How To Connect Rockband Drums To Ps4 | You Need To Know

For more than ten years, gamers have been entertained by the well-known music video game Rockband. By playing along to some of the greatest tunes of all time, the game gives players the chance to fulfill their ambitions of becoming rock stars.

Players that play the game on different platforms, including the PlayStation 4, have the ability to utilize actual instruments to improve their gaming experience. The Rockband drum set is one of these instruments. So, How To Connect Rockband Drums To Ps4?

rockband drums to ps4

Some players find it difficult, especially those who are unfamiliar with the procedure. With the aid of this tutorial, you will be able to connect your PS4 to the Rockband drum set and begin playing like a pro. So let’s go through the procedure.

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It attempts to play through the song played on the screen and score points. On hitting successful notes without making mistakes, players earn a scoring multiplier.


In contrast, failure to do this can penalize the player by decreasing its performance, ending the song prematurely. The rating system is based on five stars; playing on higher levels can earn the player gold stars.

The Advancement of Controllers

The Harmonix Company worked so hard and aggressively with console manufacturers. The purpose was to allow drum and guitar players to be forward compatible with the new updated Rock Band series.

This compatibility was compulsory to support the Rock band using community. Suppose you had just started playing and want to be a guitarist or a drummer for fun purposes or pursue your career as a professional musician.

Why Play This Game?

The controllers, which are the instruments, can be connected with the PlayStation4 via Bluetooth, making it more user-friendly and convenient. These rhythm games had been so popular in the past decade—games like these provide core gameplay, multiplayer options, freestyles solos, backward compatibility.

Cost for Game and Controllers

Invest $60.00 to buy the game either online or from any nearest game store. The standard and 4-in-one-bundle are available for online purchase from many online and retail vendors. The console of the game costs $139.00 approx.

game and controllers

How to Connect the Rock Band with PS4?

Many players are doubtful how to connect Rock Band drums to PS4. The process of this is simple and includes the following steps to connect.

Synch the instrument you play, which can be your guitar or drum, with the provided Bluetooth system in your PS4.

Switch on the PlayStation4 and move to the main menu. Batteries of the synched controllers are to be ensured.

With the help of the main menu of the PS4, move to Settings, Devices, and then Bluetooth. Locate the PlayStation button on your instrument. Press and hold it.

The controller can be found near the d-pads of your guitar. The symbol of PlayStation will light up with a blue light. It will start blinking slowly. This is the sign that the controller is ready to be synched.

rock band with ps4

The wireless button on the controller is to be pressed. Hold it for 1 to 2 seconds. You will find your controller now blinking with red or blue light simultaneously.

Search for your controller in the list of Bluetooth devices displayed on your PlayStation. Choose “Yes” if the wizard appears with a question – Do you want to connect to a controller?

If you’re going to join your Rock Band, it is compulsory to assign your controller with a profile, or else it won’t synch.

After a few seconds, the alternating red-blue light will change into steady blue light after completing the steps. It is a sure sign that your controller is connected and successfully synched with the console!

Does Rockband PS4 Need Dongle?

No, the clear answer to this is we don’t need a dongle to connect our playing instrument with the latest PS4 with dongle help. This is because the new devices compatible with PS4 are wireless.

You can connect them via Bluetooth. Just follow some simple steps. Connect the console with the PS4 and enjoy!!

Will Rock Band 3 Drums Work on PS4?

Yes, the Rock Band 3 drums will work on PS4. But with some modifications, the dongles are the main thing that will help us play the rock band three drums on PS4. We need to change the dongles that are specified for the PS4.

rock band 3

They are available on amazon with different offered prices. PS4 works with dual shock dongles, which help to start the game or navigate the store. It will take three batteries rather than two batteries.

Final Words of How to Connect Rockband Drums to ps4

The Rockband drum set is a great addition for gamers wishing to improve their gaming experience. It gives players the ideal platform to display their drumming prowess with its realistic feel and amazing sound quality.

How to Connect Rockband Drums to ps4 is not a difficult question to ask. You can quickly attach the Rockband drum set to your PS4 and begin playing by following the instructions in this article. So gather your instruments and get set to rock!

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