Andy McKee Guitar And Equipment | What Does She Play?

Andy McKee is among the best acoustic guitarists in the world, as evidenced by his awards throughout his career. His young enthusiasm, attentiveness to song structure, and melodic substance set him apart from the competition. In this article, we are going to discuss his guitars.

Who is Andy McKee?

Andy McKee is an American fingerstyle guitarist who was born on April 4th, 1979, in Topeka, Kansas. Andy McKee has been dubbed one of the most promising fingerstyle guitarists to emerge on the scene in a long time by several commentators and musicians.

The beginnings of McKee’s guitar prowess may be found at the age of 13. His father gave him a classical guitar, which immediately captured the attention of young Andy. His fellow guitarists include Preston Reed, Michael Hedges, Billy Mclaughlin, and Don Ross.

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He learned the chord construction from his guitar teacher Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. He learned how to deal with altered tunings after listening to senior artists. Along with other devices, his gear included the apogee duet preamp, Ernie ball strings, and a Mojave Audio MA-200 mic.

Not quickly after getting his first electric guitar, McKee started copying bands like Metallica, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, and Dream Theater. Most of these offered him to tour internationally and create new music and melodic content with his unique and creative spirit of creating music.

Andy McKee Guitars

Let’s look at some of the guitars played by Andy during his music career.

1. Greenfield G4 Fanned-Fret

This guitar is based on the Greenfield Custom series of guitars. The Greenfield Custom is a hybrid between a classical guitar and a steel-string guitar, featuring a set of “fanned frets” that gives it the appearance of a classical guitar.

The Greenfield G4 has a very versatile tone and feel. Its mahogany back and sides are finished in a deep chocolate color, and a pair of Pearloid binding rings flank its ebony fretboard.

The body and neck are glued in place with a compound veneer. The G4 features a single-piece top and back that are also glued together in the center. The fingerboard and headstock are also one piece.

The mahogany neck is fitted with a rosewood fretboard and ebony bridge. The guitar also features a Venetian cutaway, armrest, and sound port.

The neck and fretboard of the guitar are constructed from mahogany, while the fingerboard is made from ebony. The string spacing is 22 jumbo frets to the body, 20 frets to the fingerboard, and 16 frets to the nut.

This guitar has a scale length of 660mm (26″), a body length of 20 3/4″, a depth of 4 5/8″, and an overall length of 41 1/16″. A modern, lightweight model, the G4 is easy to move around yet still gives the player a great acoustic sound.

2. Greenfield Guitar Harp

A beautiful and innovative design of the harp guitar, the Greenfield Guitar Harp is a combination of a guitar and a harp. This is a new kind of guitar, with an exquisite body and a beautiful sound.

It is an electric guitar with a long scale length and a mahogany neck. It is equipped with Fishman electronics, including a two-band preamp, an onboard tuner, and a Fishman preamp equalizer. It is equipped with a built-in tuner, with a chrome-finished tuner bridge that is designed to improve the intonation of the strings.

The Martin Greenfield Guitar Harp is a true performance instrument, a player’s instrument, and is designed to provide a comfortable playing experience. This guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top with a satin back and sides and a glossy top.

A high-performance taper provides a strong, smooth, and responsive neck, while a solid mahogany neck block helps ensure the best action possible. The Greenfield Guitar Harp is a great choice for both beginners and seasoned players alike, as it can be used for many different musical genres.

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The body is made from mahogany, and the soundboard is maple. The neck is constructed of ash, the sides and fingerboard are made of cedar, and the bridge is made from rosewood. The harp plays notes in the key of C and includes a hard case and warranty card.

This guitar is equipped with a Fishman FHG3 Fishman electronics system with a built-in tuner and a two-band preamp.

A laminated rim set, laminated linings, and a framework of aerospace composite carbon fiber buttresses and trusses make up a harp guitar.

This results in a very stable and stiff skeletal framework. Lattice is used to brace the soundboard. Along with a mini-rib rest on the back of the pointed portion of the upper bout, the stretched armrest in the Laskin design is also incorporated.

It features a 5-way rotary switch that allows you to choose from five different harps, each one with its own characteristics. The sound of this guitar is truly one of a kind.

Additionally, Holloway Harp Guitars are reasonably priced, top-notch instruments that won’t break the budget. Even Andy McKee has acknowledged that he has used a handful of them and finds them to be fine instruments.

3. Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JPXI-6 Guitar

Ernie Ball JPXI-6 Electric Guitar is a fantastic instrument designed by Ernie Ball. It has a stunning appearance, but it also brings a great sound, especially when you play it with a pick. Its great sound and great looks make this electric guitar perfect for every music lover.

Ernie Ball JPXI-6 Electric Guitar is a solid-body electric guitar with two humbuckers. The top is crafted from alder wood, and the rest of the body is made from mahogany. You will feel comfortable when you are playing it.

This is an electric guitar for those who love rock and blues. It features a solid-body design and a mahogany top. The Ernie Ball JPXI-6 Electric Guitar also comes with a mahogany neck and body.

It also features a rosewood fretboard and a steel saddle. The Ernie Ball JPXI-6 Electric Guitar is a great investment, and it is also a great addition to any collection.

The Ernie Ball JPXI-6 electric guitar is a lightweight, versatile instrument that will help any player find their musical voice. This electric guitar is perfect for the player who wants to explore the world of electric music without having to break the bank.

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The JPXI-6 features a mahogany neck and body with an alder fretboard, ebony fingerboard and bridge, and stainless steel strings. These are available in 6-string and 7-string versions.

Ernie Ball’s JPXI-6 electric guitar delivers exceptional playability and tone for the price. With a mahogany body, top, and maple fretboard, this guitar is both classical and contemporary. Moreover, the JPXI-6 is outfitted with a Duncan Designed pick-up system and Fishman electronics.

The guitar allows for one fewer guitar during a performance, even if it isn’t a perfect replica of an acoustic guitar, since it is a near enough approximation for a live-band mix. The guitar provides a unique tone that may be used to enhance songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Andy McKee?

Andy McKee is an American fingerstyle guitarist who was born on April 4th, 1979, in Topeka, Kansas. Andy McKee has been dubbed one of the most promising fingerstyle guitarists to emerge on the scene in a long time by several commentators and musicians.

What type of guitar does Andy McKee play?

Andy McKee plays an acoustic guitar. Ernie Ball has endorsed him since he began performing and recording as a teenager. Andy McKee also plays acoustic guitars by Greenfield. Manchinga fretted on G4. Baritone, G4. Baritone, G2.

Is he a self-taught musician?

McKee is unique in that he is self-taught yet is aware of his theories. He has said that he gained a lot of knowledge by giving guitar lessons. He learned from the literature on chord structure, the circle of fifths, modes, and scales.

How can I learn more about Andy McKee’s music?

To learn more about Andy McKee’s music, you can visit his website at Moreover, you can also find his videos on youtube and other social media platforms.

What is the personality of Andy McKee?

Andy McKee has accomplished more than any of his contemporaries could have imagined a guitarist and musician with extraordinary skill.

Despite his fame, he continues to be a modest musician who never loses sight of his roots or his love of music. His want for people to feel something when they listen to his music says a lot about the man he is.


Andy McKee is an American fingerstyle guitarist born on April 4th, 1979, in Topeka, Kansas. Andy McKee has been dubbed one of the most promising fingerstyle guitarists to emerge on the scene in a long time by several commentators and musicians.

In conclusion, Andy McKee is an American guitarist and songwriter. He has released four studio albums and several EPs. He has performed on numerous tours and has collaborated with other musicians. We have also mentioned some of the guitars he played.

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