How to Get Rid of an Old Piano? – 5 Useful Tips From Experts in 2022

how to get rid of an old piano 2021

Suppose you have bought a brand new piano and want to sell out your old one on the private market. So you will undoubtedly make most of your money back. This article is for those who want to know how to get rid of an old piano and receive a few hundred dollars.

Similarly, you have had to learn a lot on your grandma’s old piano, which is not played over the years. Indeed many of you would want to know that how to get rid of your old upright pianos. 

Additionally, getting rid of a piano for you would be a real test. But you have not to worry about that because we will share some valuable tips that will let you learn how to get rid of an old upright piano.

1. Donate it to Someone or Charity Organization:

It does not mean that old piano are worthless and also useless to any serious musician. Old pianos would be just fine for a beginner or professional player. A piano is an oversized item that requires storage in a protected environment and access to skilled people to tune and repair it.

If you find that someone is willing to give you an old piano without any cost, it depends on where it is advertised. For instance, someone wants to donate an old piano to a nonprofit organization that can either utilize it or resells it for tax-exempt objectives.

donate it to someone or charity

So you may be allowed for a nonprofit to consider the offer and make arrangements for providing your old piano to the receiver very swiftly.

Likewise, more often, someone will be amenable to take your old piano from your hands. Then apply the first-come, first-serve standards. The person who came first can take the piano with him.

Besides, you can also consider providing it to a local charity store or goodwill shop. But it is probably a little bit challenging, because it depends on the store is considerable enough, linked with the reality that they would accept or not take such a big and heavy item.

Therefore, you can also go to the local classified boards and some advertisement sites such as Gumtree, Craigslist, eBay, etc., to give your offer.

If someone is eager to take it off you, it should be the piano’s beneficiary; make sure you request it. To make a reasonable settlement about where to donate your piano.

2. Sell it:

It would be pretty hard to find someone to buy your old piano. But if you have a piano in good condition that plays well enough and has a decent finish, then you can probably find someone willing to pay for it.

sell it

Despite all, you will be able to extract some cash out of your piano on eBay for $100 to $200. While if you’re the lucky one, then sell it to a local dealer for more cash value. But it would be, depending on the condition of your piano.

Moreover, if you are sure that your old piano is in better condition, this is an avenue worth exploring.

Though, don’t demand big bulls. You must also present clean pictures, provide a piece of truthful information, and reasonable price.

It is advised that you should know its current state and fair market value. Also, any online service is available for obtaining a ballpark estimate of its value, like on

3. Transforming a Piano to Furniture or Art:

When the piano’s innards fit for disposal, its cabinet would be a lovely piece of craftsmanship, with high-quality sapwoods.

piano to furniture or art

Suppose you contemplate that parts of your piano’s case can make a gorgeous piece of furniture, like a coffee table, a desk, and a cabinet. In that case, you can also hire a furniture maker or piano rebuilder to transform those precious parts into something unique that will be serviceable and a work of architecture.

Furthermore, various pianos components like hammers, hinges, legs, strings, hardware can be transformed into artistic pieces of artwork and models.

4. To Recycle your Old Piano:

Despite the option mentioned earlier, your old piano can also be reused by removing and cutting down its components such as wood, steel wire, screws, cast iron, etc. You can generally recycle it locally, as the expense of transporting a full-length piano can be confining; investigate if someone in your region recycles pianos.

recycle your old piano

If your regional recyclers are reluctant to take pianos, they will indeed accept their disassembled pieces. And you can also do it by yourself or pay an expert to dismantle it. So, its wood can go to a piano shop or high school woodshop to make new furniture. At the same time, its Ivories will take the piano technician or piano-rebuilding store.

Hardware, steel wire, and copper can also be recycled. Finding out the right place to carry the different pieces of the piano for recycling would be time-consuming. Sometimes many electronic repairing shops also accept the old parts of the piano and recycle them for you.

5. To dump it:

If you have tried your best for alternatives, and nobody was curious, so it would be the only means you have to get rid of your sizeable old piano.

Also, if you have an older upright piano in lousy condition, you would certainly think that someone out there wants it to fix up, and you can bypass carrying it to the dump.

Unhappily, sometimes, it is the only obligation you can ingest. Locating a place for a sub-standard piano will be a stern test, and regrettably, numerous pianos are brought to the dump every year.

Some private organizations can also give services for taking out old pianos and dump them for you. And unfortunately, it would be your last option.

How to Get Rid of an Old Piano – Final Words:

Well! That’s all about how to get rid of an old piano till now. If you have a piano that has potential and can play well, then you can sell it. Then take it to the auction house. They will haul your piano and put it on auction. If it purchases, then you will get some money for it.

Likewise, if you are not willing to sell it, you can donate it to someone willing to take it. Plus, if these two options are not available to you, you can adopt many other options to get rid of an old piano.

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