Best 3/4 guitar for Beginners in 2023

Learning to play the guitar is an exciting and rewarding experience, but finding the right instrument can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. For beginners, a 3/4 size guitar is often the best choice.

The main difference between a 3/4 acoustic guitar and a regular guitar is the size of the instrument. These guitars are lightweight and portable. Due to their comfort level, the guitarists often use them a necessary instrument in their collection.

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These smaller instruments are easier to handle, making them perfect for younger players or those with smaller hands. In this article, we will take a look at the best 3/4 guitars for beginners in 2023. These guitars are value for money in every aspect.

3/4 Ibanez GRGM21BKN3/4 Ibanez GRGM21BKN
  • Brand: Ibanez
  • Color: Black
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Yamaha Series CGS103AIIYamaha Series CGS103AII
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
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Fender FA-15NFender FA-15N
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Natural
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Yamaha JR1 FGYamaha JR1 FG
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
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Yamaha APXT2Yamaha APXT2
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
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Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-UOscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U
  • Brand: Oscar Schmidt
  • Body Material: Spruce



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1. Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U

6. Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U
  • Brand: Oscar Schmidt
  • Color: Flame Yellow Burst
  • Top Material Type: Engineered Wood
  • Body Material: Spruce
  • Back Material Type: Catalpa Wood

The Og1 is a 3/4 size guitar perfect for students, people with smaller hands, and children. Available in a wide variety of colors.


Reason to buy
  • Volume control is attached to the bridge of this guitar.
  • The Yamaha series gives you a wide range of choices.
  • Saddle made of High-Quality Wood
  • An unusual appealing design
Reason to avoid
  • Some people do not prefer bronze strings.

Country guitar pickers and blues musicians living in areas of the South and in Appalachia, far from the city, frequently played Oscar Schmidt instruments because they were both inexpensive and available locally.

Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS

But equally important, they were often chosen solely on the merits of their superior tone and volume.

Today at Oscar Schmidt, premium woods, quality hardware, and modest prices create an ideal instrument. Each is inspected and adjusted in the USA by a skilled technician, your assurance for smooth fret ends, precision low action, and resonant sound quality.

Unequaled standards in easy playing comfort and tone response create the perfect value.


In the 1950s, Oscar Schmidt began to manufacture a series of affordable 3/4 acoustic guitars, including the SG, the OGS, and the GK. These instruments became favorites among players who preferred the open sound of a 3/4 acoustic guitar to the closed sound of a solid body electric guitar.

These 3/4 acoustic guitars are made from a solid piece of wood and have a bolt-on neck. The neck is made of maple with a rosewood fretboard. The body is made from a solid piece of spruce. The body is made with a fingerboard and is glued to the neck.

Oscar Schmidt OG1FYSide

The 3/4 acoustic guitar has two single-coil pickups and a volume knob. The SG is an inexpensive guitar and OG is comparatively expensive, but it is still a very good guitar. It is designed to be played in an easy way.

The OGS is a single-cutaway, solid-body instrument with a Solid Sitka spruce body and the top is made of engineered wood. This gives the 3/4 acoustic guitar a nice, strong sound. The OGS is very popular because of its appearance.

This guitar has a solid Spruce body. Spruce wood provides a good grip on the guitar. The neck and back are made of Catalpa Wood. Catalpa is often called a softwood but is technically a hardwood, but one of the softer low density hardwoods.

The different woods all together gives a beautiful tone and great playability to the guitar. Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U is designed to be a versatile instrument that would appeal to both beginners and experienced musicians.

2. 3/4 Ibanez GRGM21BKN

1. 3/4 Ibanez GRGM21BKN
  • Brand: Ibanez
  • Color: Black
  • Top Material Type: Maple
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Back Material Type: Maple Wood

The Ibanez Mikro 3/4 scale electric guitar is perfect for last minute rehearsals, running scales while waiting for downloads, young rockers just joining the fray or anyone who just wants a smaller neck and body.

Reason to buy
  • The combination of different woods makes a perfect sound.
  • It is a super affordable and versatile guitar.
  • Offers a decent sound.
  • Single cut way design gives it a stronger grip.
  • It has distinct and portable features.
Reason to avoid
  • The instrument is only right-hand oriented.

There are many models of beginner acoustic guitars to choose from and it’s up to you to decide which one is the best for you. For beginners, the Ibanez GRGM21BKN electric guitar is a great choice. Ibanez is a Japanese brand and one of the first brands that manufactured the first 8 strings and 7 strings guitars.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN


Ibanez GRGM21BKN is a prime example of Ibanez’s prime guitars with the unique and best craftsmanship and quality of sound. The body of this electric guitar is made from mahogany while the neck and top are made of maple.

Jatoba fretboard is a bit heavy compared to normal rosewood fretboards but serves its purpose well.  It also has a 3-ply laminated mahogany top. The sound hole is decorated with an Art Deco design. It also has a 24-fret neck and 22 medium jumbo frets.

Ibanez GRGM21BKN Side

The sound hole is located at the 12th fret and the headstock is made of chrome. 22 inches scale length and 3.5 inches depth make it the best choice for anyone looking for a small electric guitar with great features.

The single-cutaway design makes it handy and comfortable to use. It also has a bolt-on neck and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo floating bridge with a stop bar. The Ibanez GRGM21BKN is available in a variety of colors, including red, white, black, and blue.

If you are a beginner you should always go for an affordable electric guitar and this is one of the best instruments produced by Ibanez. The price ultimately makes it steal for its price.

3. Yamaha APXT2

5. Yamaha APXT2
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Meranti
  • Back Material Type: Rosewood

The Yamaha APXT2 is a 3/4 size version of the world's best-selling acoustic-electric guitar, the APX500III. This well-constructed, compact guitar makes a great companion when you're on the road. The APXT2 features an ART-based pickup system and Yamaha's proprietary tuner, offering great sensitivity and accuracy for quick tuning.

Reason to buy
  • Volume control is attached to the bridge of this guitar.
  • The Yamaha series gives you a wide range of choices.
  • Saddle made of High-Quality Wood
  • An unusual appealing design
Reason to avoid
  • Some people do not prefer bronze strings.

The Yamaha APXT2 3/4 acoustic electric guitar for beginners is designed for players who want a great playing experience. It features a unique Yamaha-designed sound, which is developed using a special blend of high-quality materials.

Yamaha APXT2

This acoustic-electric guitar series is perfect for those who want to have the best sound quality. Yamaha 3/4 acoustic guitars are renowned for their quality and durability. They have been trusted by the world’s best guitar players for decades.


The Yamaha APXT2 3/4 acoustic electric guitar for beginners is made of solid mahogany wood. This is one of the most popular woods used in the making of 3/4 acoustic guitars. It has a rich, warm tone and great projection.

The Yamaha APXT2 3/4 acoustic-electric guitar comes with a set of Yamaha’s famous guitar strings. The strings are made of high-quality bronze that are specially designed to help you produce the best tone. You can easily adjust the tension of the strings.

The Yamaha APXT2 3/4 guitars for beginners are made with the finest woods, such as mahogany and maple. The top is made of laminated wood. This guitar is designed for all types of music, including classical, jazz, rock, and country.

Yamaha APXT2 side

The body of this guitar is made of Meranti. This guitar comes with a hardwood Nato Mahogany neck. The different types of woods used in the manufacture produce the best-undistorted sound and ultimately make it durable.

The Yamaha FG series has a solid Sitka spruce top that gives it tonal richness and clarity. This guitar is available in two finishes, black and white. You can choose from a variety of neck shapes and colors.

It also has a mahogany back and sides that help to give it a warm sound. The solid mahogany neck is designed for comfort and ease of play. Mahogany is a great-sounding wood that is popular for its rich, full, warm tone. It has a nice smooth feel to it. 

The APXT2 guitars for beginners have a rosewood fingerboard and a bone nut that is also designed for comfort. This guitar is very easy to play because of its ergonomic design. The bridge is made from the heartwood, which is the hardest part of the rosewood tree.

This guitar has a very comfortable feel and gives you a great sound. The bridge is made of chrome and has a volume control attached to it that is made up of steel.

The bridge saddle is made up of graphite. They are specially designed for the APXT2 3/4 guitars for beginners. The guitar comes with a gig bag, a hard case, and a strap.

4. Yamaha Series CGS103AII

2. Yamaha Series CGS103AII
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Meranti
  • Back Material Type: Meranti

Yamaha CGS Classical Guitars are great instruments for students learning the ins and outs of classical guitar technique. The guitars feature a spruce top, Mercanti back and sides, a nato neck and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard.


Reason to buy
  •  The rosewood bridge provides better sustainability and grip.
  • The wood and string combination gives a rich and soothing sound.
  • It has a reliable and impressive tone.
  • The Nato wood gives extra durability.
Reason to avoid
  • The bridge is fixed.

The CGS103AII is a perfect instrument for any aspiring musician who wants to learn the basics of the classical guitar. The guitars of the Yamaha brand earned a fantastic reputation among other guitars and are ideal to start your musical journey.

Yamaha CGS103AII


The Yamaha Series CGS103AII is a high-quality, full-sized acoustic guitar that features a sleek, classic design. It features a contoured soundhole, which adds to the instrument’s natural sound.

The CGS103AII comes with a mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a set of Aquila strings. The guitar is also equipped with a rosewood bridge and saddle, and a rosewood nut. The guitar also has an optional set of Gotoh tuners.

The CGS103AII is a classical guitar that has a beautiful look and a comfortable feel. It is easy to play, and it offers a great sound. This is a great instrument for anyone who is just starting out.

Yamaha CGS103AII Side

The CGS103AII is an excellent choice for anyone who has never played the guitar before or has no experience with classical guitar. It comes with a full-sized, Meranti body and neck that is made from a single piece of wood, Nato wood.

Nato wood is a name for the wood of Mora trees. It is a dense wood and is known well for durability and strength. It is finished in a natural finish, which gives it a very smooth, yet elegant appearance.

The CGS103AII is a guitar that is built to last. It has a solid, reliable tone, and it is a guitar that will not disappoint. It is an excellent choice for anyone who has never played the guitar before or has no experience with classical guitar.

5. Fender FA-15N 

3. Fender FA-15N
  • Brand: Fender
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Sapele
  • Body Material: Sapele
  • Back Material Type: Sapele Wood

The ¾-size nylon-string FA-15N guitar offers a visually stunning instrument at a budget-friendly price. Quality laminate construction with a modern Fender 3+3 headstock and Viking bridge create an instrument that is not only easy to play, but also sounds great. 

Reason to buy
  • Has no body cavity which makes the sound clear.
  • Sapele wood used in the manufacture provides durability.
  • The combination of multiple kinds of wood gives a rich sound.
  • The guitar size and body shape are ideal for beginners.
  • Sounds great due to its balanced sound, tone knobs, and an adjustable truss rod.
Reason to avoid
  • The bridge is fixed.

The Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar is a budget-friendly beginner’s acoustic guitar. The Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar for beginners is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the world of guitar-playing styles.

Fender FA-15N

Fender acoustic guitars are built with the best materials available, ensuring a long service life. Fender guitars are preferred by most professional guitarists due to these features.


Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar for beginners This acoustic guitar is made of select tonewoods and comes at a great price. This acoustic guitar for beginners is made from the finest materials available.

The Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar for beginners has a Sapele body and neck in Nato wood where the combination will provide you with a warm and rich sound. The characteristic of Sapele wood that makes it durable is the interlocking grain patterns.

The Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar comes with a soft V-shaped fingerboard. It also has a Sapele fretboard, which gives it a great tone. This guitar is also made from the best woods available, ensuring a long service life.

Fender FA15N Side

The sound is produced by a single, solid-body, 3-piece, bolt-on neck. This guitar has a rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets. It has a comfortable neck and headstock and is an easy-to-play guitar.

The Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar for beginners is a solid-body electric guitar. This means that it has no hollow body or sound hole, which makes the sound of the Fender FA-15N acoustic guitar very clear and makes it the most popular beginner guitar. 

6. Yamaha JR1 FG

4. Yamaha JR1 FG
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Color: Natural
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material: Wood
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany

Built with the legendary quality and playability the FG Series, Yamaha designed the JR1 for the younger player or anyone who is more comfortable with a smaller-bodied acoustic. Carefully selection of woods goes into the building of every single Yamaha guitar and the JR1 is no exception.

Reason to buy
  • The hand orientation is Ambidextrous.
  • Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic acoustic tone.
  • The neck of this guitar is made from a combination of two kinds of wood so we have an edge to change the shape and size of the neck.
Reason to avoid
  • The material of the strings is bronze which might be difficult to use.

Yamaha acoustic guitars are designed to be the ideal performing acoustic guitars. The Yamaha guitar Series is crafted from the ground up, perfectly suited for long-term use. With legendary, Yamaha road-ready construction, it has the perfect guitars to take your playing to the next level.

Yamaha JR1FG

The Yamaha FG series is a great choice for the aspiring guitarist who wants to play with the best.  It has a lightweight feel and a comfortable neck that makes it easy to play for hours.


The Yamaha FG series of guitars is designed to provide you with a new level of performance and convenience. The FG series features a modern, slim body design, as well as a comfortable neck contour that provides great comfort.

The Yamaha FG series is built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that will last for years to come. It features a solid mahogany body with a set maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.

Yamaha JR1FG side

The mahogany body is also made from a single piece of wood, which gives the guitar a warm sound and feel. It’s not only strong but also resonant. The soundboard is made of maple which increases the durability of the guitar.

The maple neck is very comfortable and allows you to play at a fast pace. It’s made from two pieces of wood so you can change the body shape and size of the neck as you like. The Material of the string is bronze and it might require a bit of effort while tuning the guitar.

The Yamaha FG series has a solid spruce top that gives it tonal richness and clarity. It has a black pickguard and a custom-designed, gold-plated toggle system.

Yamaha FG junior has a smaller neck and body which is the perfect choice for beginners. Its orientation is Ambidextrous which ultimately makes it a great guitar for its price.

Buying Guide for a 3/4 Guitar

Are you looking forward to buying a guitar of a unique taste? If it’s your first guitar-buying experience, you would be a bit nervous and confused.

Well, here we have some tips for you that would assist you in buying the guitar that suits your taste, requirements, and level of playing. Just check these features in a guitar and we hope that you get a standard acoustic guitar that suits your needs.

bit nervous

You can also take guidance from a friend of yours who is good with guitars. Moreover, many online guitar lessons are also taught by experts which can help you a lot.


When purchasing a 3/4 guitar, cost and performance are critical elements to consider. With more companies joining the market for 3/4 guitars, there are more alternatives for quality and performance.

The most costly 3/4 guitars may not necessarily provide the best value for your money. However, many low-cost models function admirably and provide excellent comfort.

Brands to consider

A Good guitar brand products are made with extraordinary care and precision, and they will always be ready to answer your questions, repair any problems in the product, or refund your money if any damage is discovered.


Some best guitar brands include Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, and a few others. However, the Yamaha guitar brand is considered the best among the best acoustic guitar brands due to its superior products.


When it comes to purchasing a product, specifications are crucial. They specify the capabilities of the product. When comparing specifications, the three most important aspects to examine are performance, features, and price. Each of these factors will influence your final decision.

Taking into account all of these guarantees that you get the most bang for your buck.


There are so many wonderful 3/4 guitars out there that it’s impossible to pick one. Looking at the design can help you make a decision. The materials used in manufacturing, the color palette, and even the apparent weight all contribute to the overall design of a product.

 overall design

Knowing this might assist you in finding a product that precisely matches your preferences and requirements.


You should decide whether you are looking for a steel-string acoustic guitar or a nylon string guitar. The nylon strings are considered to be best for beginners. It is because the nylon strings are soft to fingers and do not form calluses.

strings available

Experts prefer the steel strings due to their vibrant sound. However, the steel strings are harmful to new fingers. From steel-string acoustic guitar to the nylon string classical guitar, there is a vast variety of guitar strings available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer a few faqs to clear your mind further.

Can I make the sound of my guitar louder?

There are no hard and fast rules for getting your acoustic guitar to sound louder, but here are a few tried-and-true approaches. The first method is to play more aggressively. Replacing your guitar strings can also be a good choice.

Pro Tip: Heavier pickup is used by professional musicians.

Are steel string and classical string the same?

When opposed to steel strings, nylon strings are easier to play, have a longer sustain, and produce a brighter tone. They also have higher tuning stability, which is vital while playing guitar in a classical ensemble.

Steel-wound (or coated), round wound, and flatwound are the three fundamental varieties of nylon strings. On electric guitars, steel-wound strings are prevalent, whereas acoustic and classical guitars use round wound and flat wound strings.

What is a hollow-body guitar?

On the interior, hollow-body guitars are completely hollow. The original electric guitars were hollow-body guitars, which shared many characteristics with acoustic guitars. They usually have an F-hole, but no middle block, like a semi-hollow guitar.

Semi-hollow body electric guitars are a fantastic choice for guitarists who don’t want to use an amplifier. They generate a louder and fuller sound than Hollowbody guitars because they have a more acoustic tone.

Is getting a guitar tuner necessary?

If you want to play the guitar, you’ll need a tuner. A guitar tuner is a tool that allows you to tune your instrument. You can tune your guitar to the correct pitch with the guitar tuner. There is no getting around it, and if you buy a guitar without also buying a tuner, you will quickly find yourself out of luck.

What size is best while buying a guitar?

A 0-size instrument, as well as a tiny scale instrument like a Baby Taylor, Little Martin, or 3/4 size guitar, are all viable options. The total length of these guitars is shorter, making it easier to reach the lowest frets. Larger players, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be more at ease.

How can I check the wood of my guitar?

When purchasing a guitar, it’s important to understand the differences between solid wood and laminate. Laminate is a less expensive material that is made up of layers of hardwood. A solid wood guitar, on the other hand, is more expensive but is crafted from a single piece of wood.

The tone of your guitar will tell you if it is solid wood. You’ll hear a lovely resonant sound if it’s solid wood.


When it comes to finding the right guitar for beginners, a 3/4 size guitar is often the best choice. These smaller instruments are easier to handle and make it easier to learn the basics of playing. In this article, we have highlighted the best 3/4 guitars for beginners.

 right tone

Each of these guitars is known for its high-quality construction, beautiful tone, and ease of play. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn to play the guitar or a parent looking for an instrument for your child, these guitars are sure to provide a great playing experience.

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