What Guitar Does Patrick Stump Play? – 2023

Guitars have long been regarded as an essential tool for musicians in the creation of music. For many, the right guitar can make or break their sound. So, What Guitar Does Patrick Stump Play? who is a lead vocalist of Fall Out Boy.

As a well-known artist, Stump’s choice of guitar has sparked significant debate among fans and musicians alike. Some claim he plays a Fender Stratocaster, while others claim he plays a Gibson Les Paul. But what exactly is the truth?

This article will investigate the enigma surrounding Patrick Stump’s guitar and what makes it so unique. We’ll take a closer look at the instrument that has helped shape Stump’s sound, from its history to the unique features that make it the perfect choice for him.

Who is Patrick Stump?

Patrick Vaughn Stump is a singer, songwriter, record producer, music critic, and actor best known for his work with the band ‘Fall Out Boy.’ He is also a songwriter, vocalist, musician, and pianist.

The multi-talented Illinois native has established himself as one of the top artists in contemporary America. He also performs solo, with his music characterized as “funky and R&B flavored.”

funky and

He has also been bestowed with the ace magazine Billboards among the best singers in the soul punk tag, from Under the Cork Tree sold over 8 million copies in the U.S. and Canada. Patrick Stump is also known for his amazing guitar skills. He only used guitars strung by his guitar tech with the strings of his choice.

Stump was a part-time hero also who saved the life of a singer, Pete Wentz when he attempted suicide. He plays the electric guitar, the bass guitar, and the drums. He also plays guitar solos and riffs.

Patrick Stump Guitar

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Here is the best guitar from the Stump Signature Series Gretsch. Stump’s own signature guitar was the G6128T-59 which was a stump o Matic Electromatic that went everywhere with Patrick Stump Tours. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Gretsch G6128T-59

This is one of the first guitars you’ll notice while seeing Patrick Stump play! The Gretsch G6128T-59 is a stylish and distinctive guitar that pays homage to a classic. Gretsch Guitars G6128T-59 is a great instrument.

This guitar is designed for players who like a heavy, aggressive tone. This model is equipped with a pair of G6128 single coil pickups, providing an amplified guitar tone reminiscent of classic Gretsch guitars from the ’50s and ’60s.

These pickups feature a ceramic magnet and a split-coil for increased versatility. It’s the most popular electric guitar ever made. Since its introduction in 1952, the Gretsch guitar has been used by artists and musicians such as Jimmy Page, Joe Trohman, Ernie Ball, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Paul McCartney, Billy Gibbons, Mark Knopfler, and more.

With its sleek and modern appearance, the G6128T-59 offers a distinctive look that fits any player’s personality. Its clean, bright tone is perfect for live performances and recording sessions.

gretsch g6128t59

The G6128T-59 has a mahogany body with a maple top, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. The G6128T-59 comes with a Humbucker pickup, a preamp with tone and volume controls, and a 3-way toggle switch.

This guitar is equipped with the Gretsch Dual Soundhole™ Pickup System. The Gretsch Guitar G6128T-59 Electric Guitar also comes with the Gretsch Tune-O-Matic Electronic Tuning System.

The Gretsch Guitar G6128T-59 Electric Guitar also comes with the Gretsch Black Beauty Bridge. The Gretsch Guitars G6128T-59 Electric Guitar comes with a 5 position switch for choosing the treble or bass tone. It also comes with a 5 position volume control to make it easier to adjust the volume of the Gretsch Guitars G6128T-59 Electric Guitar.

Other Guitars Played By Patrick Stump

 Other guitars played by Patrick Stump include several Gibson guitars, Les Paul guitars, string through body design guitars, and Gretsch stump o Matic Electromatic guitars. Let’s dive into the details of these guitars.

1. Gretsch Electromatic G5230T

This guitar was originally designed by Bill Lawrence in the late 1960s for the Gretsch company. He envisioned a guitar that would feature a traditional look with a modern design.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that the concept was revived and used on a few models of the Gretsch line. Since then, the G5230T has become a popular guitar amongst both beginners and experienced guitarists alike.

Gretsch has always been known for its great-sounding guitars. They have even gone beyond their usual product and started offering guitars with different types of wood to suit different people’s preferences.

gretsch g5230t

The Gretsch Electromatic Collection G5230T Guitar is one of those products, where the company has created guitars made from different types of wood like Black Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, and more. This guitar has six strings and an open E-A-D-G-B-E configuration, which is perfect for both beginners and advanced guitar players.

This model comes with a mahogany neck, mahogany fretboard, and mahogany body. All these materials are used to give you a great sound. This guitar has also been given a chrome hardware finish.

2. Gibson SG

If you don’t know, SG refers to “solid guitar” and has been played by some of the best rockers of all time, like AC/Angus DC’s Young, Eric Clapton, and Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi. The Gibson SG is a classic from a company known for producing high-quality instruments. There’s just something about a rock-solid SG that screams rock n roll.

The Gibson SG is a standard electric guitar that features an acoustic-type body with a single cutaway design and alder-veneer upper bracing. The body is constructed with a mahogany body, alder neck, and rosewood fingerboard.

gibson sg

The top features a set of bound ebony frets. The Gibson SG has a black, chrome-plated pickguard with a mother of pearl logo. There are three humbucking pickups and one single coil on this guitar, which allow you to customize the tone. It includes a neck pickup and a middle pickup along with master volume and g arrow knobs to control the tone and sound.

There are also Grover tuners on the headstock, which help to ensure the best tuning stability. The SG Standard electric guitar has a scale length of 25.9″, perfect for various playing styles.

The three-way pickup gives you a choice of different tones that are perfect for blues, rock, country, or metal. The neck is joined to the body at the 12th fret. This guitar also has a Floyd Rose tremolo system and a standard stop tailpiece.

3. Epiphone SG

Gibson guitars are notoriously expensive. Fortunately, Epiphone has created a less expensive alternative to the regular Gibson SG! This guitar, designed and made in tribute, gives the SG sensation at a reasonable price that practically everyone can afford!

Epiphone SG is a 6-string electric guitar. This is Epiphone’s most popular electric guitar since its introduction in 1952. It is made out of Mahogany with a Rosewood fretboard. This electric guitar features a mahogany body construction.

epiphone sg

The body is shaped like a “C” with the top rounded into a perfect “S” shape, creating the classic look. The neck is designed to feature a 1.68″ radius at the 12th fret, so you can play fast and easy with your favorite songs.

The mahogany fingerboard has 24 medium jumbo frets that are finished in rosewood. The Epiphone SG electric guitar comes complete with the Epiphone logo on the headstock and a case.

The SG series guitars feature some unique features, such as an adjustable truss rod, adjustable neck joint, and a vibrato bar. The SG series also features a “push-pull” toggle switch. This is used to change the string gauge, which allows you to play different notes on the guitar.

4. Gibson J-200 Studio Acoustic Guitar

The Gibson J-200 Studio Acoustic Guitar is a beautifully crafted instrument that offers great value for your money. Built with premium quality materials, it has a distinctive warm tone and an easy-to-play design.

It features a double-cutaway body and a slim neck with 22 medium jumbo frets. The mahogany neck is a versatile platform, while the rosewood fingerboard is comfortable and easy to play.

The Gibson J-200 Studio Acoustic Guitar comes with Fishman Aura electronics, which makes it a great choice for any player. It features a full-range sound with four bands for precise control over the tonal character of your guitar.

gibson j200

You can choose from three types of strings, including bronze, nickel, and steel. It is an ideal instrument for beginners, intermediate players, and more advanced players. It is an attractive instrument that can be played by both left-handed and right-handed players.

It is designed and manufactured for easy playing of music by the guitar player. The guitar is available in black and white colors. It has a good-looking appearance. It comes with a Fishman Aura-EQ electronics system.

This guitar has a classic sound with its 5 way of switching on the bridge and a 3-band EQ. The J-200 Studio has a Fishman Aura electronic pickup and an EMG 50/100 series humbucker in the bridge position.

It also features Gibson’s new dual humbuckers that allow you to switch from an octave lower to an octave higher by flipping a toggle switch on the side of the bridge. The J-200 is equipped with a Fishman electronics and bridge.

5. Ovation MT37-5

Ovation has been making some of the finest instruments for musicians for over 75 years. Ovation has been an industry leader in acoustic and electric guitar design for many years, and its products have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality and sound.

The Ovation MT37-5 Acoustic Guitar is a professional-level acoustic guitar made by Ovation. The Ovation MT37-5 comes from the factory with a setup geared towards a more “traditional” acoustic sound. It features a 5-string solid spruce top and a Mahogany body with a deep “contour.”

It is a solid-body instrument and features a classic-looking headstock and fretboard. With a deep contour composite body, bound solid spruce top in the black, stained walnut bridge, and compensated saddle, this acoustic guitar has a solid bass sound.

ovation mt37-5

The neck of this guitar is constructed of a slim maple neck and bound ebony fingerboard with 1 11/16″ nut. The Ovation MT37-5 Acoustic Guitar is equipped with a pre-EQ and built-in tuner.

The electronics are housed in a black finish with a “7” truss rod cover, and the truss rod cover is located between the bridge and the saddle. The body is made of a deep contour composite, while the neck is made of solid spruce.

The Ovation MT37-5 Acoustic Guitar is a truly professional-level acoustic guitar, which is recommended for all players. This guitar has a deeply contoured body, made from solid spruce with a stained ebony fingerboard and a walnut bridge.

It has a slim maple neck and bound ebony fingerboard, and 22 frets. The Ovation MT37-5 is set up for easy playability and comes with a black OP-Pro preamp and OCP1K pickup. It has volume control and a built-in tuner, along with tone control, a three-band equalizer, and a low, mid, and high-pass filter.

6. Gretsch G6118T-135

The G6118T-135 is a limited edition two-tone Gretsch guitar inspired by the Gretsch family and Gretsch’s 125th anniversary. It is a stunning tribute to Gretsch’s past and future.

The G6118T-135 is a two-tone guitar, featuring a dark cherry finish and metallic silver finish. It is finished with a solid maple body and a two-piece mahogany neck. The G6118T-135 features a solid spruce top with solid maple back and sides, and a two-piece mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard.

It features a Gretsch pickup configuration, bridge system,  neck joint, and tailpiece. It also features a 3/4″ control cavity with volume and tone controls. The G6118T-135 is perfect for any type of music, from rock, blues, country, and jazz to metal.

gretsch g6118t

This guitar is designed and manufactured with the utmost care, craftsmanship, and technology to make a great-sounding guitar with outstanding playability.

This is a well-balanced guitar that has a very clear and precise sound. It is made with a mahogany body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. The guitar has 3 single coil humbuckers that can produce both bright and warm tones.

It has a set of Floyd Rose tremolo systems that provides a good sustain and is compatible with Martin’s EMG active electronics. This guitar has a classic Gretsch-style body that is a great choice for those who want a retro-looking guitar but still want to play in a modern and contemporary way.

The guitar bridge consists of a heavy-duty cast metal bracket that attaches to the guitar body via a threaded post, a bridge plate that attaches to the bracket and holds the strings in place, and an adjustable stop screw. Adjusting the stop screw allows the user to control the string tension and tune the guitar to perfect pitch.

Gadgets Used By Patrick Stump

Let’s have a look at some other gadgets used by Patrick Stump while playing guitars.

Orange Amplifiers DA15H Dark Terror 15

Patrick Stump likes Orange and Krank amps! Orange is a well-known brand noted for its insane levels of distortion, which Fall Out Boy and Stump surely exploit. DA15H is a modernized version of Orange’s legendary Dark Terror pedal.

DA15H Dark Terror 15 is a professional guitar amplifier for the gigging musician or the studio musician. This is an extremely powerful 2×10″ combo amp with a great tone, great sound, and loads of power. This amp will make all other guitar amps pale by comparison.

This 15-watt amplifier can drive even the most powerful electric guitar. With the 15-watt Dark Terror 15, you can create a driving and clear sound that will allow you to express yourself in any situation.

orange amplifiers da15H

The Dark Terror 15 will provide you with a clean and crisp tone, with plenty of headroom to unleash the full sound of your guitar. The Dark Terror 15 also offers three input channels, so you can mix the different tones from various amps, pedals, and effects into a single channel.

The Dark Terror 15 uses Orange’s new “Active Gain Control” technology to provide you with a balanced and transparent signal path, ensuring that you don’t lose any signal along the way.

The Active Gain Control is a true gain control that allows you to change the gain without having to make any changes to the volume or the tone controls. All of these features combine to provide high quality and versatile guitar amplifier, ready to handle any situation.

It features a dual overdrive circuit that has been designed to deliver a dark and powerful tone without any of the unwanted coloration or harmonics that plague most modern pedal designs.

The Dark Terror features a true bypass function which means no extra noise or artifacts when not in use. It features the same great Orange tone that earned the Dark Terror its reputation, but in a smaller, easier-to-use package.

KRANK Krankenstein Head

Krankenstein has been building power heads since 1988. The quality of their products and customer service have earned them a reputation of being a reputable company. The Krankenstein Head Plus 120 Watt Amp Head is a great value.

The Head Plus is made from heavy-duty plywood construction and has a 3/8″ thick high-quality aluminum bound and riveted extrusion with steel ball corners, rust-resistant hardware, and a durable powder coat finish.

krank krankenstein head

There is a 4 spring-loaded recessed latches and 2 spring-loaded recessed handles with rubber grips on the inside of the cabinet for easy access. The interior of the cabinet is lined with 1 1/2″ foam for a quiet, vibration-free environment. It also has a 1-inch foam-filled lid. The head features a 120-watt 2×10 tube amplifier and includes the power cord and speaker wire.

KRANK Krankenstein Head Plus 120 Watt AMP Head is a high-quality, professional-grade amp head with 120 watts of power. This amp head is ideal for stage performance, studio recording, or home entertainment use.

The KRANK Krankenstein Head Plus 120 Watt Amp Head is built with three 8″ x 8″ black PVC plywood cabinets with heavy-duty aluminum bound and riveted construction. It is made to withstand any weather conditions, including moisture, dust, and dirt.

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb

Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb is a professional digital reverb pedal. It is equipped with a built-in speaker, an effects loop, an analog delay, and more. It is very easy to control the sound and the effect of this reverb pedal.

The Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb is a perfect choice for studio musicians, and live performers, as well as a great addition to any home studio. The RV-5 offers a massive 16-channel reverb in a compact package.

boss rv5

With the RV-5, you can create stunning, complex tones that simply can’t be achieved with other effects. Its 16 channels offer a wide variety of reverb types, from subtle echo to lush, cavernous halls.

The RV-5 comes with a stereo input jack, a balanced XLR output, and a USB port, which allows you to record your reverbs directly to your computer. You can even use the RV-5 as a stand-alone unit, and connect it to your computer via the included USB cable.

It is equipped with a built-in speaker, an effects loop, an analog delay, and more. It is very easy to control the sound and the effect of this reverb pedal. It features a versatile digital reverb with up to 64 different presets, eight different effect types, two-band equalization, four-band parametric EQ, and one-knob level control.

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator is an electric acoustic simulator guitar that plays like an acoustic guitar. This Boss Electric Guitar gives you the authentic sound of a traditional acoustic guitar while still providing the benefits of an electric instrument.

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator is the best way to get into the acoustic world of music production with Boss’ AC-3 Acoustic Simulator.

You can use the AC-3 for both vocals and instruments, offering a realistic tone and response for any type of recording application. With the AC-3 you will be able to create a wide variety of sounds for any style of music, from pop to rock and beyond.

boss ac-3

The AC-3 features the same high-quality components as its flagship counterparts in the AC-1 and AC-2 series, including its innovative XR mic preamp with 4-band EQ, dual-channel compressor and reverb effects, dual XLR outputs, and dual speaker outputs.

This Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator is a reverb pedal with a built-in acoustic sound source. It is an acoustic simulator that can mimic acoustic instruments like a piano, harpsichord, and guitar.

The AC-3 comes complete with a Boss BOSS P/U pedal, Boss BF-5 BassFret® Fretboard Footpedal, Boss Pedals USB Cable, Boss Tone Zone™ III, and Boss VibraChick® Vibration System.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

Who is Patrick Stump?

Patrick Vaughn Stump is a singer, songwriter, record producer, music critic, and actor best known for his work with the band ‘Fall Out Boy.’ He is also a songwriter, vocalist, musician, and pianist. The multi-talented Illinois native has established himself as one of the top artists in contemporary America.

Which guitars does Patrick Stump play?

He played various guitars but the most important one is Gretsch G6128T-59. Some other guitars are Gibson J-200, Epiphone SG, and Gretsch Electromatic G5230T.

Is Patrick Stump a good singer?

Patrick Stump can also sing fast-paced, melismatic phrases in the middle voice, as heard on Fall Out Boy’s album Folie a Deux. Besides being a great singer, Patrick is a folk singer and also played drums.

His belting range conveys a lot of sound with surprising ease, despite the fact that the genre he sings in normally requires more strain and tension than standard pop music.

What amplifier does Patrick Stump use?

Patrick Stump likes Orange and Krank amps! Orange is a well-known brand noted for its insane levels of distortion, which Fall Out Boy and Stump surely exploit.

Why did Patrick Stump change his name?

Patrick Martin Stumph is a musician and producer from Chicago. He is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Fall Out Boy. When he joined Fall Out Boy, he altered the spelling of his name to ‘Stump’ to prevent misunderstanding over its pronunciation.


Finally, Patrick Stump is a gifted musician who has been delighting people for many years. He is best known as the lead singer and guitarist for the band Fall Out Boy. He’s also an accomplished songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

and the drums

Patrick Stump consistently delivers powerful, emotive, and inspiring performances that resonate with audiences worldwide, whether he is playing rock, pop, punk, or anything in between. We’ve discussed what Guitar Does Patrick Stump Play?

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