What Guitar Does Harry Styles Have?

Harry Styles, the former One Direction member has taken the music world by storm with his deep voice and distinct design sense. However, his abilities as a guitarist are sometimes neglected. Fans are wondering What Guitar Does Harry Styles Have?

In 2010, he was chosen to compete in the British edition of the X-Factor. He did not win, but his talent prompted him to assist Liam Payne and Zayn Malik in the formation of One Direction. While a member of One Direction, he released five albums.

Harry has utilized a range of instruments to compose his music, from acoustic to electric, each with its own distinct tale. In this post, we’ll look at Harry Styles’ guitars and look at the many models he’s used during his career.

Top 3 Guitars Harry Styles Have

Let’s have a look at some of the multiple professional-grade guitars used by Harry styles.

1. Gibson ES350T: Harry Styles Go-To Guitar

Styles has been spotted playing this stunning, hollow-bodied, creamy-colored guitar at a variety of occasions and events. He originally performed his song Ever Since New York with this guitar on Saturday Night Live.

Throughout Harry Styles, this guitar has also been seen and played. The songs Kiwi and Carolina, as well as several live performances, were heavily included on the album Behind the Album, which was made available on Apple Music.

For those with tiny hands or those who want to play extremely bluesy solos or jazz chords, they are fantastic. It is a terrific friend if you play jazz, blues, or old rock.

Before 1957, it came with two P 90 pickups, and from then on till the present, it has two PAF humbucker pickups, which instantly turn this baby into a banger as you plug it in.

2. Martin D28

Martin D28 has a dovetail neck joint on a square shoulder dreadnought. Due to its extraordinary projection and top-notch tone, this 1930 original is still in production today.

This guitar possesses the depth and crispness that guitar enthusiasts find compelling.

Martin D-28 has some fantastic, lush vocal harmonies that create a stunning voice. This guitar has been a staple in both Harry Styles’ live and television performances. Usually, he performs his song Two Ghosts and the Little Big Town song Girl Crush while using this guitar.

3. Gibson Trans Ebony

The Trans Black-finished Gibson Dove Custom from 2016 is stunning. The guitar has a Sitka spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, and a maple neck. The woods are of excellent quality, and the images make the finish look darker.

The usage of Imperial tuners is one of this guitar’s coolest features. These are the high-end tuners that are typically saved for the pricey Gibson SJ-200s.

On SNL in 2017, Harry  first appeared playing this guitar while introducing his brand-new song, “Ever Since New York.” Since then, he has also covered 1D’s song “Stockholm Syndrome” and performed “Kiwi” and “Carolina” using this Gibson.

Other Acoustic Guitars

It is uncertain whether Harry owns the other more popular acoustic guitars he has used in some live sessions and performances or if they were only borrowed. However, here is an overview of some Harry Styles guitars for guitar lovers.

Some of these were used for solo performances, while others were used for intimate sessions at several live shows.

Fender Malibu

In a photograph, he is shown playing a black Fender Malibu with stickers while seated in a studio.

The guitar is easy to play and has a good sound. Although it can’t produce much low-frequency presence, it can produce a lot of mid-treble noise and doesn’t sound at all unpleasant. If you wanted to switch up your guitars, it would be convenient for recording music.

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic

Taylor GS Mini is a Harry styles guitar that he loved for solo performances. When touring or traveling, this acoustic guitar is lightweight and simple to play.

Although the fretboard may be too short for some chord inversions and large hands, these guitars have superb tonal quality and perform admirably in terms of volume.

Fender Telecaster 1970 (Arctic White)

This stunning guitar was produced following the 51′ White Fender Telecaster. It is difficult to locate on a reseller website and only has a bridge pickup.

Although it appears to have been tampered with and has a worn-down appearance, I believe it to be made of a solid ash body and a maple fretboard with 21 frets. He probably loves playing this guitar the most because it is a workhorse.

Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar

At the 14/12/2019 release concert for his second album, “Fine Line,” Harry played a Fender Jazzmaster. Similar to a Les Paul, the Jazzmaster has a typical three-way toggle.

The Jazzmaster uses a pickup that is considerably flatter and wider and creates a full, pleasant tone. This makes it stand out from the rest.

Sennheiser SKM 5200-II

He may be seen using a Sennheiser SKM 5200-II in the “Behind the Album” Documentary by Harry Styles that was made available on Apple Music.

The Late Late Show with James Corden, Saturday Night Live, and most recently, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show can all be seen him using this while performing.

Harry Styles Guitar Components

Here is an overview of amplifiers, pedals, and Microphones used by Harry Styles.


Naturally, one of the amps we see him utilizing in his Abbey Studio concerts is a fender model, given his clean-sounding indie-folk style. The Twin Reverb Silverface, to be exact. Specs:

The ’68 Custom Twin Reverb’s design and manufacturing are unmistakably Fender, something the company excels at.

With superior internal components, this amplifier justifies its higher-end price. These include two 12′′ Celestion G12V 70 speakers that can produce an incredible 85 watts of power, four hand-wired 6L6 power tubes, six preamp tubes, and vintage-spec Schumacher transformers.


TC Electronic Polytune

With some intriguing new features, like the new buffer mode, this is a conventional tuner pedal. The pedal can be used in its traditional mode, or you can use the updated version, which was modeled after the Bona Fide buffer from the same company.

This enables us to utilize it with long cords that can degrade the signal and also keep the tuner display active even while we’re listening to music.

T-Rex Engineering FuelTank Classic Power Supply

An effective power source for pedalboards. Pricey, yet worthwhile when compared to other available power supplies.

It has no grounding issues, doesn’t contribute to the noise your pedals already make, and is smaller than other power sources, so it fits better in the pedalboards.


Sennheiser e935

This sturdy metal microphone may pick up even low frequencies, and switching between treble and bass is effortless.

It has a hum compensating coil that prevents any kind of vibration that could affect your vocals, making it ideal for live performances and recording sessions.

Sennheiser SKM 5200 II

Given its excellent performance/stage capabilities, this wireless microphone commands a very high price. The device has an almost infinite wireless range, and the frequency response is excellent.

Harry Styles, along with other artists, uses this microphone during live performances.


In this section, we will answer a few faqs to clear your mind further.

How many albums did Harry Styles sell?

The first solo album by Harry Styles, which sold over a million copies, ranked ninth among all albums sold globally in 2017, which is quite impressive. He loved political messaging through his songs, especially about racial equality issues and black lives matter.

Why did he leave One Direction?

He left the band after feeling insecure about his musical abilities and wanting to focus on his own music.

How old was Harry Styles when he started playing guitar?

He started to play guitar at the age of 10. To learn guitar playing, he used several guitars, such as a Gibson es 350t and an electric guitar.

Did Harry play any instruments other than the guitar?

He also plays drums and piano. Harry Styles play among famous musicians such as Guitarist Mitch Rowland, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan.


Finally, Harry Styles has an excellent and diversified collection of guitars that he has utilized to make his songs. He utilizes to rock out on stage, each instrument has its own distinct narrative. Harry’s love for the guitar oozes through in his songs.

We have discussed What Guitar Does Harry Styles Have? His ability to vary between instruments and styles is what distinguishes him as a versatile and gifted musician. It would be interesting to watch what new guitars Harry adds to his collection.

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