces great tonal quality.

This 7-string humbucker pickup from DiMarzio is recommended for neck positions. It is an ideal addition to any guitar. It’s very versatile and can be used on just about any guitar. It works great with other single coil pickups in the same size or neck size.

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You can use this humbucker on any type of guitar. This is a very good option for acoustic guitarists looking for a solid tone and reliable pickup. It is a simple modification for anyone who wants more volume, more highs, or more lows.

3. EMG 707 Pickup

EMG 707 7 String Active Guitar Pickup, Black
  • The pickup is housed in EMG's 35 Extended bass housing, so it's not a direct replacement for a humbucking pickup.
  • The 707 is a dual coil pickup with Alnico Poles similar to the 85

EMG is the world’s leading manufacturer of musical instruments and related accessories. Their 7-string active pickups are known for their unique sound quality. Each 7-string pickup is handcrafted from solid brass and has a dual coil configuration, which gives you a more responsive and dynamic response.

These EMG pickups are ideal for heavy metal, hard rock, punk, and pop music. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these pickups offer the most advanced features.

3. EMG 707 Pickup 1 1

They include dual output switching, volume and tone controls, a 3-band EQ, and a switchable preamp gain control for precise and dynamic tone shaping. The EMG 707 7-String Active Guitar Pickup comes with a durable guitar case for easy transportation and storage.

EMG 707 delivers incredible versatility and quality in a single, compact package. This guitar pickup is perfect for bass guitarists, lead guitarists, and even acoustic players. It’s also ideal for recording and performing live.

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The EMG 707 features the EMG 35 Extended bass housing, dual coil, full-range construction, and a thick, high-output distortion circuit that provides incredible clarity, even at low tuning. The EMG 707 is very responsive and allows for great control and sustain.

The EMG 707 offers the highest quality performance of any active pickup system available today. It also provides unparalleled durability and long-term reliability. This guitar pickup is the perfect choice for electric guitar, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar players.

EMG’s 707 7-string active pickup is an excellent choice for any 7-string guitar enthusiast. It features an extended 35-inch bass housing that increases the sound of the lowest strings, providing a fuller, richer tone.

3. EMG 707 Pickup 2 1

Dual-coil pickup configuration enables the 707 7-string active pickups to deliver a thicker, more responsive tone than a single-coil pickup. Increased clarity even at low tuning makes the 707 7-string active pickup ideal for use with guitars with less than ideal intonation.

The EMG 707 7-string active guitar pickup delivers all of the benefits of EMG’s active and passive electronics while maintaining its versatility and value. You can enjoy a richer and more responsive tone from your guitar by adding the 707 7-string active pickups.

4. Fishman Fluence Signature Series Tosin Abasi

Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi 7-String Pickup Set
  • Active Humbucker-sized Pickup Set f 7-string Electric Guitar with Multi-voice Fluence Ce

Fishman’s Fluence signature series pickups are the best sounding, most versatile pickups ever developed by Fishman. It’s like having four great instruments in one package. Fluence picks up the sound of a steel string electric guitar, a classical guitar, a mandolin, and a bass guitar.

The Fishman Fluence Signature Series Tosin Abasi 7-string Humbucker Pickup Set is an outstanding choice of guitar pickup. Its multi-voice Fluence Ce is the best-sounding active humbucker in the market today.

4. Fishman Fluence 1

It is used to give the guitar the sound it needs while making it more flexible, allowing for a wide array of tones. It has a classic look and a low price tag. When you purchase this pickup set, you will not need to change the guitar’s volume and tone controls because this active humbucker is capable of providing a rich, clean, and tight sound.

Fishman Fluence Series is a line of professional guitar pickup sets that include active humbuckers, passive single coils, and passive split coils. Each Fishman Fluence Series guitar pickup set is designed to provide a wide range of tones.

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The Fishman Fluence Series is perfect for players who want to enjoy the versatility of a traditional electric guitar, but still, desire the quality and tone of an active humbucker.

This Fluence Multi-Voice works by employing three different single coil magnetic pickup heads, each with its own voice. This gives players complete control over the tonal character and style of their instruments.

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All Fluence Multi-Voice models feature Fishman’s patented dual voice switching system. In addition, they are fitted with Fishman’s high-end Fluence Volume and Tone pots. These Fluence Multi-Voice pickups provide superior response and versatility to your instrument. The Fluence Multi-Voice uses Tosin’s unique wiring and volume control scheme.

This means that the volume and tone controls are both located on the same side of the instrument, which makes the operation of the volume and tone controls more intuitive and easy for the player.

5. Mxfans Humbucker Pickup

Mxfans 7 String Electric Guitar Black Bridge & Neck Humbucker Pickups Set of 2
  • One Bridge Pickup,and one Neck Pickup,string distance is 52mm and 55mm.
  • GD, CR resistance: 8.8K / 17.2K.
  • It is suitable for 7 String Electric Guitar.

Mxfans 7-String Black Bridge & Neck Humbucker Pickups is among the high-quality active electric guitar pickups with the best quality and excellent performance.

The magnetic flux is used in the magnets, which can effectively prevent the generation of heat and magnetic force of the magnetic flux from being reduced, thus ensuring the quality of the performance.

5. Mxfans Humbucker 1

It is mainly used in the steel string electric guitar and is widely used in the electric guitar and electric bass guitar. It is also a great choice for people who want to try to create a unique sound on electric guitars. It is a very nice pickup for you to choose from.

It has the characteristics of low self-resonance, low output impedance, and high distortion. Its wide bandwidth and high power allow it to produce a bright and powerful sound. It is great for electric guitars and particularly suitable for metal guitars.

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The black color will go with any guitar, and this Mxfans pickup set is a fantastic value. It is quite suitable with most guitars, with a string distance of 55 mm for the neck pickup and 52 mm for the bridge pickup.

The pickup resistors’ GD and CR values are 8.8K and 8.8K, respectively, at their widest points, giving you a lovely, warm tone that may be enhanced by adding more of each.

These top-notch pickups provide deep, quick lows while retaining the spacious lows we all adore. Additionally, they provide crisp mids and a rich, expressive treble.

5. Mxfans Humbucker 2 1

Its tone is huge with hand-wound coils, ceramic magnets, and four-conductor wiring. Mxfans pickups are a great alternative to generic metal tones. Order some today.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

What is a pickup?

A pickup is an electric component used to increase a guitar’s volume. A pickup is basically a coil of wire. The coil is wrapped around the output jack of a guitar. When you play a note, the current runs through the coil and produces a magnetic field.

Are 7-strings better for metal?

They are, indeed. Because they give a lower range of notes known as the “low B” guitar string or bass strings with a fuller tone, seven-string guitars are perfect for metal. In strong musical genres like metal, grunge, punk rock, etc., new chords and riffs that work a lot better with the rhythm section can be made using the low B string.

Are active pickups better for metal?

A high-output guitar pickup is generally necessary if you play metal. The output of active pickups is often higher and they sound better for heavier music genres. Naturally, this is not a hard-and-fast rule; excellent results may also be achieved with passive guitars.

Both passive and active models should work well in your setup if your only objective is to locate the finest guitar overall.

What is the difference between a humbucker and a single coil?

A humbucker has two coils, one for the high notes and one for the low notes. This allows for a wider range of sound than a single coil.

What is the difference between a piezo and a magnetic one?

A piezo is a piezoelectric transducer that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. A magnetic pickup is a pickup that uses magnets to detect vibrations.


A pickup is an electric component that is used to increase the volume of a guitar. A pickup is basically a coil of wire. The coil is wrapped around the output jack of a guitar. To get the most out of your guitar, it’s important to have the best guitar pickups.

These are the components that allow you to use the guitar in its most optimal manner. We have discussed some of the best pickups for 7-String guitars above.

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In conclusion, the most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s all about what sounds best to you.

You may be surprised at how different people’s tastes can be, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different pickups until you find the one that you like the most.

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