How Much is a Steinway Grand Piano? Best Guide – 2023

how much is a steinway srand piano

The Steinway grand piano is one of the most renowned and respected instruments in the world. Known for its exceptional sound quality, craftsmanship, and beauty, a Steinway grand piano is a true work of art. But just how much does a Steinway grand piano cost?

The answer is not a simple one as the price of a Steinway grand piano can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as the model, the age of the piano, and more. In this article, we’ll explore the different factors that determine the cost of a Steinway grand piano.

The model is what affects a Steinway grand piano’s price the most. There are several types of Steinway grand pianos, each with special characteristics and varying price ranges. The Model M, Model O, and Model S are the most widely used models.

What Factors Specify the Value of Piano?

As we mentioned earlier, pianos (Steinway) prices depend on several factors, including the design, size, model, and condition.

specify the value of piano

1. Design and Finishing:

Pianos come in different designs, which are separated from each other based on their finishing. This is a significant factor that creates thousands of dollars difference in price. Let us take Steinway D piano as an example.

The Steinway D model has two designs, one polished in Ebony or Satin finish, and the other is polished with Mahogany finish. Just due to this finishing difference, the price varies up to $30,000. The former model costs around $171,100 while the latter is sold at $200,000.

If you want a model that has a unique finish, you will have to pay more. These finishes include white or engraving and the most expensive Indian Rosewood and Dark Cherry. So, you get different prices for different models depending on the finish.

2. Entire Size:

Another striking factor that influences the piano price is its size. The final cost of your Steinway piano can be estimated from its size. If the instrument is big, it means that more material is used in manufacturing. So, the price will be high in comparison to the small piano.

entire size

Moreover, the action parts are numerous in bigger piano, and its performance is also enhanced with multiple features. They will offer extra tone and will look attractive than other pianos. Simply, you can say that bigger pianos cost more.

Note that sometimes, a small piano also costs higher than the bigger one. But it depends on some other factors, including the brand name, design, condition, and performance. In the case of Steinway, you can face this dilemma.

3. Current Market Value:

The price of new Steinway pianos keeps changing up to notable value, but the price has a lower impact for used Steinway pianos. But if the cost of new Steinways increases, the price of used Steinways will also increase.

For selling a used Steinway piano, you will get a percentage of the corresponding model. New models can be sold for a higher price, while old models will give you little bucks. For instance, a 2004 Steinway B model is worth up to $50,000, and that of recent models is up to $110,000. 

Still, the antique piece in the market that is an older model can cost much higher. For example, a 1950 Steinway B is worth about $60,000. This is related to the choice of a pianist, and thus the price is more.

4. Piano Condition:

Condition is the most important factor that makes a greater impact on the price of every piano, including Steinway. Although Steinways are the best brand of pianos, if not maintained well can lose their value.

piano condition

A new Steinway piano that has no ownership in the past is tuned and gives the best performance as needed. This is why you have to pay every asking price. So, for beginner pianists, buying a new piano for starting their journey is challenging.

Every used Steinway piano forces you to think before you get into the deal. You will confuse when you contact the 1998 model in good condition and the 1920 model in awful condition. Now, how much does a Steinway piano cost? Let’s discuss each by their models and sizes.

Price Based on Model and Size

The cost of a new 5 foot and 1 inch Steinway S piano at this time is $69,700. Smaller Steinways of the models, i.e., A, B, L, M, O, cost from $74,300 to $129,000. However, larger Steinway pianos such as the 9 feet model D cost about $170,000.

price based on model and size

In the case of used Steinways, the average price drop by some percentage. You can compare the price based on the performance. The seller will charge you 46% to 48% of the original price of a piano old by 10 to 15 years. 

We are not going to put a long list of pianos and their model. You can estimate the prices based on the above calculations.

Final Words:

To sum up, a Steinway grand piano might cost anywhere between $20,000 to over $200,000. A number of elements, such as the model, the piano’s age, and its state, affect the price of a Steinway grand piano. It’s crucial to take your budget into account.

do your research on the various models to choose which one is best for you. A Steinway grand piano is a genuine investment in music that will last a lifetime, regardless of your level of experience. That’s all about how much is a Steinway grand piano for now. Good Luck!

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