How to Set up Double Bass Pedal? – 2023

set up double bass pedal

Do people have a hard time finding out how to set up a double bass pedal or set up a double bass pedal with a hi-hat?

The setup of the double bass pedal will give a rhythmic sound with constant frequency and pitch. It glorifies the charms of music, and the audience finds it appealing and admirable.

Its arrangement is not much complicated, but it plays a vital role in music. There is no life without music because it brings charm and happiness to our lives. It is impossible to keep music and life apart. Also, drums play an indispensable role in all celebrations.

As a general rule, you attach the main pedal to the bass drum in the same way you would set a single pedal and situate the slave pedal near the right side of the hi-hat stand’s pedalboard.

So, to set up a double bass pedal, understand that how to set up a double bass pedal you must follow the instructions below.

How to Set Double Bass Pedal with Hi-hat

Hi-hats produce the sound with pressure, and they are important in rock music. Drummers control the sound by using feet and change the beats concerning the note. Now, how to set double bass pedal with the hi-hat? Following are the techniques you have to go through.

pedal with hi hat

Technique 1:

Mount two toms on every bass drum utilizing your equipment.

Technique 2:

Mount one tom on every bass drum and mount up to two extra toms on a substitute between the bass drums.

Technique 3:

Mount however many toms as you need on a rack set before the pack. Connect your other wanted cymbals to their stands.

Double Bass Pedal Distance

Mixer distance ought to be around 1/2″ to 2 crawls from the head in a rest state. Change the points and pressure to achieve that position. You will have three acclimations to explore different avenues regarding pedal pressure, blender the moment, and footboard stature.

bass pedal distance

Double Bass Pedal Working

To play “pairs” on the pedal, drummers can utilize three primary methods: slide, turn, or heel-toe. In the slide method, the pedal is struck around the central region with the wad of the foot. As the drum creates a sound, the toe is slid up the pedal.

Range of Double Bass Pedal

All in all, how would you set up a drum set with a twofold bass pedal? The customary arrangement is to connect the essential pedal to the bass drum as you would a solitary pedal and put the second slave pedal to one side of the howdy cap stand’s pedalboard.

Change of Point

Change the point of the blender by extricating the mixer point cam change square or Allen key bolt then, at that point, fix it back up. It’s ideal for making slight changes as an excessive amount of change, whichever way, will keep the mixer from striking the head.

change of point

Footboard Angle

Footboard Angle to change the footboard stature and point, relax the changing key screw on the highest end of the Rotor and slide the chain or lash forward or in reverse to accomplish the ideal footboard tallness. Then, at that point, fix the changing key screw. It will give better double bass pedal positioning.

Double Bass Pedal Positioning

The next important step in setting up the double bass pedal is the double bass pedal positioning. For doing this, we should know about the traditional setup. In the conventional design, first, we attach the primary pedal to a bass drum. To place the second pedal, slave the hi-hat to the right side.

There are some tricks to set up double bass pedal drums. It is beneficial to know about them. First, we should know about the term double bass pedal. It means that a drum has two pedals. These two pedals are master and slave pedals.

The master pedal has all springs and also contains beaters. A slave pedal is like a pedalboard. The connection of two pedals is through a metal rod called a drive shaft. We adjust the metal rod according to the need.

For proper double bass pedal positioning, the following things should be kept in mind:

Master Pedal Attachment

Attach the master pedal to the bass drum in the traditional manner. We use a toe clamp mechanism for it. This mechanism works by a wing nut. After attaching the pedal, you should test the pedal whether it is functionally correct or not.

master pedal attachment

Play a bit and adjust the pedal, if necessary. Before proceeding any more, you should make sure that your snare drum and hi-hat are correctly adjusted. It is done before completing the double pedal because it is not good to sacrifice the snare hi-hat for working the double bass pedal.

Slave Pedal

Then we place the slave pedal and is set to the right of the hi-hat pedal. It helps switch your foot between pedals. If there is no connection between pedals, there will be no tension between them.

For better double bass pedal positioning, connect the two pedals. The drive shaft binds them. Loosen the adjustment screws. It will help in the adjustment.

Test of Slave Pedal

After this, you will test the slave pedal like a master pedal. Play a bit with it and adjust if necessary. Other adjustments such as drum beater height and pedalboard deployment and cam position are made.

Installation of Double Bass Pedal

So, how do you install a double bass pedal? First of all, select the bass pedal, which is comfortable for you. There are three types of bass pedals: direct drive, chain drive, and belt drive. For beginners, the direct-drive pedals are best.

Place the bass pedals in your comfort zone. Connect both ideals. You can use a drum key to lock them at the desired height. The height of the pedalboard and beaters must be the same for the smooth playing of the drums.

double bass pedal

Placing beaters are also essential. You can change them as you want because they are separate. Set them in a way that they will hit at the center. This will produce more good sound with a good tone.

The final step is adjusting the tension between pedals. It depends on the user; he likes free or tight pedals. There is a screw, for it’s an adjustment. It is observed that a fast pedal will play well.  

Final Words of How to Set up Double Bass Pedal

Well! After reading this guide, we are sure that you know how to set up a double bass pedal yourself. It is also possible for you to make an Easy Installing of a double bass pedal.

Besides, the normal position of everything is essential for its structure and proper functioning. So, the double pedal part in the drum is also vital in producing the rhythmic beats. Now, the set is ready to play.

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