What Takamine Does Bruce Springsteen Play?

What Takamine does Bruce Springsteen play? It’s a question that millions of people around the world ask. And there’s a good reason for it.

Takamine is a Japanese-manufactured acoustic guitar. It has proudly committed itself to the art of excellent guitar crafting for more than a half-century. Bruce Springsteen plays it on stage to play acoustic songs. Most musicians love this guitar for live shows.

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In this article, we will delve into Takamine guitars that Bruce Springsteen has played so far.

Takamine Guitars

Beginning in 1959 as a tiny family-run guitar business at the foot of Mount Takamine in the central Japanese town of Sakashita, the developing firm took the mountain’s name in 1962. It embarked on the road leading to the contemporary Takamine corporation’s incredible success. Takamine releases the PT-007S, its first acoustic-electric model.

Takamine Guitars are well known for their outstanding acoustic-electric performance and tone on stage. Like the NEX, their body forms and designs play similarly to an electric guitar. Making it an ideal traveling companion for musicians that alternate between electric and acoustic instruments during their concerts.

Takamine is one of the best guitar makers out there today, as the quality of their guitars is unparalleled.

Who is Bruce Springsteen?

Frederick, Bruce Joseph Springsteen is a singer, songwriter, and musician from the United States. He is regarded as one of the ancestors of the heartland rock musical style, which combines popular rock musical style with narrative lyrics about working-class American life.

Bruce Springsteen began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. He was inspired by Elvis Presley when he saw him for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show.

He always has a personal guitar tech and two guitars. Springsteen has been recognized for his lyrical, socially concerned lyrics and powerful stage performances throughout his six-decade career. He’s been called “the Boss.”

He began his career by performing on the New Jersey pub circuit while building his legendary E Street Band. Born to Run, his breakthrough album from 1975, combined stadium rock with human-sized themes of working-class America.

Springsteen is one of the most successful performers of all time, having won scores of prizes, including 20 Grammys, and selling over 65 million records in the United States alone.

The artist, also recognized for his left-wing political concerns, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama in 2016.

Takamine EF341C Guitar
Takamine EF341C Guitar
  • Brand: Takamine
  • Color: Black
  • Top Material: Cedar
Takamine P6N
Takamine P6N
  • Brand: Takamine
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Top Material : Cedar
Takamine EF381C
Takamine EF381C
  • Brand: Takamine
  • Color: Black
  • Top Material : Cedar

Bruce Springsteen Guitar

There is a list of guitars to mention when it comes to Bruce Springsteen’s guitar. Springsteen played several guitars, from Takamine acoustic guitars to fender telecaster and fender esquire.

Here are some of the best Takamine guitars played by Bruce Takamine:

1. Takamine EF341C Guitar

It is no surprise that the most famous guitar played by Bruce Springsteen has got to be his Takamine EF341SC. Takamine EF341SC Legacy Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black is a stunning-looking guitar with many appeals.

Takamine EF341SC Legacy Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black has a solid Mahogany body and Maple top. It’s beautiful styling, classic shape, and warm, full sound make this guitar a perfect choice for any music lover.

takamine ef341sc

The Takamine Legacy Series is a great addition to the line of Takamine acoustic-electric guitars. This guitar features an active CT4b humbucker in the bridge position and a passive CT5t single coil in the neck position.

It also includes a built-in Takamine tuner with an LED light and a chrome-finished tuner bridge. The neck is set on a medium taper, and the guitar is equipped with a rosewood fingerboard, side-mounted tuners, and Grover™’s black pickguard. It provides a solid and steady response while offering a wide tonal range.

2. Takamine P6N

The Takamine Pro Series 6 P6N BSB NEX CT4-DX is a guitar that a certain legend has inspired. The “Pro Series” in this guitar’s name is a reference to the legendary player who inspired its creation. This is one of the most famous and revered Japanese guitars of all time, as it was created for that very reason.

It is a very versatile instrument that has received rave reviews from players and reviewers alike. It comes equipped with a piezo pickup that is designed to give players a wide range of tonal options. It is a classic-looking instrument that has a timeless aesthetic.

takamine p6n

The Takamine Pro Series, 6 P6N BSB NEX CT4-DX Guitar from TAKAMINE, features a maple fretboard and a maple body with ebony wood. The setup is similar to a standard 12-string guitar, but the scale length is 24.7 inches. The neck is a bolt-on construction.

This instrument is equipped with a Humbucker Pickup, a Volume Control, a Master Tone Control, and a Master Volume. This is a vintage-inspired guitar with a modern look and feels as it is designed for both stage performances and everyday jamming.

3. Takamine EF381C 12-String Guitar

Takamine EF381SC 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great acoustic-electric guitar and can be used as a lead guitar in your band. The maple fretboard, mahogany body, and maple neck are finished in rich black.

The guitar’s design includes a classic dreadnought shape, a floating tremolo bridge with a rosewood fretboard edge, and a solid mahogany neck and headstock.

The EF381SC guitar features a set of piezo-electric pickups with a 5-position switch to select between two strings that are mounted in the guitar’s upper bout.

takamine ef381sc

The pickups are a combination of a standard single coil and a single coil that is connected in series with a mid-frequency control capacitor.

This provides the guitar with a smooth, warm, and balanced sound. The guitar also comes with a tuner and strap. It also includes Takamine’s signature 5-way string selector, allowing you to select any string from the first to the twelfth.

This guitar is ideal for a wide range of music styles such as jazz, rock, blues, R&B, pop, and country. To sum up, this Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a stylish, well-crafted acoustic guitar with an elegant appearance and a great sound. It has a natural tone and a very balanced sound.

4. Takamine TF450SMSB

Takamine has a reputation for crafting top-quality instruments that deliver exceptional performance. Another guitar played by Springsteen is Takamine TF450SMSB.

The TF450SMSB NEX Acoustic Electric Guitar is a high-quality, traditional acoustic guitar with a slim-body contour that features a rosewood back and sides.

It is a professional quality guitar that delivers warm, balanced, and dynamic sound for any style of music. The guitar’s body is finished in a natural, sun-bleached tone. The guitar’s soundboard, head, and back are all crafted from solid spruce wood, which contributes to the guitar’s tone and resonance.

takamine tf450smsb

All components are set in place with the help of an internal bracing system, which gives the guitar a firm and stable feel. The guitar’s headstock features a 3-piece construction that provides a comfortable fit.

The guitar’s frets are set at the 12th fret position, which is ideal for most players. The TF450SMSB NEX Acoustic Electric Guitar is equipped with a Fishman® Sonicore® pickup that allows the guitar to produce a full, rich sound and provide a warm and responsive tone.

Fishman offers a comprehensive selection of pickups and effects that can be used with any guitar or acoustic instrument.

The guitar’s bridge is mounted on a three-legged base that has a flat surface. This design is more durable than the typical guitar bridge and is great for use on any type of guitar, even those with non-traditional body shapes.

5. Takamine EF350SMCSB

Takamine Pro Series EF350SMCSB-LH Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is similar to a dreadnought but more of a hollow body. It has an open low E string that gives it a more bright tone than a dreadnought. It features a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

It has two single-coil P90s (Pro-90), one in the bridge and the other in the neck, which gives a brighter tone than a single split coil. It also has a set of Kluson tuners and a stop bar tailpiece. The guitar also has a 3-way toggle switch for switching between a single coil, bridge coil, and both coils.

takamine ef350smcsb

This dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar features a classic, easy-to-play, and comfortable design. It’s designed for all kinds of music playing, from blues and jazz to folk and country.

Takamine’s Pro Series guitars are designed to offer players of all levels the same great tone and feel they’ve come to expect from Takamine. A combination of solid-top and laminated HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) materials are used to create a rich, full, and powerful sound. The HPL used in this model is known for its superior resonance and sustain.

The body has a classic contour and features a 12.75″ diameter sound hole that increases the acoustic properties. An internal tuner is included with this model. This guitar combines Takamine’s superior craftsmanship and quality materials with a modern feel and innovative design to produce a great guitar.

Amplifiers Used By Bruce Springsteen

To play guitar, Bruce Springsteen always preferred to have amplifiers. Here are some of the amps used by Bruce Springsteen.

1. Fender Twin Reverb

Bruce Springsteen used Fender Twin Reverb. Fender Twin Reverb Amp is a true classic guitar amp. It was released in 1965, making it over 50 years old. The twin reverb channels can be used separately or together for a more powerful and versatile sound.

The speaker cabinets are sealed for optimum response. The amp includes a 2×12 cabinet with vintage black paint and gold binding, an effects loop for adding effects, a metal power-tube rectifier, and a 15-watt power tube.

fender 65 twin

The 12-inch speakers are mounted on top, making the amp more compact and convenient than most, yet with the power to handle any playing style.

This guitar amplifier is powered by a 15-watt speaker out and features an on/off switch and volume control. Plus, it has an output jack that lets you connect multiple devices together.

2. Fender Bassman

The Fender Bassman was a bass amplifier, as the name indicates, back in the day. It was the company’s first try at a bass amp, and it became so successful that guitarists adopted it as well. Because of its deep, bassy tone, it was a unique choice for rockers wishing to increase the bottom end.

fender 59

This tube amplifier features a warm tone, EQ settings, and vintage gain knobs. This piece of gear, like other bass amps, concentrates only on the sound, eliminating the need for effects knobs.

3. Vox AC30

The Vox AC30 is regarded as one of the most prestigious combination amplifiers. The original tube combo amp sound is synonymous with the golden age of rock and is still used by major bands today.

vox ac30

The AC30 has EQ settings, reverb, and a traditional gain sound. With 85 watts of power ready to propel your tone forward, guitarists can replicate the sounds that characterized guitar for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few FAQs to clear your mind further.

What kind of guitar does Bruce play?

Bruce plays a Takamine Pro Series. It is a guitar that is designed for all kinds of music playing, from blues and jazz to folk and country. Along with Takamines, he played a lot of different renowned guitars like Fender, Gibson, and Martin.

What does Takamine do?

Takamine is a guitar company that makes high-end guitars for the music industry. They make guitars for some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, and Slash.

Why is Takamine’s guitar so famous?

Takamine guitars were popular with famous musicians because of their great sound. They are famous for making guitars that produce a great tone and are comfortable to play. Many famous musicians have played one of these guitars. These include Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, and Slash.

What kind of guitars does Takamine make?

Takamine makes some of the most expensive and high-quality guitars available today. They are known for their superior craftsmanship. Their guitars are known for their quality and durability. They also produce guitars that have been designed to be comfortable and easy to play.

What Takamine guitar does Bruce Springsteen use?

Springsteen prefers Takamine brand guitars for his acoustic performance. His concert and studio instruments of interest are two Takamine EF series guitars, the EF350SMCSB and the EF341SC.

Is Takamine better than Taylor?

Taylor acoustic guitars have a louder tone than Takamine instruments. Taylor acoustics are often more focused on the high-end frequencies, giving them a shimmering and crisp tone. On the other hand, Takamine guitars have a more balanced EQ and often sound richer and warmer.


Takamine Guitar Company is one of the most famous guitar companies so far. Takamine has produced a number of renowned acoustic guitars that are preferred and played by giant musicians and famous guitarists around the globe.

One such musician is Bruce Springsteen. Although he played a lot of guitars from diversified manufacturers, he has got some special affection for Takamine guitars. However, Bruce Springsteen’s fender esquire was something out of this world.

bruce springsteeen

He did his show, “Springsteen on Broadway,” and performed with guitars, including several Fender Guitars such as Fender Telecaster, Fender Esquire, Fender Bassman, etc.

He played various Takamines, including Takamine EF341C Guitar, Takamine P6N, Takamine EF381C 12-String Guitar, Takamine TF450SMSB, and Takamine EF350SMCSB. We have discussed these guitars in this article. You can check that out above.

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