How To Make Custom Drum Wraps? | Best Guide – 2022

It is said that music is the nutrition of the human soul. There are two aspects of music that make music so attractive and harmonious to the human soul. The first thing is the voice of a musician. The second one is the musical instruments.

There are a lot of musical instruments, each having a specific quality of music. The drum is the most essential and ancient musical instrument. So, it is necessary to know how to make custom drum wraps.

Drum belongs to the percussion class. It has skin, which is tensely fixed to one end. There is a covering or protective layer on the drum, which is called a Drum Wrap. Drum wrap is essential.

It was essential to know that how to make a custom drum wrap. For this, first, we should know about the custom drum wrap. Many companies make drum wraps. If a company makes a drum wrap according to your specifications, it is a custom drum wrap.

Vinyl Skin Decal Wrap
Vinyl Skin Decal Wrap
  • Product Dimensions: 0.03 x 21.84 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Matrix Productions, Inc.
Custom Aquarian 22 Head
Custom Aquarian 22 Head
  • Brand: Greasy Groove
  • Size: 22 inch
  • Material: semi-gloss


Custom Aquarian 22 Head
Custom Aquarian 22 Head
  • Brand: Greasy Groove
  • Size: 22 inch
  • Material: semi-gloss

Now, there are a lot of questions that are asked about the custom drum. The first one is that how much does it cost to rewrap drums? The second one is that what material drum wraps are made of? The third and the most common question frequently asked by many people is “how can you wrap drums?”

These three questions have extraordinary significance in the understanding of custom drum wraps. A person who knows the answers to these questions can easily understand the custom drum wraps.

how to make custom drum wraps

So, these questions need efficient and precise answers. Therefore, we shall discuss all the questions separately. Let’s start discussing some exciting facts about drum wraps.

Can You Wrap a Drum?

Many companies wrap their drums. Some companies need to bind the drum wrap to the shell itself. This is standard practice. They need to trim the wrap. For wrapping drums, we should have complete knowledge about the methods of drum wrapping.

There are many methods of wrapping drums. Each method has its beneficial aspects as well as harmful aspects. But here, we will discuss only four of them, which are easy to perform. They are straightforward.

Wallops Thick Drum Wrap

In this method, the wrap is completely attached to the shell of the drum. The wrap has more thickness. It can be 35 mm or more. Firstly, the wrap is attached to the shell. It is advised that you must not cut the wrap after this. If someone wants to trim the wrap, it will only be up to 1/4th.

So, this method is the traditional one. Most people think that this method is better than alternatives. The reason is that attaching the wrap to the entire surface gives an excellent characteristic. Wrap becomes an additional layer.

thick drum wrap

If we wrap the drum like a blanket, it will not be desirable. There will be a gap between wrap and shell. It will cover up the drum. Some people say that it doesn’t make any difference to human ears.

The above-discussed method is called a wallops thick drum wrap. It is considered superior and used for snare drums. This method leads to slightly oversized depth-wise. We need to trim the wrap for the exact depth required. This is usually called a ¼” cutback.

Standard Walls Wrap

The second method is the standard walls wrap. It is relatively thinner than the wide variety. The average size of wrap is usually 20 mm. This method also involves the trimming of the wrap. Firstly, the wrap is attached to Shell. Then, it is cut down a bit wider than shell depth before starting to slop on contact cement.

Follow the same process as in method one and then mark the dots 1/8 wider to the shell. Connect the dots. For this purpose, use a straight edge. Then, it should be cut with scissors. After cutting the wrap, we continue with sanding back. Then paint the contact cement on the shell.

standard walls wrap

It should be as thin as possible. It should also be nice and even. There should be a paint line on the front of the wrap. It will maintain the seam on one end. After this, it is dried. The drying period depends on the manufacturers. Mostly, it is 20 minutes.

The other two methods are similar to the methods mentioned above. Only a few changes are made.

What Material Are Drum Wraps Made Of?

Everything is made of some raw material. Choice of raw material depends on many factors. Some synthetic and semi-synthetic materials are also used.

Many materials are used in drum wrappings. But MO’s commonly used are; self-adhesive vinyl, upholstery vinyl, and fur.

Each of these materials is useable efficiently in drum wrappings. However, there are some tricks and tips which make drum wraps very dignified. Let us discuss these alternative materials one by one.

Self-adhesive Vinyl

There are many kinds of self-adhesive vinyl in the market. But few of them help make drum wraps. Signor Graphics vinyl is usually available. Both of these are very useful and durable. Always avoid vinyl which is used in book coverings and other light duties.        

self adhesive vinyl

All vinyl has the same two disadvantages:

The first is that they tend to wrinkle when fastening the T-rods. The reason is that lug move away from the center of she’ll get due to tightening.

The second one is that gouge resistance is not so good. Wrinkling can be removed by staining maximum.

Upholstery Vinyl

Upholstery vinyl is also used in drum wrappings. Snakeskin or crocodile skin can also be used, which are excellent wrapping materials.


The fur of animals is another material used in drum wrappings. It is a cheap source of drum wraps. But this is not commonly used due to its quality.

How Much Does It Cost to Rewrap Drums?

Repair of everything always costs according to its worth. Expensive things always cost much. Rewrapping of drums also depends on the cost of wrapping material.

cost to rewrap drums

Firstly, drums are sent for rewrapping. There are also charges of sending drums. The wraps already parent on the drum are removed. Removing drum wrap requires special care and skills. There are some tricks for the removal of drum wrapping.

Rewrapping of drums of three kits ranges from 150 to 300 dollars. This can be vary depending upon the market prices. But we get a rough idea.

Conclusion: How to Make Custom Drum Wraps

Well! After going through this read, you would be able to do how to make custom drum wraps. Also, custom drum wraps require lots of skills and tricks. Wrapping materials also play a crucial role.

Custom drum wraps are essential and should always be made with good material and valuable tricks. Experienced persons should be present to supervise the custom drum wraps.

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