Capo for 7-String Guitar-The Only One You Need – 2023

A capo, whose name derives from the Italian for “head,” is a tiny instrument that clamps onto a guitar’s neck to shorten the strings’ length and raise their pitch.

Most of the time, a capo is used on all the open strings of a guitar or other fretted instrument. However, this is less frequently the case. In this article, we are going to have a look at Capo’s for 7-string guitars.

What Is a Capo?

The Capo is an instrument that you place on the guitar’s neck. Once it has been placed, it changes the length of the strings. It does this by shortening the length of the strings. When you play a chord, it changes the pitch of the strings.

The Capo works because of its position at the top of the guitar. You can bend notes up the scale if you put it on a bass guitar. You can turn notes down the scale if you put them on the lowest string.

capo string guiter

There are other positions that you can put the Capo on. The real benefit of employing a standard capo is that it enables a guitarist to use first-position open-string chord forms, which have a more droning and completely resonant tone than, for instance, many bar chords while playing a song in several keys.

Only a right capo may be attached to any fret below the neck joint, providing the same resonance termination as a movable nut.

On the other hand, most Capos don’t have string grooves as the nut does since their primary function is to alter pitch rather than maintain lateral string positioning. Thus, a capo complements the nut rather than replacing it.

Top Capos For 7-String Guitars That You Need

Here are the top three Capos for 7-string guitars:

1. G7th Newport Guitar Capo

G7th Newport Series Guitar Capo (C31010)
  • Lightweight, flat capo in typical G7TH design
  • Fast one-hand installation
  • Pressure adjustment possible in closed position
  • Improvement of intonation and sustain compared to traditional types
  • For acoustic guitar

G7th is the world’s most popular brand of capos. It is widely known for its quality capos, and it has been doing so since 1981. Guitarists widely use it to improve the intonation of their guitar strings. And they can also be used for many different occasions.

A good Capo is commonly used in rock, blues, and jazz music and is available in various styles, colors, and materials. The G7th is a new flat capo with the typical appearance of the G7th brand.

The flat Capo is made of wood, silicone, and metal and can be used on guitar and mandolin. This Capo is small and lightweight and can be installed fast and easily.

newport guitar capo

For several reasons, the G7th Newport capo is rated as the best Capo for a seven-string guitar. To begin with, this Capo is quite simple to operate. It can be put on and adjusted with just one hand, making changing the Capo between frets simple.

Technically, the Newport was designed for a 12-string guitar. As a result, it has a fingerboard surface area of 60 millimeters, which is large enough to accommodate a seven-string guitar. Finally, Newport’s tension may be changed.

As a result, the neck of your guitar won’t always be under unnecessary strain from a spring-loaded capo. Overall, this is a beautiful capo that is adaptable and quite well made.

Unlike some other capos, this Capo does not use Velcro. It is made of high-quality silicone and metal.

It uses a unique combination of materials to provide a more solid grip, a better fit, and superior sound quality. You can press the two parts together to adjust the capo height.

2. Creative Tunings SpiderCapo

Creative Tunings SpiderCapo XXL - for 7-8 String Guitars & 6 String Bass
  • Easily dial in any open tunings on 5 and 6 string electric basses, full length concert classical guitars, 7 and 8 string electrics and other exotic guitars
  • Designed to fit on wider necked instruments
  • Includes 8 fingers for up to 8 strings
  • Works best on fingerboard widths between 46-68 mm or 1.56-2.69 inches

Creative tunings spider capo is a creative solution for the player who wants to enjoy the benefits of open tuning but is looking for a more comfortable alternative to the standard thumb-nail capo.

This Capo is explicitly designed to work on the widest variety of electric basses and guitars and includes a 5-string, 6-string, and 7-string version.

To use this Capo, clamp it over the neck of the instrument and open the strings with your usual method of choice. The SpiderCapo works best on instruments with a neck width between 46-68 mm or 1.56-2.69 inches.

creative tunings capo

SpiderCapo is designed to make it easy to tune an instrument in open tunings like E, A, D, G, C, and even more complex tunings by simply turning a knob. The spider capo does not alter the fundamental of the open tuning, just the key of the open tuning.

It does not change the tension of the strings but will slightly loosen the strings and make the frets slide a little bit so they won’t move when you turn the tuning key. The Spider Capo is perfect for stringed instruments that require a wide fingerboard.

 You might have never seen something like this before, but this is a highly specialized piece of equipment. The sides of your guitar’s neck are attached to this adjustable Capo. It then has eight “fingers” that individually press each string down.

With this Capo, you may play a six-string, seven-string, eight-string, five-string, or six-string bass. This is a fantastic piece of gear that works fantastically for seven-string guitars, but it has a limitation in that it won’t work for twelve strings, giving the G7th Newport an advantage.

3. C3B Shubb Original Series Capo

C3B Shubb Original Series 12-string Guitar Capo - Brass
  • Distinctive capo design that has been loved and trusted by musicians for over 35 years
  • Unique among adjustable capos, with Shubb you can "set it and forget it"- no need to reset the pressure with each use
  • Locking and removing is as simple as flipping the lever
  • Custom-made rubber works just like a fingertip and effortlessly keeps your guitar in tune
  • To learn more about this product, see our Product Description below

Shubb C3B original series capo is made of quality materials and has a great look. Shubb Original Series 12-string Capo features a unique lock/release locking mechanism to keep the Capo from sliding off the guitar.

With this innovative design, you can simply press a button, and the Capo will securely stay on, ready to go. Once you’re finished playing, flip the lever, and the Capo will release easily. It is designed to fit all Shubb 12-string guitars and accessories.

You can adjust the Capo’s length to suit the different heights of your guitar’s bridge. Shubb’s C3B12 Capo works with all 12-string guitars.

shubb original capo

For those searching for a decent seven-string capo on a tight budget, Shubb’s C3B is a fantastic substitute.

Although it lacks some of the features and cutting-edge technology found in the Newport and SpiderCapo, it uses a time-tested, traditional design that lets you customize and regulate the pressure on your neck.

Another capo that was first created for a 12-string guitar is this one. This only indicates that it will be long enough to span the neck of your guitar. The C3 B’s lever-activation system, which makes it simple to put on and take off after your pressure has been set, is another fantastic feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

What Is a Capo?

The Capo is an instrument that you place on the guitar’s neck. Once it has been placed, it changes the length of the strings.

What Makes a Capo Good for 7 String?

The size of your guitar’s neck is an essential item to determine whether a capo is appropriate for a seven-string.

Do capos fit all guitars?

Capos will fit all standard guitars. On a guitar with seven strings or an instrument with eight or perhaps more strings, however, you might not be able to utilize it.


The Capo is an instrument that you place on the guitar’s neck. Once it has been placed, it changes the length of the strings. You can use any fret below the neck joint to connect a capo, which functions as a moveable nut and offers the same resonance termination.

This article has provided some of the best Capos for seven-string guitars.

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