Best Acoustic Guitar Under $400 in 2023

Acoustic guitars are a staple in the world of music, and for good reason. They are versatile instruments and can be used for a wide range of styles, from folk to rock and everything in between. Luckily, there are many options for the best acoustic guitar under $400.

From classic dreadnought styles to sleek and modern designs, the options are endless. And with so many high-quality materials and craftsmanship available, you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for affordability. That’s what we are going to discuss.

We’ll highlight the key features of each guitar, as well as the pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision. From top brands like Yamaha and Fender to lesser-known but equally impressive options, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dig deeper.

Fender CD-60Fender CD-60
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Natural w/ Gig Bag
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Martin LX1Martin LX1
  • Brand: C.F. Martin & Co.
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
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Fender FA-125CEFender FA-125CE
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Black
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Fender FA-235EFender FA-235E
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Black
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Yamaha FG830Yamaha FG830
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
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Rosen G31Rosen G31
  • Brand: Rosen
  • Color: Black
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1. Martin LX1

2. Martin LX1
  • Brand: C.F. Martin & Co.
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Spruce;Mahogany
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany
  • Neck Material Type: Stratabond

While the Little Martin is our smallest guitar, it is very big on tone, quality and versatility. The LX1 model features a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany high-pressure laminate HPL back, sides and top. It’s ideal for travel, student practice or for just playing around the house or campfire.

Reason to buy
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Good playability
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Stay in tune for a longer period
  • Excellent bold sound
Reason to avoid
  • Unable to produce a higher volume.

Martin acoustic Guitars are well known for their quality and performance. Here is another product from Martin’s store.

martin lx1

The Martin LX1 acoustic guitar is perfect for people with smaller hands, who want to play it with utmost comfort. It is a great guitar for beginners as well as intermediate players.

Furthermore, the versatility of the premium quality guitar allows it to be used for both practice and performing. The LX1 is also a great instrument for students who are learning to play guitar. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that it is portable and is a great instrument for traveling.


This acoustic guitar remains in tune for extended periods of time and tends to produce a high-quality, rich sound and deliver a warm and balanced tone.

Considering the build quality, it has high-pressure laminated mahogany and a solid spruce top, which provides a warm, rich tone. The rust-resistant state board also adds to the durability of the acoustic guitar so that withstands the rigors of your lifestyle, and you can treasure it for years to come.

HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) is a composite material made from layers of wood and plastic. It is designed to provide the durability of wood and the toughness of a plastic.

Martin LX1 features chrome knob tuners which makes it easy to tune the acoustic guitar. The knobs are easy to turn and provide great tuning stability. The LX1 comes with a padded gig bag which is perfect for carrying the acoustic guitar in your vehicle or for traveling with it.

martin lx1 side

In addition to its high-quality construction, this acoustic guitar has some extra features which make it an excellent choice for beginners, students, and players.

The LX1 has a 1-11/16″ nut width and a 5/16″ nut depth. This makes the guitar comfortable to play for people with smaller hands. It also provides good sustain and allows the guitar to be played with ease.

The LX1 has an adjustable bridge which allows the guitar to be tuned to the desired pitch. The bridge also provides a comfortable playing position and the strings are easily accessible for easy tuning.

Additional features of the LX1 include a rosewood fretboard which adds a touch of class to the guitar. The fretboard also provides a comfortable playing experience. The LX1 is also equipped with a 1 3/4″ nut width, which makes it ideal for all types of players.

2. Fender CD-60

1. Fender CD-60
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Natural w/ Gig Bag
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Laminated
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany

If you're a beginning guitar player, the best choice you can make is getting a guitar with a sound and feel that will inspire you to keep playing. The CD-60 is a genuine Fender that is affordable and comes in three great-looking finishes to match your style.

Reason to buy
  • Great value for money
  • Highly durable
  • Responsive to the touch and easy to play
  • Decent sound quality
  • Made of high-quality wood.
Reason to avoid
  •  Requires some setup or high action.

This budget-friendly and great-looking guitar are one of the best acoustic guitars on the market. Fender 60 with its fine craftsmanship and modern features promises to suit beginner and intermediate guitarists alike.

fender cd60

If you are looking for the best budget acoustic guitar, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has a good sound and is an easy guitar to play. It’s a great instrument to learn as you can play it by yourself or with others, and it’s easy and fun to play.


The solid spruce top of this great acoustic guitar has a beautiful, rich tone. It is made of high-quality wood and provides a warm, full sound. The responsive touch of this traditional acoustic guitar makes it easy to play. The mahogany back and sides of this acoustic guitar provides a nice balance of warmth and clarity.

CD-60 comes with a nice, bright tone and a very comfortable feel. Furthermore, it responds well to any acoustic playing style including hard strumming, fast Flatpicking, and fingerpicking. With excellent sustain and good volume level, this acoustic guitar is perfect for any dedicated singer.

fender cd60side

The easy-to-play neck is another great feature of this guitar. It is comfortable to play with and easy to bend and has a nice smooth action. It is made of a solid piece of wood and provides a comfortable feel to the fretting hand.

The rolled fingerboard edges create a more comfortable feel to the fingers and make it suitable for both beginners and experts. The dense walnut fingerboard offers a bright sound and an awesome sustain.

Furthermore, this fender acoustic guitar has mahogany sides and back, which provide a nice balance of warmth and clarity. This feature combined with a solid spruce top adds a balanced tone, good volume, and midrange to give you outstanding results.

Having discussed that, let’s discuss the pros and cons to see if this acoustic guitar model is worth it.

3. Rosen G31

6. Rosen G31
  • Brand: Rosen
  • Color: Black
  • Top Material Type: Mahogany
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany

Rosen is the fretted instruments brand of Myband Musical Co., Ltd. Rosen Music has been providing musical instruments for more than 20 years and is known for quality products, competitive styles, and product service.

Reason to buy
  • A comfortable body shape with an affordable price
  • Solid intonation
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Nice warm-sounding tone
  • Good playability
Reason to avoid
  • Might not have a good finish

Rosen G31 promises to provide you with the best acoustic guitar along with fine craftsmanship. Everything the instrument provides is customer-oriented, including playability, sound, tone, you name it.

rosen g31

Not just this, the ease that this instrument provides allows you to enjoy your guitar and play a little longer.


We’ll start with its superior appearance. This is an extremely attractive acoustic guitar designed with a high gloss finish, which gives it a smooth look. The finish is durable and will not chip off or peel. Furthermore, the wood grain is clear and the tone is rich.

Craftsmanship is yet another feature that we can’t get enough of. It is equipped with a C-shaped neck. By comparison, the neck of other acoustic guitars is usually round. The neck of this guitar is very comfortable and easy to hold.

There are 20 brass frets with grade position marks on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets on the fingerboard, which enhances the playing experience.

This guitar is built to last. It is constructed of solid mahogany and has a mahogany back and sides. The body is constructed of mahogany and the bridge is made of ebony. It is easy to play because the distance between the strings and the fretboard is shorter.

It has a lower string tension, which makes your fingers less stressed. The string spacing is ideal for beginners. The fretboard is made of high-performance carbon fiber. It makes the guitar lighter, more stable, and easier to play.

rosen g31 side

Then we have a slim neck which is designed to allow you to form chords easily. It is designed to provide comfort and playability. The neck is slimmer from front to back, which is ideal if you are a beginner.

Unlike other acoustic guitars that offer higher string tension, this has a lower string tension, which is designed to make playing more comfortable. It is easier to play with the lower string tension. Not only does it give you good playability, but the lower string tension is designed to enhance the sound of the instrument.

Last but not the least, the Rosen G31 is equipped with D’Addario Exp 16 coated phosphorus bronze steel strings which is surely not offered by most acoustic guitars. This combined with low tension helps provide a warm, full, and rich tone. They also help sustain the notes, making them easier to play.

This G31 acoustic guitar comes with a starter kit. This includes a gig bag, tuner, strings, strap, and picks. With this kit, you get everything in one shot and you don’t need to spend your time and energy buying anything else.

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this kit would be helpful for you.

4. Fender FA-125CE

3. Fender FA-125CE
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Black
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Laminated
  • Back Material Type: Basswood

Adding value to your purchase, Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with necessary accessories. Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it.

Reason to buy
  • Sheerness
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Best sound quality
  • Fine craftsmanship
  • Great value for money
Reason to avoid
  • The strap can feel a bit uncomfortable

If you are searching for an affordable acoustic guitar under 400$ that’s dressed in quality materials and offers maximum playability and yields the best tone and sound, then Fender F25-CE has to be your choice.

fender fa125ce

This guitar comes with all the necessary accessories including a gig bag, strap, and string so you can stay hassle-free while saving yourself some bucks.


This Fender acoustic guitar comes in a dreadnaught body which is designed to give a guitar a full and round sound. Along with a big and bold sound, the dreadnaught body has a rich, deep voice with prominent low end and warm mids.

It also has a Visceral tonal power and a well-defined midrange character which makes it an ideal instrument for both classic rock and contemporary styles.

Furthermore, It has a laminated spruce top and basswood back and sides. This gives the guitar a great sound. The Nato, C-shaped neck offers great playability so that beginners and experts can enjoy it alike.

fender fa125ce side

Viking bridge also adds to the overall experience by providing a visual element to the guitar. The Viking bridge is visually appealing and also offers maximum tonal support. The shape of the bridge provides a wide range of string movement which creates a wide dynamic range.

In addition, the Fishman electronics of the Fender provide a solid amplified acoustic tone. The preamp design and components provide a warm rich sound. The sound is so natural that you can play any style of music without any adjustment.

This guitar also has a good sound and playability. Thanks to the quality laminate construction combined with a modern Fender 3+3 headstock and Viking bridge, the experience of this acoustic guitar is escalated to the next level.

5. Fender FA-235E

4. Fender FA-235E
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Black
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Wood
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany

Adding value to your purchase, Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with necessary accessories. Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it.

Reason to buy
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent resonation
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good playability
  • Unmatched quality and durability.
Reason to avoid
  • Requires high action.

This visually stunning best acoustic guitar has the power to make you feel weak at the knees. However, appearance isn’t the only best part about this.

fender fa235e

Fender provides you with quality laminate construction, offers the best playability, and has a great sound. Also, it’s also suitable for developing as well as expert players. Meanwhile, this acoustic guitar offers you everything without breaking the bank.


Starting with the flame maple top of Fender-235E that provides you with warm resonant tones, it adds to the tone of this guitar. In addition, the mahogany back and sides deliver a balanced tone with plenty of volume and midrange.

After that, we have Fishman’s electronic devices that make sure that the sound is exactly the same as the original instrument. This compact preamp offers a small footprint, is easy to use, and delivers reliable performance.

fender fa235e side

Moreover, the modern headstock adds a unique style to the guitar, separating it from other acoustic guitars on the market.

Last but not the least, this acoustic guitar offers unmatched craftsmanship, and quality and provides a rich tone and well-balanced sound. Meanwhile, it offers everything you’ll need in a guitar, which is amazing at this price.

6. Yamaha FG830

5. Yamaha FG830
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Rosewood
  • Back Material Type: Rosewood

Rich overtones and improved sustain thanks to the rosewood back and sides deliver improved sound through greater depth. The appearance, with abalone inlay around the sound hole, is more luxurious and an obvious step-up.

Reason to buy
  • Best ever FG tone
  • Great playability
  • Rich sound
  • Champions' quality and value
  • Great value for money
Reason to avoid
  • Requires a set-up

Yamaha has always been famous for producing the best acoustic guitars in the market within a minimum range and this one didn’t disappoint.

yamaha fg830

The guitar looks good overall and pays immense focus on playability, musical tone, and build quality. Without a doubt, this acoustic guitar will add value to your collection.


The Yamaha FG830 has a solid Sitka spruce top which is known for its ability to produce a warm, rich tone. The back and sides are made of nato which is known for its ability to provide a rich tone.

The neck and fingerboard are made up of rosewood. Rosewood has a lot of character and is very responsive and adds to the warm tone of the guitar. It also produces a bright, resonant tone. In addition, the bridge made up of rosewood contributes to the sonic evenness of the guitar.

The rosewood fretboard contrasts with the matte surface on the neck which is great. It’s never sticky to play and bouncing from chord to chord is effortless in any position.

In addition, the headstock is nato, with what appears to be a rosewood overlay. It boasts 18:1 ratio die-cast chrome TM29T tuning machines that stay tuned and maybe accurately altered.

The Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar offers a few essential features that set it apart from other inexpensive beginner acoustics in terms of sound.

yamaha fg830 side

To begin with, it has a very even tone across all frequencies, as well as a pleasantly boosted middle range that many other models lack. Its solid Sitka spruce top and overall size contribute to its bright and clear highs and overall volume.

The FG830 acoustic guitar is ideal for learning with a pure sound and a unique tone, thanks to its specific bracing design which improves the volume and brings complexity to the middle range.

Additionally, The Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar features a versatile sound that may be used in a variety of genres. The projection is loud, and you can further boost it up by strumming hard.

The chord work is rich and the tuning is steady. The output is loud enough for campfires and sofa sessions when unplugged. The FG830 sounds impressive for the price point with a finger-style repertoire. Individual notes are distinct and well-balanced.

Furthermore, The tuners are made of diecast metal and are easy to adjust. The action is set to 2 1/2″ and is very smooth. The guitar is equipped with a truss rod which can be adjusted to allow for a more comfortable playing experience.


In this section, we will answer a few faqs to clear your mind further.

What should be the size of the best acoustic guitar?

The size of the acoustic guitar is the most important thing to consider while looking for the best acoustic guitar. The most common sizes available are jumbo, auditorium, and concert.

Jumbo acoustic guitars have a scale length of 27 inches. These are ideal for playing at home and in small venues. Auditorium-size acoustic guitars have a scale length of 24.9 inches. They are suitable for intermediate-level players. Concert size guitars have a scale length of25.6 inches. These are great for large-scale concerts and festivals.

Generally speaking, the larger the guitar, the better its sound quality will be. However, you need to ensure that it fits your hands and fingers well enough.

Solid or a laminate top. Which one is better?

A guitar either has a solid or laminate top. So what’s the difference?

Starting with the solid top. It means the top of the guitar is made out of one piece of wood. The advantage is that it’s hard to damage. It also ensures increased volume and rich, full-bodied sound.

A laminate top, on the other hand, is made of several layers of wood glued together. As a result, the sound isn’t harmonically as complex.

What to prefer in a guitar while buying?

Some guitars produce a sound that’s more clear while some produce basses that is richer than others. Meanwhile, different guitars are best suited to different situations.

For instance, an acoustic guitar is great for playing in a small room but a hollow-bodied electric guitar can produce a richer sound in a larger venue. In short, you need to analyze your purpose, and then pick a guitar that has the sound that suits the style you want to play.

Steel strings or Nylon ones. Which one should I purchase?

Nylon strings are softer and offer a warmer, mellower tone. This makes them a perfect choice for beginners.

Steel strings provide crisper tones with more complex and exaggerated harmonics and higher frequencies than nylon strings. They are more difficult to play than nylon-string classical guitars because they are tougher, sharper, and have greater tension.

Before you go out and buy a guitar, you need to figure out what kind of strings you want. It’s not usually possible to swap them afterward!

Is there a need for pickup on my guitar?

Some guitar models come with a pickup system, while others do not. It’s always convenient to have a pickup installed. Most professional guitarists prefer to have a pickup on their classical guitars.

How much to spend on Acoustic guitar?

In recent years, it has become possible to buy the best acoustic guitars whilst staying on budget. You can spend up to $200 or even less if you are a beginner. However, if you are an intermediate or an advanced level you can easily equip yourself with one of the best acoustic guitars in the market while spending $400 only.

What is the best inexpensive acoustic guitar on the market?

The greatest low-cost acoustic-electric guitar is one that meets your requirements. The choice is made based on the type of music you wish to play, your talent level, and your budget.

The Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought is a good example of a low-cost acoustic-electric guitar. It has a narrow neck form that allows players with little hands to play it comfortably. It has a cedar top, as well as a nato back and sides.

This guitar sounds great with the Fishman electronics turned on. In this price range, there aren’t many other good-quality acoustic-electric guitars, especially with the Fender name.


Sometimes, it is a little tricky to find the perfect guitar for your choice. There are plenty of options available in the market, but we do not know where to begin. That is why we have compiled a list of best options in the market in your budget.

So, whether you’re looking to play your favorite songs at a campfire or take the stage in front of a crowd. Grab your pick and get ready to strum away with the best acoustic guitar under $400. You can also visit our website for more information related to guitars.

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