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Harry Styles, a name synonymous with chart-topping hits, trendsetting fashion, and captivating performances. Perhaps less known to the average fan is Styles’ love and aptitude for playing the guitar.

The question, “What Guitar Does Harry Styles Have?” opens the door to exploring not just the instrument but the man behind the music, revealing how Styles’ guitar collection is an integral part of his artistry.

Harry Styles Have

Styles’ journey in music traces back to his early days, long before the global stardom he achieved with One Direction and later as a solo artist. At a young age, he was introduced to the world of guitars, shaping his musical style and setting the course for his successful career.

Harry Styles’ Early Guitar Influences

Harry Styles, like many artists, didn’t develop his guitar-playing abilities in a vacuum. He was influenced by many guitar greats, from the rock vibes of Mick Jagger to the folksy tunes of Paul Simon. These influences played a significant role in shaping his unique sound and guitar-playing style.

Guitars had always been a significant part of Styles’ music, even during his early days. He is often seen strumming an acoustic guitar in his early performances, a testament to his love for the instrument.

The Guitars of Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ guitar collection is as eclectic and unique as his musical style. Ranging from acoustic classics to electric icons, each guitar plays a vital role in defining his sound.

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From the robust and full-bodied Martin D-28 and the elegant Gibson J-200 on the acoustic side, to the versatile Fender Telecaster and the warm-toned Gibson Les Paul in the realm of electric guitars, Styles’ collection reflects his broad musical influences and personal preferences.

In essence, Harry Styles’ guitars are not merely instruments, but extensions of his artistic identity.

Harry Styles’ Acoustic Guitars

Harry’s acoustic guitar collection includes some truly iconic pieces. Let’s start with the Martin D-28, a staple in the music industry and a favorite among musicians for its deep, rich sound. It’s a classic model, offering a perfect blend of volume, tone, and comfort.

Harry has been seen wielding this guitar in various performances, making it a cornerstone of his acoustic sound.

Gibson’s J-200 is another important piece in Harry’s guitar collection. Known as the “King of the Flat-tops”, the J-200 is famed for its superb sound quality and aesthetic appeal. Styles often utilizes the J-200 for its rich, balanced tones and strong projection, making it a perfect match for his emotive performances.

Harry Styles’ Electric Guitars

When it comes to electric guitars, the Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul hold a special place in Harry Styles’ arsenal. The Telecaster is a timeless model, adored for its simplicity and versatility.

It produces a bright, crisp sound that cuts through in any mix, making it a perfect choice for stage performances.

The Gibson Les Paul is another favorite of Styles. Known for its warm, full tones, and excellent sustain, it’s no surprise that Harry would choose such a powerhouse of a guitar. He often uses the Les Paul to add a layer of richness and depth to his music, evident in some of his most popular tracks.


Notable Performances and Guitar Choices

Over the years, Harry Styles has given numerous memorable performances, often characterized by his guitar choice. For instance, his use of the Martin D-28 in his poignant performance of “Sign of the Times” at the Grammy Awards amplified the song’s raw emotion.

The Sound of Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ choice of guitars undoubtedly plays a significant role in defining his sound. Each guitar, with its unique tonal qualities, contributes to

its characteristic sound palette. In his journey from boyband pop to a more mature, guitar-driven sound, Styles’ choice of guitars has played a significant role.

One of the most striking examples of this evolution is found in his second album, “Fine Line.” Here, Styles’ fondness for the warm, resonant tones of his Gibson Les Paul, and the sharp, bright sounds of his Fender Telecaster, are in full display. This mix of tonal flavors helped carve a distinctive sound that truly stands out.

Guitar Accessories and Styles’ Preferences

Beyond the guitars themselves, Styles also has a preference for specific accessories that contribute to his overall sound and playing style. He is known to use medium gauge strings, providing a balance between ease of play and rich tone.

As for picks, Styles often opts for medium-thickness picks. The choice of pick can dramatically influence the playing style and sound produced, and Styles’ preference for medium picks suggests a desire for flexibility and balance.

What Can Aspiring Musicians Learn from Styles’ Guitar Collection?

Aspiring musicians can learn a great deal from Harry Styles’ guitar collection. It tells a story of a musician who values quality and understands the impact of different guitars on his sound. It reflects a musician who isn’t afraid to invest in his craft and experiment with different tones.


Furthermore, Styles’ journey illustrates the importance of understanding and respecting one’s musical influences, while also developing a unique style. His varied guitar collection and how he uses these instruments can offer valuable lessons to those looking to develop their own sound and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we draw conclusions, let’s address some commonly asked questions about Harry Styles and his guitars.

“What was Harry Styles’ first guitar?”

This is a popular question among fans and aspiring musicians. Styles’ first guitar was reportedly a cheap acoustic model he got as a teenager. This humble beginning serves as an inspiration for many young musicians.

“Does Harry Styles play other instruments apart from the guitar?”

Yes, apart from being a skilled guitarist, Styles also plays the piano and drums, showcasing his versatile musical talent.


Exploring Harry Styles’ guitar collection provides a fascinating insight into his musical journey and the sounds that have come to define his solo career.

From the acoustic richness of the Martin D-28 and the Gibson J-200 to the electric versatility of the Fender Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul, each guitar in his collection tells a part of his story.

Ultimately, Harry Styles’ choice of guitars is a reflection of his evolving sound and style, revealing a musician who is not just a performer but a true artist. Each guitar, each performance, each song adds a new layer to his musical identity, creating a sound that is unmistakably Harry Styles.

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