What Ukulele Does Tyler Use? An Informative Guide – 2023

Tyler, the Creator is well-known among ukulele aficionados as a creative rapper, producer, and designer. But did you know he can also play the ukulele? Tyler’s distinct style and tone have attracted admirers worldwide.

Many people have questioned, “What Ukulele does Tyler use?” because of his passion for the instrument. In this post, we’ll look at the answer to that question as well as Tyler’s rise to prominence in the ukulele community.

Tyler looks so cool when playing music, which is why so many music enthusiasts adore him. However, the subject of what ukulele Tyler Joseph uses at the mansion of gold remains. Tyler’s ukes are described in this article. So let’s explore!

Some Interesting Facts About Tyler Joseph

Tyler Josephs fans might be interested in knowing about their ideal pianist. So here is a brief overview of some interesting facts about the musical life of Tyler Joseph.

Tyler Josephs early life

Tyler was born in December 1988 in Ohio. He was the oldest among his three siblings. One of his brothers named Jay Joseph is also a musician. His father was a coach at a school in Washington. His mother, Kelly Joseph also worked as a math teacher in Olentangy School District.

interesting facts

Tyler Joseph loved basketball from a very young age and presented his university and school at very high levels. In one of his basketball tournaments, he found his future career mate, Nick Thomas in his team.

Later in 207, he was inspired by a songwriter performing at a high school street club. Somehow he managed to get a keyboard and started learning simple melodies. He used the radio as his instructor and tried to play the songs.

Twenty-One Pilots

“Twenty-one pilots” was founded by Tyler Joseph in 2009. It was a musical duo from Columbus. The two musicians were Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. Unfortunately, both of these left the “twenty-one pilots”, in 2011. After that, Tyler and Josh Dun, are the lineup for this musical duo.

Originally from Columbus, OHIO, Tyler Joseph grew up in the USA. Besides founding Twenty One Pilots, he is also an acclaimed solo artist. Currently, Tyler plays ukulele and leads the band.

twenty one pilots

The band remains dedicated to writing, recording, and touring around the globe. Twenty-One Pilots has received six nominations at the annual Grammy Awards, winning the 2017 Grammy for “Stressed out.”

Tyler Josephs career as a musician

Tyler Joseph is a brilliant musician and has been active in the music production industry for nearly a decade. He joined the music industry in 2007 and with his hard work and dedication, reached the level ideal for every musician.

At first, he was a solo performer, releasing his first album, “No Phun Intended.” MY Blood, Trees, Car Radio are some of his famous songs.

commonly used ukulele

In many of Tyler’s live shows since 2015, you can see him playing a “Kala Hawaiian Koa Tenor Cutaway” and his go-to performance ukulele. Tyler also holds a custom ukulele among his collection.

Likewise, Tyler Joseph is a skillful musician who can play piano, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, and many more.

What Ukulele Does Tyler Use?

So, every ukulele enthusiast is curious and wants to know the ukes that Tyler loves to use.

Consequently, as a renowned and highly skilled ukulele player, Tyler Joseph buys musical instruments from reputable ukulele brands. And those who want to know where they can find a quality ukulele for themselves, so they can check out Tyler’s ukulele collection!

ukulele tyler

Being a Kala Brand musician, Tyler is a DJ, producer, and keyboardist. Interestingly, it reveals that Tyler will most likely be playing the ukuleles every time. Tyler owns both a tenor and a concert ukulele.

Tyler Joseph’s three favorite ukuleles are listed below. So, you might be able to know “what ukulele does Tyler Joseph use” in the house of gold. During live performance concerts of the Twenty-One Pilots, Tyler mainly uses these three ukuleles.

Kala Hawaiian Koa Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

Kala Hawaiian Koa Tenor Cutaway Ukulele


  • Brand: Kala
  • Size: Tenor
  • Color: Natural
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 29.13 x 29.53 x 11.02 inches
  • Top Material Type: Koa Wood
  • Back Material Type: Hawaiian Koa

Body size: TenorTop: Hawaiian koaBack and sides: Hawiian koaTrim: Maple with white and black accentsHeadstock: Slotted with laser-etched mother-of-pearl inlayNeck: MahoganyFingerboard material: rosewoodFingermarkers:

We are going to discuss a tenor ukulele. Usually, Kala Hawaiian Koa Tenor Cutaway ukuleles are bigger than concert ukes, by at least 10%.

As a result, the different body sizes often affect the sound, making tenor ukuleles sound warmer, louder, and have a great base. So that’s why Tyler prefers the tenor ukulele for live performances.

kala hawaiian koa

The sound is Tyler’s favorite because of its richness and fullness. The high string tension of the ukulele enables Tyler to play most songs with ease. This ukulele is remarkable for live performances because it has more volume.

However, the ukulele sound hole is ‘cutaway.’ So it means that you can get your left hand up the fretboard and play all those high notes effortlessly and without obstruction. It helps Tyler shine every moment on the stage.

Plus, it also has a built-in tuner, which is fantastic and has a two-band EQ. It means that you can plug it into an amplifier that facilitates the live concert of Tyler Joseph.

cutaway ukulele

One more significant thing which Tyler loves is the Ukulele material, which is constructed from Hawaiian Koa. Hawaiian Koa is a very traditional ukulele wood that gives a lovely gloss finish to the uke and makes it super shiny.

It’s an excellent ukulele but a little pricey. So have to think if it’s magnificent for Tyler Joseph, it’s probably good enough for you as well!

Luna High Tide Series Koa Concert Ukulele

Luna High Tide Series Koa Concert Ukulele


  • Brand: Luna Guitars
  • Top Material Type: Rosewood, Mahogany, Koa Wood
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany, Nato, Koa
  • Instrument: Ukulele
  • Number of Strings: 4

Luna's 23" High-Tide Concert Ukulele takes it's inspiration from the full moon at the first fret which causes the abalone wave fret markers below it to "rise" as they make their way up the fretboard towards the moon's pull. The high tide series is crafted from exotic tropical hardwoods, and the Luna "full moon" sticker inside the sound hole is framed by an abalone ring. 

Tyler occasionally plays the Luna High Tide- concert ukulele as well. Tyler Joseph’s concert ukulele is in his collection for many reasons. Besides the standard features of a concert ukulele, it has many other features, such as its louder and warmer sound and a fantastic base.

luna high tide series

With Koa wood and a cutaway in half-moon style, you can easily access the fretboard for the top notes. Thus, it promotes a rich, full, and long-lasting sound on the concert uke.

Similarly, like the Kala tenor, this concert ukulele will also allow Tyler Joseph to reach high notes. In addition, you can plug it into an amplifier, which is a tremendous advantage when performing live.

The Custom Ukulele of Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph owns a custom ukulele by the Kala brand. Being a big star, Tyler also has a custom-built ukulele from Kala, which is not available in the open market for the public because of being made especially for him.

custom ukulele

It’s impossible to find another ukulele like this anywhere in the world. Truth to be told that the Three Cord Strand model producer has recently released a custom ukulele inspired by Tyler.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further. 

Does Tyler Joseph use a soprano ukulele?

No, Tyler Joseph is not using a soprano ukulele, so you have to check out the collection of Tyler as a reference for finding a high-quality ukulele for yourself! Tyler is a Kala Brand Musician.

Being a ukulele player, Tyler is most likely to play one of the KALA BRAND ukuleles. So, he uses tenor ukulele, concert ones, and custom ukulele rather than Soprano Ukulele.

What does Tyler Joseph play?

Tyler Joseph can play various music such as; Genres include Hip hop, alternative music, electro-pop, indie rock, rap, reggae, and alternative rock. He can also use different Musical instruments like Vocals, piano keyboards, synthesizer, ukulele bass guitar, and tambourine guitar.

What is the Most Commonly Used Ukulele?

Ukulele enthusiasts usually use the soprano ukulele. It makes the classic, traditional ukulele sound and is the most common size.

There is a reputation for ukuleles in this size range for their bright, jangly sound, and many people are familiar with its sound. There are typically 12-15 frets on these instruments, and the standard tuning is GCEA.


Finally, Tyler’s passion for the ukulele shines through in his compositions and performances. He’s changed people’s perceptions of the instrument and motivated a generation of new musicians to pick one up. in this article, we talked about “What Ukulele does Tyler use?


Tyler’s approach and tone, whether on an Ohana or a Kala, will be regarded as an original take on the ukulele. Tyler’s contributions to the ukulele community have been very astounding. With his distinct style and talent, he is certain to inspire future generations.

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