How to Play Wipeout on Drums? – 2023

play wipeout on drums

Have you ever wanted to be a wipeout drummer in any musical band? If you are a beginner and do not know how to play wipeout on drums, do not fret.

Wipeout is a strenuous song that is very easy to learn. Only those people can understand it who have the discretion and knowledge of beats. And those people are marvelously unique.

How do you know that you have the sense of beats and can easily grip the learning strategies of wipeout? Do you ever start moving your jaws against each other unconsciously with the rhythms of the music you are listening to? Or you ever felt that you are moving your body with the tunes of music. If so, then mark it that surprisingly you have the beats knowledge.

A person possessing such attributes can be a good artist. Other people should not despair for not having these attributes because nothing is impossible. They can insert this talent in themselves through their practice.

Technique to Play Wipeout on Drums

Following are some valuable tips to play wipeouts on drums.

Wipeout is played in quick succession using a simple drum pattern. Make one accented stroke per hand as in a single stroke roll.

In the first step, make the two-note sound four times. In the second step, use the three-note sound two times. In the end, make a two-note sound for once.

technique to play wipeout

Memorize this pattern by practicing again and again. Use the drum pads to practice silently. It will rebound your sticks, and you can warm up before your performance.

You can use a metronome to ensure your rehearsal steadily. Start with a steady speed of approximately 70-100 beats per minute and gradually increase up to 150 bpm.

In the last, you can use your other hand and play the full pattern. Use a bass drum when you aim to highlight the accent.

How We Can Play Wipeout

First, we should have the best interpretation of accented and non-accented beats. Also, adjust the stick height numbers corresponding with notes because it affects the softness and loudness of the music. Do not overextend your wrist while drumming with the stick. Hold the stick a little high (not more than three stick height numbers) and beat the drum.

While beating, you need to focus on stick control, like when you blow the accent, exert pressure, especially on opposite sides with your fingers. It stops the stick over the drum and prevents the loud and complex sound. In case of loose or no-stick control, most of the beats will be loud.

how can play wipeout

Make sure that the music does not sound harsh and rough with loud notes. Carefully control when to produce accented and when to create non-accented beats. Count the beats so that the bass drum pattern does not shake off the song. We prefer you to practice strike sticking means when you blow the drum, do not make haste to withdraw your stick away.

Please do not make the sticking fast, and let it be continuous to insert your accents. Do this strike sticking for five times and in the last do a bit different? After the sixth measure, make a crashing sound on crash cymbals and then move on to the following accent. Crashing the cymbal indicates the end of one accent and the start of the other accent.

What Are the Difficulties?

When they start learning wipeout on drums, many people ask few questions like, “is wipeout hard to play on drums?” the answer is no. Wipeout is not hard to play on drums if you have practiced. A beginner may find it a bit arduous. Start it at a steady accent using any phone app or metronome and accelerate the speed when you feel relaxed.

Try to use your wrist, palm, and fingers of your hand while playing. Most beginners find difficulty in departing the solo returning to the timekeeping part without substituting the pace. Another frequently asked question is, “has anyone died from wipeout?” no one has died from playing wipeout on drums.

There are no direct casualties associated with drum wipeouts, but it may cause some damage to those who are susceptible to audible issues and play it vigorously more often. Some people with tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are also reported with previous drumming history.

How to Perform Quick Drumming?

As a beginner or intermediate drummer, you should know the difference between note spacing and timing because both problems are signs that may affect your general festive. Ensure that you have a click track that helps you to prevent acceleration while practicing.

Try to play your notes in unity and use two hands on hi-hats and toms to get the sound like one note. When you start beating your stick to the hi-hats, note the time and throw your post on the snare simultaneously. To avoid note spacing, make sure that all the notes are consistent and falling on the correct point.

Keeping in mind these few guidelines, any intermediate drummer or a beginner can perform quick or fast drumming very efficiently.

Things to Take Care

A beginner should take care of three things such as transitions, groove, and timing. Before learning any drumming lesson like wipeout, every beginner should focus on time. A drum job with bad timing sound like noise with fluctuations dropped and added beats in the notes. If you are facing problems related to note spacing, make small subdivisions.

things to take care

If you face trouble with quarter notes, move to eighth notes and sixteenth notes in case of a problem with eight notes. It will eradicate the timing issue. When you get better timing, you can move to larger subdivisions.

Final Words of How to Play Wipeout on Drums

We have explained to you the essentials about how to play wipeout on drums in a much-clarified manner. You can practice the wipeout song on drums with the pattern and mechanism mentioned above. We prefer you to watch some video tutorials to understand the drum-playing technique much better.

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