How Much Do Drumsticks Cost? | All You Need to Know – 2023

If you are a drummer, your drumstick is having memories of your childhood. You can imagine those days when you play with pots scattered on the floor using a metal spoon.

Drumsticks are the only connection between drum and you. This is how you can imagine drumsticks are essential in the drum set.

Wait, do you know about quality standards due to which the price of drumsticks may vary. Don’t worry; we will make it easier to make good decisions in purchasing a good one.

Many people invest much more, and some invest even very low, but the question is, “how much do drumsticks cost?” In this age of variety, you can find every kind of drumstick. For example, it varies from a simple wooden drumsticks pair to a fine and good quality wooden.

It varies from Aluminum or Graphite drumsticks pair to the pair glowing in the dark. But the wooden drumstick is the best choice because it is flexible and had at the same time.

Now you can fine-tune your band by using perfect drumsticks and proper beat and sound. Drum sticks are repeating and expense of drummers for always.

WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks
WOGOD 5A Drum Sticks
  • Item Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Body Material: Solid Wood
  • Color Name: Two pair
Suwimut 12 Pairs 5A Drumsticks
Suwimut 12 Pairs 5A Drumsticks
  • Brand: Suwimut
  • Item Weight: 2.35 pounds
  • Material Type: Wood
Vic Firth American Custom
Vic Firth American Custom
  • Brand: Vic Firth
  • Color: Original Version
  • Material: Maple

How Much Are Drumsticks?

How much do chicken drumsticks cost? Just kidding, here we are learning how much do drumsticks cost? Simple drumsticks cost 5 $-10 $.

You can purchase even cheaper in low wooden quality, which costs about 3 $, and when you are buying cheaper one in large amount it may cost you even lower about one or two dollars per pair.

how much drumsticks

If you are investing your whole drum set, you should avoid cheaper ones. It is a matter of fact that if you are going to purchase five pairs of cheap and low-quality drumsticks or single perfect stuff drumsticks. You should choose a premium one.

This is because cheaper ones can ruin your mind and all beats even. As a drummer, it may cause damage to drum overtones. The most important thing for a drummer, you can feel batter by using premium quality drumsticks.

As we have learned about the quality standards of drumsticks above, they may fluctuate based on the material, length, texture, and tones it is producing.

Variation in Drumstick Performance and Price

Material and Stuff

The significant difference between a cheap and expensive pair is the material from which it is made. The material of drumsticks may vary from simple wooden to carbon fiber-based drumsticks. Even in wooden drumsticks, there is a wide variety. The manufacturer makes them using Oak, maple, or hickory wood.

Hickory wood is the commonest of all. The reason behind that Hickory material has a balance between strength, flexibility, mass, and compactness. Maple wood is not commonly used by drummers and is very rare in the market.

Drumsticks made up of B-grade Hickory are even lower in price. These drumsticks are the most suitable for beginners and self-practice. 

On the other hand, Oak is the most costly one and is the best of all types of wooden drumsticks. Why? This is because Oak has the most excellent density of all kinds of woods from which drumsticks are commonly made.

material and stuff

These hardness and compactness qualities make oak drumsticks life longing and appropriate for heavy hitters. Japanese’s white oak drumsticks are the most expensive and professional quality drumsticks in the world. This is because of the rarity of this type of wood and its quality.

Aluminum drumsticks may have much more life as compared to a wooden pair and provide you balance and less vibration in your hands. But aluminum drumsticks may cause extra charges to you.

But the advantages of increased durability and quick rebound are enough to make you spend more on drumsticks pair.

Carbon fiber drumsticks are the most costly drumsticks of all kinds. It may charge you 20 dollars to 25 dollars. They have the highest lifetime compared to any other type of drumstick, even more than aluminum drumsticks. Because carbon fiber-based drumsticks have flexibility more than aluminum and toughness as well.

If you want to purchase the best quality and long-life drumsticks with the best quality material and durability, then carbon fiber drumsticks are the best.

Size of Drumsticks

Drum sticks variety is based on light, medium and heavy depending upon size. Size varies from 2 to 9. These numbers are with a letter like A, B, C, or D. The rule in size variation is that the smaller the number more will be the thickness of drumsticks.

size of drumsticks
  • A is used for Orchestra and other large bands.
  • B used by trooping bands.
  • S used by the street bands.
  • D used for disco bands.

For example, the 9B type is much thinner as compared to the standard one. By the way, 2B drum sticks are for professional use and are used by very expert drummers and drum bands.

Company Name or Brand

Where can I buy drumsticks? The answer to this question may keep you safe from extra money. The company name may cause some additional charges to drumstick price. While branded and ordinary drumsticks can perform evenly.

But this is not a base for quality checks, and you can personally check these brands’ quality and then make the mind about which brand is providing the best quality even at the most reasonable price.

Drumsticks for Beginners

What are the best drumsticks for beginners? Which material would be better? Usually, drumsticks are made up of wood. It may be of variable types of wood, metal, or even carbon fiber. How to choose a drumstick that is best for a beginner depends upon many parameters.

beginners drumsticks

Sywon 5A drumsticks or Antner 7A drumsticks are best for beginners.  5A is the most appropriate for kids and beginners to drums.

Remark Of How Much Do Drumsticks Cost

Material, size, the brand are the major factors helping you answer the question “how much do drumsticks cost?” Drumsticks are only access tools to drums for a perfect beating. That is why you have to spend some extra on it.

But if you purchase drumsticks in large quantities, you may have premium quality even at a very reasonable price. Since there is no expiry date for drumsticks, you can freely purchase them even for a year or so.  It would be a brilliant idea, and definitely, it will help you in saving money.

On the other hand, by purchasing bulk, you can save your time and efforts spend in the market while choosing and bargaining drumsticks in the future.

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