How Much Does a Ukulele Cost? Ukulele Price Guide – 2021

how much does a ukulele cost

A ukulele is a fun instrument to play. Its upbeat tone helps create melodies that are reminiscent of relaxing days by the sea, so it’s a great instrument to play for your pastime. Additionally, its petite size and four strings make it relatively easy to play, so even young children can join in on the fun.

With that said, we’re sure that you’re already interested in getting a ukulele to play music on. For most beginners, the common question is always this: how much does a ukulele cost? Fortunately, ukuleles come with different price tags, and we’re sure that you can find one that fits right in your budget.

ukulele price guide 2020

In this article, we’ll talk about the price range of ukuleles based on their category. So if you’re a beginner looking to buy your first ukulele, or an experienced player looking for an upgrade, then you came to the right place. Read on to know more about the different prices of ukuleles for 2020.

Ukulele Price Ranges|How Much Does a Ukulele Cost?

To give you an overview, the price of ukuleles ranges from as low as 30 dollars and can go as high as 2,000 dollars. But even with that wide disparity between the cheapest and the most expensive, this doesn’t mean that the affordable ones aren’t worth looking into.

ukulele price ranges

On the contrary, you might find some of the more affordable ones to be great practice ukuleles. This is especially true if you’re a beginner on a tight budget.

Budget Ukuleles

Budget ukuleles are those that are available for less than 50 dollars. Most of these ukuleles are in the 30-dollar range and can be likened as child-friendly ukuleles. The rare gems in this category are those within the 40 to the 50-dollar range, which have a more toned-down appearance that already resembles mid-level ukuleles.

best budget ukuleles​

You can easily spot these budget ukuleles because of their bright designs, often with cartoon characters painted onto its body. They also come in interesting shapes, which allows it to easily catch the attention of young children. Nevertheless, there are still some of these budget ukuleles that come with the typical ukulele design that works best for adult beginners.

The reason why these ukuleles are so affordable is because of the materials that go into their construction. They’re either made of plastic or laminated wood with low-quality tuners and strings. If you don’t know where to look, you might as well end up with a toy ukulele that can’t even hold a tune.

Another reason why they’re so cheap is that they are mass-produced. Quality control is often overlooked, so you may notice scraped paint or cheap components for ukuleles in this category.

best budget ukuleles

Thus, before buying, make sure that you thoroughly check out the ukulele and see if it holds a tune or not. With patience, it’s possible to find a good budget ukulele that works.

Budget ukuleles are best for when you’re trying out if the ukulele is the instrument for you. The ones with toned-down designs are fit for adult beginners, while those with colorful designs are best for children. Also, ukuleles within this price range make great gifts – just make sure that you thoroughly search for one that’s still playable.

For those who are more serious ukulele learners, then you might want to consider the ukuleles in the next category.

Beginner Ukuleles

Beginner ukuleles are those that run for around 50 dollars to around 150 dollars. They are often made from laminated wooden pieces that are carefully pieced together to create a more decent sound and tone.

Because they already mimic the sound of more expensive ukuleles, those that fall within this category make great entry-level ukuleles.

beginner ukuleles

If you’ve noticed, the price range for the ukuleles in this category is pretty wide. This is because while they are labeled as beginner ukuleles, some of these ukuleles are already of great quality. Some experienced ukulele players find that these are already at par with high-end ones in terms of tonal quality and they’re willing to pay a little more for that quality.

Now with that said, let’s dig deep into what beginner ukuleles can offer.

Those on the more affordable end are the ones made with laminated wooden pieces that are carefully pieced-in to form a ukulele that offers a decent tune. They also come with affordable yet durable pieces for the tuners and strings, so you know that what you’re getting is not just for show.

On the other hand, those on the more expensive end are often made with affordable tonewoods that give the ukulele a more exotic sound. This means that the top is often made of solid wood that helps create bold and rich tones. Those exceeding a hundred dollars also come with more premium parts that are built to last.

best beginner ukuleles

When you’re out looking for a beginner ukulele, observe how the ukulele is built. In most instances, they have better craftsmanship compared to the mass-manufactured budget ukuleles. They also have more sturdy components, and this is a tell-tale sign that you’re getting something worth the money.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask if you can try playing the ukulele first. These ukuleles offer a better tone compared to their budget counterpart. They are also easier to play, which makes it the perfect ukulele for beginners.

Overall, ukuleles in this price range are the best options for those who are planning to play the ukulele for fun. This is also ideal for experienced ukulele players who are looking for a new one while on a tight budget.

Mid-Level Ukuleles

Moving up the price ladder are mid-level ukuleles or those that fall within the 150-dollar to 500-dollar range.

Ukuleles falling under this category are made of solid tone-woods, and this gives your ukulele more warmth, bass, volume, and an overall better tonal quality. They also come with more intricate designs and premium components that have the words “fancy” written all over.

For this price range, you can also buy a decent electric ukulele with an eye-catching cutaway body. The cutaway design makes it easier to play, but only if you’re already an experienced ukulele player. The electronic components of this kind of ukulele are also convenient if you’re planning to record a song or if you’re a more serious learner.

mid level ukuleles

Overall, mid-level ukuleles are either solid wood acoustic ones with impressive sound quality or electric cutaway ones with high connectivity options. The first option is a great beginner ukulele if you’re planning to become a professional ukulele player – especially if you have the extra money to spare.

On the other hand, the electric ukulele option is perfect for the experienced players who want to dabble on playing more intricate melodies. These can also be connected to a computer, so this is quite useful if you want to record it.

High-End Ukulele

And finally, we will talk about the high-end ukuleles or those which are regularly priced above 500 dollars. If that’s surprising enough, then wait until we tell you that some ukuleles are even sold for over 2000 dollars.

Ukuleles that fall within this price range are known for their solid koa construction that just creates that unique ukulele tone and sound. Koa wood is native to Hawaii, and this is what makes it very expensive.

high end ukulele

Additionally, these high-end ukuleles are made using only the most premium wood and components with unparalleled craftsmanship, so you know that you’re also paying for the hard work that went into each instrument.

Also noteworthy is that ukuleles under this category are significantly more eye-catching than those in the more affordable categories. Though they do not normally contain fancy ornamentation, the quality of the wood shows and this is what makes the ukulele look so good.

While there are known manufacturers of high-end ukuleles, there are also some ukuleles that are crafted by independent builders. The reason why ukuleles from these builders are so expensive is that they only make one-of-a-kind ukuleles. This means that the ukulele you buy is the only one with that design, and that makes it special.

best high end ukulele

Overall, while we do not recommend high-end ukuleles for beginners, you can’t deny that ukuleles within this price range are made of the most premium materials, and that makes it sound so good.

Professional ukulele players may find these within their price range, and the added benefit of owning a one-of-a-kind ukulele is a bonus.

Final Thoughts on Ukulele Prices

When it comes to buying a ukulele, we highly recommend one that offers the best value for the money. While it is tempting to go for the most affordable one, the learning experience may be quite frustrating, and that’s just like throwing 40 dollars down the drain.

final thoughts on ukulele prices

We believe beginner ukuleles are both affordable and of great quality, so those falling within this price range are great for entry-level players. On the other hand, more experienced ukulele players will surely enjoy playing one form the mid-level and high-end categories.

The Best Ukulele for Beginners in 2020 | Reviews and Ratings

With that in mind, here are some of our reviews of the best ukuleles for beginners this 2020.

Huawing Soprano Beginner Mahogany Ukelele

This affordable ukulele is very easy to play. We love that it comes with marked frets that make them easy to locate, which helps you easily learn how to play. It’s also made from selected materials consisting of mahogany for its neck and body, and this is coupled with a walnut fret-board. Not only does this make it eye-catching, but these also make it sound amazing.

best huawing soprano beginner ukelele

Considering how it is built and how great it sounds, this is one of the best beginner-friendly ukuleles in the market today. And with a price that’s below 50 dollars, you know you’re already getting a great deal from this item.

Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit

Another impressive entry-level ukulele that you might want to consider is the Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit.

official kala learn to play ukulele

Coming from a renowned brand like Kala, you can only expect great things from this instrument. Made with a sturdy mahogany body, Polynesian Shark Teeth laser-etched rosette, and Aquila strings, you know that this is one beginner ukulele that boasts premium quality. This assures you of its durability, play-ability, and amazing sound.

We love that the price you pay for already comes with a Quick Start Guide, so you know that it’s targeted for beginners. It also comes with a handy ukulele case, so you can take it with you to places and play fun tunes while on the road.

Enya Concert Ukulele Nova U

For those who are looking for a head-turning ukulele, then you might want to consider the Enya Concert Ukulele.

enya concert ukulele nova u

This ukulele is made from carbon fiber poly-carbonate that’s known for its durability. This means that this is one tough ukulele that will last for a long time. This material is also known for its waterproof properties, making it resistant to a variety of factors while also being easy to clean.

This ukulele only weighs a little over one pound, so even younger children wouldn’t have a hard time learning how to play with it. We also love that users have five different color options to choose from so they can certainly express their music in a ukulele that matches their personality. Thus, there’s no wonder why this ukulele receives five stars from customers.

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic

If you’re willing to pay a little extra for your first ukulele, then we highly recommend that you get the Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic.

luna tattoo concert mahogany acoustic ukulele

This ukulele is made of mahogany built that’s both aesthetically pleasing while also able to create a bold and rich sound. It also comes with tattoo designs that mimic that of traditional Hawaiian ornamentation’s, and that gives it that extra appeal. And to complete the Polynesian appeal, its fret marks are stylized as shark teeth.

We also love that this ukulele is very easy to play, while also offering enough options for more experienced players. Thus, this one instrument that you can surely grow old with.

Winzz 21 Inches Soprano Ukulele

Another affordable alternative is the Winzz 21 Inches Soprano Ukulele.

This ukulele is made from Linden plywood that’s carefully pieced together to help create that rich and loud sound. Its hand-rubbed finish also makes it highly playable, so beginners don’t have to struggle with playing this instrument.

winzz 21 inches soprano ukulele

Its technical wood fingerboard allows your fingers to roll over the frets, so playing won’t be complicated at all. But above all, we love that it tries to mimic the shape of traditional ukuleles so that players will know what it feels like to play a premium ukulele for less.

Overall, this is a great beginner ukulele for those who want to be familiar with the chords and how they’re played. The fact that it’s affordable is a bonus.

Now that you know how much ukuleles cost, you might want to know some of the reasons why they’re priced that way. Knowing these factors will help you make an informed decision once it’s time to decide which ukulele you want to buy.


As previously mentioned, how the ukulele was built says a lot about its durability.

Mass-produced ukuleles usually by-pass quality control, so you can expect that they’re the ones that won’t even last a year or two. Because of the poor construction quality, you can also expect that the sound coming out from these ukuleles are not at par with the others. This can be quite frustrating, especially for those who have sensitive musical ears.

construction ukulele

A more decent alternative is those that are hand-crafted by professional ukulele-builders. Regardless of the materials that go into these ukuleles, you can expect that the quality has been carefully scrutinized by professional craftsmen who know exactly what they want out of the instrument.

As a result, ukuleles made by these experts are known to last longer. And believe it or not, they are also easier to play and sound significantly better than their mass-produced counterparts.


As for the materials of the ukulele, the main consideration is what goes into the top of the instrument. The material that goes into the top of the ukulele helps it produce louder, richer, and bolder tones. While this cannot be easily identified by beginners, experts can easily tell if the ukulele is made from tonewoods or not.

ukulele materials

The most popular tonewoods used for ukulele tops are mahogany, cedar, and koa. There are other tonewoods out there, but these are among the most popular.

Mahogany produces warm and soft tones, while cedar produces darker tones with more controlled volumes. Koa, on the other hand, produces more mellow tones with sweet and warm undertones, and this is the sound that traditional ukuleles are often associated with.

But since ukuleles with tonewoods come with a steep price tag, an alternative is to use laminated wooden pieces. They also mimic the sound, although not as rich, and that’s something that beginners can work on.


And finally, the components that go into the ukulele should also be considered. While the value of the components does not really affect the playability and overall sound of the ukulele, you can’t deny the fact that fancy components give your ukulele a more sophisticated appeal.

ukulele components

The quality of these components also has something to do with its durability. Tuners that are made from cheap materials may not last long, and frequent replacements could be both troublesome and a big waste of money.

Thus, we strongly advise investing in a ukulele that comes with premium components – not just for show but for its durability and longevity. In the long run, you’ll realize that it’s all worth the money.

How Much Does a Real Ukulele Cost?

After everything we’ve discussed, you already know that the price of a real ukulele can range somewhere between 100 dollars and 2000 dollars. This, of course, depends on the materials that go into the ukulele of your choice.

how much does a real ukulele cost

Thus, even if it is made of laminated wood pieces, the ukulele is still considered real in the sense that it can properly hold a tune for your musical entertainment.

Can I Learn The Ukulele By Myself?

Yes, you can learn a ukulele by yourself. There are a lot of books that teach readers how to play the ukulele by themselves, and that saves them the money from having to pay a professional ukulele instructor.

can i learn the ukulele by myself

Additionally, modern technology has made it possible for everyone to access various media that teaches us how to learn the ukulele from the comfort of home. These media provide us with step-by-step instructions – sometimes with photos or videos – to show us how to handle and play the ukulele properly.

With the right amount of patience and practice, you’ll be able to play the ukulele in no time.

Is Ukulele Hard To Learn?

The ukulele is not hard to learn. Its petite size makes it easy to handle – even if you’re a child with short limbs. And the fact that it has four strings also means that you don’t have to memorize a lot of chords before you can begin playing.

is ukulele hard to learn

Additionally, you can play the ukulele even without extra gadgets or bows, and that makes it easier to play.

Is Ukulele Easier Than The Guitar?

Overall, we believe that the ukulele is easier to play than the guitar.

Most beginners struggle with the proper way to carry a guitar, and this is usually owing to its bulkier size. This is especially true for children whose shorter arms make strumming and shifting chords more difficult.

is ukulele easier than the guitar

Additionally, guitars come with six strings, more adjustment options, and more maintenance work. This means that you have to remember so many factors before you can start playing.

Thus, we believe that the ukulele is easier to play and take care of than the guitar.


Having fun and playing an instrument doesn’t have to cost a fortune. While a decent ukulele isn’t exactly cheap, the fact that you can find a good deal for less than 100 dollars is already a big win.

But if you’re a professional who’s willing to invest on a premium ukulele, then there’s nothing wrong with going for one that’s worth over one thousand dollars. After all, music is one thing that will always be worth the investment.

Overall, ukuleles are divided into categories, and each category comes with their separate price range. This helps you find the perfect ukulele, regardless of what your budget might be.

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