How to Make a Cheap Drum Set Sound Good? – 2023

make a cheap drum set

If you have a drum set but do not know how to make a cheap drum set sound good? Then no worries. This is not much difficult, and you can professionally tune your drum set. You have to follow some tips and tricks about the tuning of drums and enjoy your drum set better. But wait, do you about the tuning of the drum?

Drum tuning is a technique for setting the drum on a particular frequency and pitch to sound well and pleasing. Like all musical instruments, drum sets are also unpitched instruments. Drums also have specific overtones. Not all drums need tuning, and some have fixed tunes.

Tips on How to Make a Cheap Drum Set Sound Good

Well, wondering “how can I make cheap drums sound good?” So, you can tune your drum set by tightening strings or rods on the drum body. There are some ways by which you can make a cheap drum set sound better:

Changing Drum Heads Timely

Sometimes, you do not even know how long you can use older drum heads. Significantly damaged and dented drum heads affect the quality of sound. This may impart adverse effects on the resonance of sound being produced.

Your drum head may be apparently in excellent condition, but it may need to be changed. A flat but not good-looking drum head is much better than fresh-looking bad one.

Waxing the Drum Bearing Edges

You can use bee-wax or paraffin. There is no need to heat evenly. Apply a wax piece on the drum edge and rub it over the edge area. Why should we use this?

drum bearing edges

Using wax on the drum edge will reduce the friction and resistance between the shell and head of the drum. This will increases the contact between the drum head and bearing edge. This will surely make a cheap drum set sound well and pleasing.

Do Not be Overhasty While Tuning the Drum

Tuning the drum is very dull and laborious work, particularly for inexperienced ones. Taking your time and adjusting the drum with patience will help you in the future.

First, it will reward you back in the form of professionally made sound. And secondly, it will increase your practice for tuning the drum.

As you know, Drum tuning is based on practice, practice and practice. So take your time when you are tuning your drum set.

Proper Fitting of Drum Head

Using an older drum may cause a problem in the fitting of the drum head. This will negatively affect the sound. Ensure that the drum heads are fitted adequately in the drum, and drum heads freely vibrate without interruptions.

fitting of drum head

If the drum head is not vibrating correctly, you can trim back your plastic until the drum head is freely shaking.

Cymbal Testing

Most people do not even know that when your test cymbal with a stick at different lengths or different points and other bar ends, the sound produced will be completely different in each case.

You can use this testing and practice it. This will help you in making the cheap brass drum sounds better. You may have heard about “You get what you pay for.” Usually, cymbals in cheap drum sets are of inferior quality and can sound as bad as trach bin lid sound.

Your whole hard work may ruin just because of one part of the drum set. i.e., poor-quality cymbal. You cannot compromise on it because this is a crucial part of the drum set. The standard quality cymbal is not cheap, so you have to invest in purchasing a good one.

Using an Electric Tuner

If you are in a time shortage issue and cannot wait for proper tuning by giving more time to tuning, you can automate an electric tuner, which may help you enhance the accuracy and help you a lot in time-saving.

electric tuner

You can set your drums very professionally by using a tuner. On the other hand, a tuner will automatically help you improve your hearing skills about what you listen to at different pitches and frequencies.

Drum Dampening

Some overtones may be very problematic in the cheap drum; you can quickly deal with it by following the dampening technique. You can kill troublesome overtones by rubbing dampening gel on the edges of the drum. This will surely increase the quality of sound being produced.

Adding a Drum Bass Port

The drum head is very tightly fitted, so it may be very vibrating and having high resonance. It will provide you a bunch of benefits. First, it will decrease over resonance of the drum and help you make a pleasing sound from the drum.

Secondly, it will act as a ventilation port for air transfer through the drum. There will be no extra air pressure, and it will help in making an excellent sound. Thirdly, this port will act as a mechanical support for the right microphone at the proper place.

Better Snares

The last step to answer your question, “how can I make my drums sound better?” is using better snares. If your snares are too old, this may affect the music very severely. If your snares are lagging, crossing each other, bent, or significantly damaged, it is time to change them in very first leisure.

You can buy cheap snare from a local shop, and this may even work well. A large number of wires means more sensitivity in snares, and it sounds more professional.

Final Verdict of How to Make a Cheap Drum Set Sound Good

Proper oiling, waxing, fitting, taking care of drum heads, and all will help make cheap drum sets sound good? Changing the damaged material and parts before they are completely ruined and damaging other drum set posts is critical.

This will help you make the drum sound well and in a professional style. Drums are relatively more sensitive and more perplexing. Even a piano is easy in tuning and all than a drum set adjustments and management.

The only solution to this is to give time to the drum set for maintenance. In this way, you can make your drum set sounds better. If you have any further queries on how to make a cheap drum set sound good, ask us in the comments.

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