How Much are My Drums Worth? | You Need to Know – 2022

The playing of drums is a good hobby, but the collection of drums is costly. So, it is inevitable that you might want to know that “how much are my drums worth and what is a drum set worth.”

Indeed, where there is happiness, there are the drums. The drums are used in human history for a long time to cherish the sweet moments of life. All the events are incomplete without drums.

Music is the essence of life. The sound of the drumbeat elucidates the mind, and its voice enters the soul and gives the feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

Though the worth or cost of a drum depends on its material, framework, quality, and manufacturing methods, let’s move to know how much my drums are worth and where you can sell drums?

Drum Set Eastar 14 inch Drum
Drum Set Eastar 14 inch Drum
  • Color: Mirror blue,14 inch
  • Brand: Eastar
  • Material: Hardwood
LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
LyxJam 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: LyxJam
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 25.7 x 10.1 x 32.1 inches
Rise by Sawtooth Full Size
Rise by Sawtooth Full Size
  • Color: Pitch Black
  • Brand: Rise by Sawtooth
  • Material: Wood

How Much Should I Sell My Used Drums For?

The sweetness depends on the adding amount of sugar. The more you add them, the more you get. The selling price of drum da depends on your buying worth. How wept your drum and its present condition.

used drums

Buying of Drum

There are two types of purchases.

One is lush new, and another is the second-hand or used one. You will get good reason if you are going to sell your newly purchased drum.

Suppose you buy a second second-hand. After using it for some time, it will give you a lower worth than the newer one. How much I should sell my used drums for is depends on the buying price.

The Present Condition of the Drum

Good-looking things always attract the attention of people, whether they are humans or instruments. The presentation matters a lot.

Suppose you keep your drums clean. They have a shine. If you always try to keep them in a good position and make some basic settings at the time. The much prettier your drums look, the more money you get.

condition of the drum

What is a Drum Set Worth?

So, to know that “what is a drum set worth,” the answer is simple. The worth of a drum set depends on its material quality, framework, hardware, shell type. The main factor is brand. The handmade drums are more reliable and are worthy than the other ones.

The drums you purchased from the shop at market rate. After using for some time, when you are going to sell. It will be sold at a 20 percent lower price than the buying one. The condition is that it will be in good form now.

drum set worth

Depending on the quality and brand, the price of the drum range from 300$ to 1000$. There are different reliable brands of drums from where you know what a drum set worth is. Some famous brands of drums are:


The Tama drum brand is on top of the marketing list at meager rates. They have a high selling ratio. For beginners, these are best. The average price of a Tama kit of drums is about 340$.


DW drums are with a long-lasting life. They are unique for their design and outlook with good sounds quality.

These drums are manufactured in the USA. The material used is of the best quality, making it expensive, and their average price range is 400$ to 600$.


Sonor brand is also top in the list among musical instruments. It provides suitable quality kits with a low range of price. They are handmade, which makes them reliable. The average price range is 700 to 850$ normally.


Yamaha drum sets are suitable for playing great sounds. The sound recorded in drummer history is that of Yamaha. What is a drum set worth? One can learn from the website. The price ranges from 300$ to 390$.


Pearl drums come with beautiful artwork and produce a good resonance. These are best for professional drummers.

Japan introduces Pearl drums, and all their accessories are available. Their price range from 600 to $ 950$.

Where Can You Sell Drums?

Playing the drums is a good hobby which gives happiness and freshness. But buying new ones is difficult for beginners. So, they try to buy second-hand or used drum sets.

The beginners and professionals also buy the used drums because they get the best quality stuff at a lower price than the market. The main question is that where can you sell drums?

sell drums

Now, the world becomes a global village. Digital marketing is standard in all fields, and young ones are attracted to the online system. Many brands are coming towards the online buying and selling of products.

The best-selling sites of drums where you can sell your drums are:


Craigslist is the best site where you can sell drums. It advertises your product and is an accepted international platform. The founders of Craigslist are American.

It is a good site because all features of the products are displayed, and you can get easy access to your favorites drum. You can check drums according to your range.

There is no selling fee at the site as charged at other places. You can easily make a deal, and the buyer comes towards you at the given address. It will save time for both of you.

You have to make your deal finalize through the Craigslist site. Some persons will provide you with lower worth than average. But it is not a problem. First, make your deal, then come towards a safer place to sell your drums.


Reverb is a specially designed website for musical instruments where you can sell drums. You can sell your drum at that site very quickly. The buyers come easily, but the site charged 5 percent of the selling price.

For selling, you fill the form and add features of the selling drums. The buyer will search, and from specifications, he comes to your drums.

Reverb is worldwide famous, and the buyers and the sellers prefer online methods of money. Most people use the PayPal method.


eBay is also a worldwide-spread multinational company. Where you can sell your drums quickly through it.

America establishes it. You can sell your drums without any third person. It connects different sellers and buyers.

The payment method is also straightforward. Once your deal is final, pay the money through credit cards.


Facebook is mainly used social media app. Every person has a Facebook account. By looking at the popularity of Facebook, you can also sell your drums and other musical instruments in a brief period.

Go to Facebook Sell and Buy Page

Add pictures of your drum along with the features. Add a reasonable price. The photos will be uploaded and displayed on the page, which the buyer can check and contact you. It is simply the give and takes method.


Amazon is also leading in front, where you can sell your drums. Display the pictures and features of your drum at a reasonable price.

The buyer will check your specifications and contact you for your product. It is a reliable source of selling your drums.

Conclusion of How Much are My Drums Worth

Well! Now you would have excellent knowledge about “how much are my drums worth” and “what is a drum set worth?”

my drums worth

Moreover, the cost of a drum depends on material quality, structure, design, framework, and brands. How much should I sell my used drums depend on buying price? The typical range is from 300 to 1000$.

Moreover, the drums within good presentation after using will pays well to you. The best sites where you can sell your drums are Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, and Reverb.

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